Smaller hands, on the other hand, could find it difficult to use it with any grip style because of its huge bulk. Additionally, although you can adjust its bulk with the weights that are included, it is still quite heavy without them. On the bright side, you can use it wired or wirelessly and it is fully compatible with both Windows and mac OS, making it quite adaptable. A wireless gaming mouse is what Logitech wants you to invest in fully. The G502 Lightspeed, its most recent model, provides a cord-free controller without giving anything up. The Lightspeed’s elegant 11-button design, light, and robust shell, and faultless 2.4GHz connectivity combine to make something fantastic. It was created in the style of the company’s well-liked G502 Hero gaming mouse. It also has excellent battery life, but in its ideal configuration—paired with Logitech’s PowerPlay wireless charging mousepad so it never runs out of power—that isn’t even a factor.

Logitech G502 Lightspeed review: Design

The G502 Lightspeed from Logitech lives up to the high standards that its G502 gaming mice have earned. It has kept its right-handed angular shape, has 11 buttons and a thumb rest without being overly crowded, and is made of materials that feel light but sturdy. It has the ideal balance of matte, gloss, and textured surfaces and is every bit as useful and fashionable as earlier models. This wireless version’s ability to maintain a strong, premium build quality while utilizing wireless technology and weighing 114g—7g less than the previous wired G502 HERO—is particularly amazing. This achievement was made possible by an interior redesign that thinned the mouse’s outer walls while including a light endoskeleton within to preserve hardness and rigidity. Despite this, the mouse is still somewhat hefty. For instance, the 80g Logitech G Pro Wireless costs the same. Therefore, despite the weight reduction, the G502 Lightspeed may still be too heavy for you if you want a quick and light mouse for fast-paced FPS gaming. The G502 Lightspeed feels pretty nicely weighted, though, if you’re not a fan of the recent move in gaming mouse development toward ultra-lightweight models. Additionally, it comes with 4x2g and 2x4g weights that can be added below to increase the weight to a total of 130g if you like a heavier mouse.


Still present are a rubberized U-shaped thumb rest, a cozy spherical hump, and extended buttons that are pleasant in both a claw and palm grip. Despite having a battery inside, everything weighs just 114 grams less than the previous wired model. By the way, the weight can be changed. Some of the main changes to the mouse are highlighted by the weight system, which is located at the bottom. You can add an additional 16g by using two 4g weights and four 2g weights if you like a heavier mouse or wish to tilt the mouse further to one side or the other. also, you can learn our article on Logitech G502 Lightspeed review. A plate around the sensor reveals space for the smaller weights, which you can place in four different compartments. The heavier weights fit in a pop-out puck. Additionally compatible with Logitech’s Powerplay wireless charging system is the G502 Lightspeed. If you decide to do that, you must swap out the mouse’s included puck for a wireless charging puck. This means that you cannot add the 8g of weight to the rear if you use wireless charging. The scroll wheel, which was fully constructed of metal on the original G502, is a little less substantial this time around, which may bother some die-hards. It feels incredibly light and has rubberized handles. There is a button to alternate between smooth and clicky, notched scrolling, just like the original.

Logitech G502 Lightspeed review: Connectivity

When it comes to including new technologies like LIGHTSPEED wireless, Logitech had to start over. Cutting the connection and including wireless charging required redesigning the mouse’s internal construction, which included a new endoskeleton structure to prevent the G502 from becoming a significantly heavier mouse. But it’s worthwhile because the HERO wired version we tried in parallel had problems with wire memory that occasionally caused the cord to battle the mouse. Even for competitive gaming, a USB connection is no longer required because of developments in wireless communication.

Battery life

There is no need to worry about having to switch out the mouse for another device because it operates in wired mode while charging. However, you won’t need to charge it frequently, especially if you turn it off when you leave the room since it has a very promising reported 48 hours of battery life with RGB lighting on and 60 with the lights off. The G502 Lightspeed, however, has such a long battery life that you may go an entire week of heavy everyday use without needing to recharge it if you don’t own a PowerPlay mousepad. This is somewhat due to the lack of RGB lighting, but more so since the HERO 25K sensor automatically shuts off when not in use. also, you can check our article on Logitech G502 Lightspeed review.

Logitech G502 Lightspeed review: Performance

The G502 Lightspeed has 11 customizable buttons, making it ready for any game. It features the standard first-person shooter form factor, and it performed flawlessly when we were playing Overwatch. The DPI button, which was close to where our thumbs rested, allowed me to easily and precisely aim at opponents. It was quick and responsive. For MMOs, the extra buttons on the side offer the chance to personalize and store a lot of spells. It is ideal for both shooters and strategy games because to the HERO 16K sensor, 100–16,000 DPI sensitivity settings, and 1,000 Hz polling rates. This is especially true when DPI adjustment is assigned to the buttons. Although we saw no lag while using the Lightspeed, if you’re concerned about that sort of thing, you may always connect the detachable connection. The fact that this mouse includes 11 programmable buttons in addition to its excellent responsiveness and comfort makes it a superb option for MMO gaming. The extra buttons don’t, however, compromise comfort or responsiveness for FPS gaming performance like some MMO gaming mice do. You have a lot of buttons at your disposal without feeling cluttered because many of them are hidden and lay flush with the design of the mouse. Overall, the G502 Lightspeed performs admirably, especially if its design complements your grip technique and hand size.


The Logitech G502 Lightspeed mouse performs admirably and has the most comfortable grip of any recent wireless or, dare we say, wired mouse we’ve used. Whether it’s worth the money in the end is the key question. The whole cost of the full experience pushes the upper limit of what you can spend on a gaming mouse at roughly $150 plus an additional $100 for the PowerPlay pad. It’s difficult to determine whether the features the Lightspeed offers make it worthwhile for its high price given the wide range of excellent wired and wireless solutions available for less than $100.


The Logitech G502 LIGHTSPEED boasts a sensor that is amazingly consistent, has excellent click latency, and a large CPI range. It is heavier than the majority of FPS-focused alternatives, though. On the plus side, it contains many programmable buttons and a G-shift button that may be configured to offer another layer of programmed inputs. It makes sense that the G502 Lightspeed is not the ultimate wireless gaming mouse as the G502 is no longer the ultimate gaming mouse. Personally, we favour the G903, albeit there is merit in more affordable options like the Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless.

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