The bottom line is that the Keurig Mini is very easy to use. This is almost a good thing, especially if you need a functioning coffee in the morning. there are two buttons – a power button and a brew button – plus a flashing light curve to let you know the machine is ready to brew. You won’t find any nice touches here like a timer, clock, or brew strength adjustment. The most automated feature this machine has is the auto-off, which will turn off 90 seconds after each brew cycle. To use this machine, just add water, insert the K-cup, push down on the lever, and press the brew button. After a couple of minutes, you will have a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee. Unlike the K-Classic, the K-Mini does not look like a huge machine. It is about 12 inches tall and 4.5 inches wide, almost half the width of the K-Classic. When the latch is opened, it stands about 13 inches tall. Its slim silhouette allows it to fit neatly on the countertop and easily tucked in between other appliances in the kitchen. The K-Mini is shaped like a dry goods bin, but it comes in a variety of colors, so it is sure to stand out. Available in black, as well as pink, green, two shades of blue, red, and gray, the K-Mini is sure to stand out on your counter. Keurig also makes the K-Mini Plus, which offers everything in the base K-Mini with a few extra features you can read about in our K-Mini Plus. If you like the K-Mini, be sure to check out the Keurig K-Express. It has everything the K-Mini offers (except auto on) plus some other nice features and usually costs less!

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