The custom mold function doesn’t make it easier to get a good fit, the touch controls don’t operate correctly, and the sound quality is only passable. The two things that decent gaming earphones must do most of all are sound quality and comfort. On both counts, The G Fits fall short. The G Fits may be a crucial step in the development of truly wireless gaming earphones, but for the time being, they are too expensive and offer insufficient performance. Our whole review of the Logitech G Fits is below.

Logitech G Fits review: Design

The Logitech G Fits have an oval-shaped, slimmer capsule that resembles a tall pill. They are available in white or black. A streamlined design makes it easy to keep in the charging case and looks good on the ears. The Logitech G FITS pop in and out of the case quite effortlessly, unlike some earbuds that have odd design that makes them difficult to manipulate (remove from ears, place in case for charging, etc.). The Logitech G FITS has excellent audio quality. The 10mm custom drivers can produce clear sound without obliterating any of the details in music, movies, or gaming. Additionally, they have the power to add a little bass and give the audio source a deeper, richer sound. However, it is crucial to remember that the G FITS do not support surround sound.

Logitech G Fits review: Comfort

The most intriguing feature of the G Fits is a process called Lightform Molding, which is used when you initially insert them. The G Fits heats up and adjusts to the contour of your ear using a potent combination of LEDs. It’s a painful process that takes about a minute to complete, but it only needs to be done once. It’s a neat concept that I’ve never seen used in a set of earphones before. The problem is that the G Fits don’t, uh, fit particularly well even with Lightform molding. The right earbud in particular felt like it was continually on the point of sliding out, but both earphones were loose. If I used them as my regular pair of audio earphones, I wouldn’t trust them to stay in my ear. The Lightform is a one-and-done procedure, which makes the fit even worse; it can never be improved. I can’t help but question if it wouldn’t have been better to just give a couple alternative tip sizes and call it a day, especially since this particular set of G Fits is now useless to anybody else. You can buy this earbuds from its official website

Logitech G Fits review: Connectivity

The UE FITS earphones from Ultimate Ears are quite similar. What makes them different from the Logitech G FITS if they resemble it almost exactly and have greater color options? With Bluetooth 5.0, 8 hours of battery life on the earbuds, or 20 hours with the case, UE FITS are functional. The Logitech G FITS are compatible with LIGHTSPEED and Bluetooth 5.2 (both with game-mode and classic connectivity). The battery life of the Logitech G FITS is 10 hours on the earbuds and 24 hours with the case when LIGHTSPEED is not enabled. G FITS have a battery life of 7 hours on the earbuds and 15 hours with the case when LIGHTSPEED is engaged. According to what we can discern, the sound quality of UE’s earbuds, which cost $179 (at the UE shop online), should be roughly equivalent to that of G FITS.

Logitech G Fits review: Noise cancelling

You press the buds into your ears using this soft material during the setup procedure, and then use integrated UV rays to cure the mold to create a custom-fit seal for your ears. You only get one shot to do it perfectly, and it’s kind of hot and painful to do. For what it’s worth, if the ear tip material didn’t work well for you, Ultimate Ears typically offers to ship new pieces; however, Logitech doesn’t seem to make any such offer. This set-up aims to provide you with a precise fit that enables you to block out outside noises for greater passive noise cancellation, which doesn’t require the microphones, processing, or battery drain that active noise cancellation does. The specialized fit may also guarantee that the earbuds have a secure hold within your ear.

Logitech G Fits review: Audio performance

The Logitech G FITS are at the top of the earbud price range at $229. The audio quality is excellent, the battery life is adequate but not fantastic, and the networking choices meet the high standards set by Logitech. However, the selling point appears to be the capacity to guarantee a perfect fit regardless of ear shape, as the name implies. Other earbuds might definitely struggle with it, which is why many provide a few silicone tip alternatives. If it performs as promised, Logitech will undoubtedly benefit from this. The RGB molding technology undoubtedly helps Logitech stand out if they weren’t going to offer ANC at this price point.

Logitech G Fits review: Call performance

Compared to other of the top-tier earbuds available, it doesn’t have a lot of battery life, but it should be plenty for prolonged gaming sessions. Actually, it’s possible that most handheld devices won’t live as long as the earphones. The wirelss earbuds‘ fit is where the Logitech G FITS will really shine. It’s all in the name, after all. The earbuds’ Lightform technology allows them to mold the gel to the user’s ear by heating up an RGB light within each one. It merely demands holding the earbuds in place with a relaxed jaw for a short period of time. Although the warmth from the RGB seems a little strange, it is in no way uncomfortable or hurtful. Actually, it’s just evidence that the Lightform technology is effective.

Logitech G Fits review: Battery and charging

However, there is a difference in battery life. While using Bluetooth, you get approximately 10–12 hours of usage time, plus an additional 10 hours when charging through the case. LIGHTSPEED takes about 7 hours, but the higher quality adds an additional 8 hours. Since the charging case for the headphones is almost always attached when playing on a console, I don’t think it’s too problematic. Even if the most ardent gamers completely drain the battery, 10 minutes of charging time will give you an extra hour of use. That is essentially a stop for the restroom, a snack, and a stretch. does not, however, support wireless charging. The microphone quality is quite clear, and both earbuds have superb noise suppression and beamforming microphones. Including noise gate levels, you may quickly adjust your microphone for a warmer tone or deeper bass.

Logitech G Fits review: Final words

For what they sought to accomplish, the Logitech G Fits were ideal. The HyperX Cloud Mix Buds are the only other fully wireless gaming earphones currently available, and they still have a lot of potential for improvement. Unfortunately, the G Fits are an additional $80 and have just as many issues. The G Fits, however, are not deserving of condemnation. They provide adequate sound quality and are comfortable to wear, which is more than many earbuds can offer. It’s uncommon to find USB connectivity, but Logitech could be able to enhance the touch controls with future software releases. With minor adjustments to the preset EQ profiles, perhaps even the audio quality could be improved. Nevertheless, the G Fits are difficult to market in their current shape. There isn’t currently a pair of genuine wireless earphones that I would totally suggest for gaming, but I predict that will change over the next few years.

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