The texting app that is the default messaging app on your phone is not the same as iMessage. IMessage is an over-the-top (OTT) programme that operates without cell data and only requires an internet connection. Additionally, there are no fees associated with sending messages over Wi-Fi. It’s critical to keep in mind that iMessage is a messaging service that is exclusive to Apple hardware. Your phone will send an SMS (green message) rather than an iMessage if you attempt to send it to an Android device. We have mentioned steps below to Edit a Sent iMessages

macOS: Steps to Edit a Sent iMessages

Final Words

So here we conclude our article on macOS: how to Edit Sent iMessages. Your phone’s Messages app will notify you of this. When you send an unsent or edited message, the recipient may still see it if they are using an older version of iOS (yes, it still specifically mentions iOS even if you are using macOS). The same is true for group texts; the app will make a special note of the group members who are using an older version.

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