It’s a tempting package for only $60, but the low MSRP comes with trade-offs, the most of which are leftovers from previous brand releases (JLab, it’s time to modernize the charging system). Despite their flaws, the JBuds Air Pro are a reliable gym companion that costs almost half as much as some of the best exercise headphones. Check out which of these products made our list of the top running headphones. And if a deal is what you’re truly looking for, check out our selection of the best inexpensive running headphones.

JLab JBuds Air Pro review: Design

The charging case has a flip-top lid, a size that is just above normal, and status LEDs on the front panel. JLab is still committed to using the hardwired charging cord, which neatly stores in a recess on the bottom panel. We dislike the hardwired design because the cable cannot be replaced and it is also incredibly short. Yes, JLab’s products are reasonably priced, but the cost of a single cable for the box shouldn’t change much. More crucially, a hardwired cable lowers the value since, rather than merely replacing the cable when it breaks (as cables do eventually), you must replace the entire case or, more likely, the entire device.

JLab JBuds Air Pro review: Comfort

The JBuds Air Pro isn’t the most comfortable option for watching movies when comfort is taken into account, but it didn’t stop JLab from creating a Movie Mode to lessen audio lag with videos. Because the quality was the same—smooth—I couldn’t identify the difference in performance between the Movie and Music Modes. The two audio codecs allowed are AAC and SBC, but I was able to stream audio in high quality via my Google Pixel 6 Pro and MacBook Pro using the former. I just listened to Apple Music and Spotify for the songs I played throughout testing. You can buy this headphone from its official website.

JLab JBuds Air Pro review: Connectivity

Internally, 6mm dynamic speakers have an impedance of 16 ohms and a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz. The in-ears only support the SBC Bluetooth codec and are Bluetooth 5.1 compliant. Although it’s not ideal, we can overlook the lack of AptX or AAC support given the pricing. The pair is notable for its capability for multipoint connectivity and the independence of each earpiece. The JLab logo is printed on the outside of each earpiece, which also serves as a capacitive control panel. However, the on-ear controls are a bit confusing. The volume can be changed with a simple press on either the left or right earpiece. The right earbud is double-tapped to control playing, and pushing and holding for one second (when not on a call) advances a track.

JLab JBuds Air Pro review: Noise cancelling

JLab Signature, Balanced, and Bass Boost are the three onboard EQ settings available on the earbuds. Bass enthusiasts could enjoy it if they don’t mind other sounds being drowned out by the bass boost and JLab Signature, which are both considerably too bassy for casual listeners by default and design, respectively. While balanced sounds better with classical music or podcasts, it doesn’t work well with other genres. These earbuds from JLab have features like “Be aware” and “Music” or “Movie” mode, which have an impact on your listening experience in many ways. Running can assist keep you safe by allowing you to be aware of your surroundings by allowing outside noises to enter. According to JLab, you can use Movie mode to lower the latency to 100ms or less. Music mode and Movie mode both have an impact on latency.

JLab JBuds Air Pro review: Audio performance

True wireless earbuds that are somewhat stable and comfy are the JLab Audio JBuds Air. They have inconsistent treble and a lot of bass. They do feature three preset EQs, despite not having an accompanying app to alter their sound profile. In contrast to how long it takes to charge them, their battery life is likewise relatively short. However, their case includes 10 extra charges in addition to a built-in USB cord for mobile charging.

JLab JBuds Air Pro review: Call performance

JLab’s willingness to programmed each set of buds with a complete set of media controls is something I’ve always valued. Not only do you have the essentials (playback, call management, digital help), but also more complex ones that are deftly placed on both buds (EQ selection, listening mode activation, and volume). The various input techniques include single, double, triple, and lengthy taps. Even more, JLab implemented motion detection to automatically pause material when you remove the earbuds and resume it when you put them back in your ears. Both this function and the touch controls were flawless.

JLab JBuds Air Pro review: Battery and charging

The case is neatly compact and made of plastic once more. The lid is kept closed by a magnet and is extremely stiff, giving it a premium appearance. It has branding on top and various LEDs on the front so you can observe the condition of the headphones inside and the battery life. The charging cord is integrated into the case, which is something I have never seen before. If you’re commuting to work, you won’t need to remember a cable. You can charge your headphones by simply plugging the case’s built-in wire into your laptop. Additionally, it eliminates the USB port, giving the case a lovely seamless appearance.

JLab JBuds Air Pro review: Final words

For exercise and sports, the JLab Audio JBuds Air Truly Wireless are excellent. They are stable and transportable, especially if you use the stability sleeves that are provided. In order to help you discover the right fit, they come with three pairs of ear tips in various sizes. They are also reasonably comfy. They don’t trap much heat in your ear, and their in-ear fit is also quite breathable, so you shouldn’t perspire more than usual.

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