The compact and straightforward design of the Logitech MX Mechanical Mini will appeal to remote and hybrid workers who are unhappy with both their laptop’s built-in keyboard and some of the larger and more intrusive external peripherals currently on the market. The keyboard’s subdued color scheme and simple design highlight the fact that it is not intended to be spectacular in any manner. Instead, the overall structure feels extremely well thought out, effectively eliminating any extraneous bulk from the keyboard layout. In contrast to the smaller Logitech MX Keys Mini, the MX Mechanical Mini feels like a much more comprehensive keyboard. The Logitech MX Mechanical Mini offers its client base a choice of three different key switches according on their preference: Tactile Quiet, Linear, and Clicky. This is similar to some of the top mechanical keyboards on the market. To give you an idea, the review device TechRadar got had brown Tactile Quiet switches. The Logitech MX Mechanical Mini is not perfect, like most things. When you consider the keyboard’s minimal looks, its poor LED backlighting is very disappointing. In fact, it almost seems too tempting to completely turn off the LEDs in order to conserve battery life because they seem to have been such an afterthought in the overall design process.

Logitech MX Mechanical Mini Keyboard review: Keys

Equally low-profile double-shot keycaps, which look to be constructed of ABS plastics, are to be expected here. They lack the general thickness and texture of more expensive PBT products, feeling smooth to the touch. Although we are unsure if low-profile PBT keycaps will exist in 2022, PBT would have been wonderful for the price. Since dual function keycaps are standard, some of them come with both Windows and Mac commands. This is especially useful because the MX Mechanical is compatible with both Windows and Mac, as well as for your convenience because Mac has a propensity to rearrange the positions of various functions in comparison to their Windows equivalents. Two sizable flip-up feet with rubber ends are located around the back of the MX Mechanical Mini, ensuring that it won’t be sliding around your desk any time soon. Even though they aren’t multi-stage feet, they provide a steeper angle for a more pleasant typing experience and feel just as durable as the keyboard itself.

RGB lighting

There are several backlighting modes that the keyboard borrows from gaming-style boards, however there is no RGB and they have a negative impact on battery life. For a modern wireless keyboard, our ability to exhaust the keyboard in just a few weeks is pitiful. also you can check our article on Logitech MX Mechanical Mini Keyboard review.

Logitech MX Mechanical Mini Keyboard review: Software

You’ll require Logi Options+, a Logitech-exclusive programme, to get the most out of the MX Mechanical Mini keyboard. Although practically all operating systems can use the keyboard, the Logi Options+ software is only compatible with Windows 10 and macOS 10.15. Logi Options+ doesn’t offer a lot of customization options. The software mostly acts as a reminder to you of all the functions your keyboard is capable of performing as well as a convenient way to track the remaining battery life. The majority of the featured keys are located on the far-right column and top row of the keyboard, which you may view after choosing your device in Logi Options+. You can see what a highlighted key is currently doing by hovering over it. You can assign a command other than the one that is pre-programmed to one of these keys by choosing “Add Application.” Then, you can see which three devices, if any, you have linked using Bluetooth or the Logi Bolt by visiting the Easy-Switch option in Logi Options+. Using the Easy Switch key, which is also the F1 key, you may switch between these three devices. You can review how to switch between backlighting effects under the Backlighting tab. Alternately, you might experiment with the software’s various illumination effects. Static, contrast, breathing, waves, reaction, and random are the six distinct effects. Since the keyboard’s lights aren’t RGB, the backlight can only be white.


The wireless networking of the Logitech MX Mechanical Mini is quite simple to use, and pairing the keyboard with both Windows and Mac systems only takes a few seconds. The device, like the majority of Logitech accessories, also includes a USB Type-A Logi Bolt Receiver in case your computer doesn’t support Bluetooth.

Logitech MX Mechanical Mini Keyboard review: Performance

Similar to the MX Master 3S mouse, the Logitech MX Mechanical Mini employs the Logi Options+ software. The keyboard works well with Logitech’s Flow feature, which enables users to copy and paste data between two systems in addition to using the mouse and keyboard with both. Logitech’s Flow is cross-platform, unlike Apple’s Universal Control function on macOS and iPadOS devices. The MX Mechanical Mini can be customised using Logitech’s software. It is well-designed and really simple to set up, use, and customise. Although the keyboard customizations are not as sophisticated as those on other enthusiast-grade mechanical keyboards, regular and professional users should find them enough. In order to launch a certain function while you are in a given app, you can create keyboard shortcuts that are exclusive to that app, assign keys to specific functions, and add profiles that are app-specific. Additionally, you may modify the functionality of the Function key and view the percentage battery life of connected devices using the Options+ app. The F1, F2, and F3 keys, which are used for switching and pairing with up to three Bluetooth devices, are not included in the configurable key list. Instead, the Delete, Home, End, Page Up, and Page Down buttons are.

Battery life

According to Logitech, the MX Mechanical and MX Mechanical Mini have a 15-day battery life with the backlight on and a 10-month battery life without it. Although we are unable to verify these claims, the keyboard has only decreased in price by 5–10% since we began using it last week. The MX Mechanical comes with a Type-C to Type-A cable and can be charged via a USB-C input when its battery does run low. Just in case you were curious, the keyboard works when it is plugged in. you can read our article on Logitech MX Mechanical Mini Keyboard review.


The Logitech MX Mechanical Mini wireless keyboard costs $149.99, which is relatively expensive when compared to direct competitors like the Razer Pro Type. On the other hand, for an additional $20, you may get the full-size Logitech MX Mechanical if you insist on having a number pad at your disposal.


Many Mac users will like the Logitech MX Mechanical Mini keyboard, especially those who are searching for a compact, wireless, and/or mechanical keyboard. A major advantage is having a Mac-specific keyboard rather than needing to remember the Mac version of Windows keys. The two-week battery life is also advantageous, despite the possible convenience cost. Whether the Tactile Quiet switches provide enough of a “mechanical” typing feel or you want something a little clickier may be the decisive factor for enthusiasts of mechanical keyboards.

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