It provides your workstation a splash of colour, gives off a typewriter vibe, and is a mechanical keyboard that would instantly catch anyone’s eye. The social media generation’s coolest keyboard is undoubtedly this one. Additionally, it contains dedicated emoji keys to make online messaging simpler. Explore our evaluation of the Logitech Pop Keys. For beginners, mechanical keyboards might be frightening.

Logitech POP Keys review: Design

The Logitech keyboard is the cutest of the bunch. The multicolored wireless mechanical is inspired by the world of enthusiast customizable mechanical keyboards. In keeping with enthusiast keyboard trend, the 85-key layout is jammed into a single block of keys, with no key gap typical of a TKL-sized keyboard. It’s little yet surprisingly enormous, measuring 12.5 by 5.31 by 1.66 inches (WDH). That, however, is a strength, not a weakness. Most keyboards that resemble the Pop Keys are smaller and have fewer keys. The “60%” form factor, popular among enthusiasts, often contains 60-65 keys, removing the function row, arrows, and other essential keys. If you appreciate how your friend’s custom keyboard looks but can’t face giving up the convenience of having easy access to what manufacturers typically consider standard, the Pop Keys is a good compromise. It’s also aesthetically beautiful. The softer, rounder Pop Keys stand out in a market dominated by sleek, Apple-esque productivity designs and sharp, angular gaming keyboards.

Logitech POP Keys review: Keys

Because of its colourful and exciting colour scheme and satisfying tactile response, the Logitech Pop Keys delivers a fresh take on the typical keyboard experience that is sure to turn some heads. This places it at a lower price point than many gaming keyboards, but still somewhat costlier than the cheaper entry-level models that the ordinary buyer is more likely to purchase. When compared to the Logitech K780, which is designed for mobile devices and costs $79 (about £65/AU$110), the Pop Keys may appear to be a touch costly. However, it is not quite as pricey as some of the top gaming keyboards, such as the Razer Huntsman V2 Analog, which costs $249.99.The Pop Keys isn’t necessarily pricey for a wireless keyboard, especially considering what you get in terms of personality and experience, but it’s far from a budget alternative.

Logitech POP Keys review: RGB lighting

Backlighting is the one feature that the Pop Keys are lacking from being absolutely flawless. Even a mild white glow, or lighting that is colour matched to the Blast’s key colours, would have been wonderful for nighttime typers. Logitech wouldn’t need to provide the insane RGB lighting that’s common on many gaming keyboards. The RK Royal Kludge, a keyboard with similar circular, typewriter-inspired keys to the Pop Keys, is an appealing option because it has lighted keys. Despite the Pop Keys’ lack of complete backlighting, the keyboard has a total of five LED lights. The pairing keys have three white LEDs, one on each, to let you know which device you’ve connected to the keyboard. The Caps Lock key also has an LED indication, and the right keyboard deck has a green LED to show that the Pop Keys is powered on.


While the aesthetic design is at the centre of the Pop Keys innovation, the technical package is also quite enticing. The wireless design includes Bluetooth Low Energy capability as well as a more stable 2.4GHz wireless connection via a Logitech Bolt dongle. The Pop Keys, like the Logitech MX line, allows you to connect to up to three devices, one via dongle and two through Bluetooth, and switch between them on the fly using hotkeys on the function row. The Logitech POP Keys keyboard has several features, including a mechanical design that provides a smooth typing experience customizable emoji buttons and replaceable keys that allow you to type the emoji directly from the keyboard rather than searching the emoji menu multi-device connection for pairing with multiple devices and connecting the keyboard with a quick switch. It also supports Logitech Flow, a software-driven function that allows you to move between numerous connected devices wirelessly using a single mouse and keyboard. Flow is normally reserved for Logitech’s greatest productivity gear, despite the fact that it’s been available for a few years, so it’s a clue of Pop Keys’ standing in the Logitech keyboard food chain.

Logitech POP Keys review: Battery Life

The batteries have a three-year lifespan, but replacing them with new batteries can keep you going for much longer. Though replaceable batteries aren’t as environmentally friendly as rechargeable internal batteries, the advantage is that you won’t have to worry about the batteries holding a charge as the Pop Keys matures. This means that instead of throwing away an otherwise perfectly usable keyboard years later because the internal battery has outlived its useful life, you can simply switch in fresh batteries and keep using this keyboard. The battery compartment is housed in this bar two AAA batteries are required. According to the firm, new batteries will last you around three years of typing. When not in use, a power switch on the right edge of the keyboard helps to conserve battery life.

Logitech POP Keys review: Performance

The POP Keys can be connected to your device by Bluetooth 5.1 or the Logi Bolt USB receiver. Bluetooth is compatible with a wide range of PCs, tablets, and mobile devices, whereas the receiver requires a USB port and is only compatible with machines running Windows, macOS, or ChromeOS. Easy Switch is one of the most useful functions on the keyboard. With the press of a button, you can switch between up to three devices. To enter pairing mode and locate the keyboard in your device’s Bluetooth settings, simply hold one of the three Easy Switch buttons. Once associated, simply press the corresponding key to switch between up to three devices. We connected the keyboard to both my MacBook and my iPhone and found it almost effortless to switch between putting up a review and penning a tweet. The mechanical switches are loud and clacky, evoking the feel of an old-school typewriter. They’re also deep, with a pleasing amount of travel and a satisfying push. The keys are circular in shape, with concave surfaces that provide a nice place for your fingertips to rest.

Finals Words

For those wishing to join the trend of the small mechanical keyboard, the Logitech Pop Keys is a wonderful starting place. It has a vibrant look you can flaunt to your social media fans, but it also has cosy, gratifying keys and a tonne of practical functionality to back it up. If having a trendy mechanical keyboard is not important to you, our top selection, the $99 Logitech MX Keys, is equally priced, has a full-size layout, and offers many of the same pairing capabilities.

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