Guide: Medi­um Vs Word​Press​.com: Comparison

When it comes to blogging, there are plenty of alternatives available and more platforms are released every week. In this article, we’ll focus on the blogging world’s heavyweight champion – going against the new age alternative – I’m sure you’ve heard of Medium by now. Either from a writer friend who wouldn’t close up about it or a completely unknown person following you on twitter. Personally, I’ve found Medium to be a great place to consume content that I wouldn’t normally be able to discover on my own, written by people I don’t know about. Medium is as much about the community as it is about the platform. Medium is nice, though. In this age of devotion mobile and news reading apps like Flipboard and Reeder 2 I rarely browse a website on my phoneMedium is the exception. It looks great on any device I own and works great. It is the first platform where I don’t feel the need to request a special app. And that’s a lot of praise. WordPress on the other hand is the grandfather of the blogging world. And over time it started to get clumsy. But recent updates have made it vivid to use impressively features boot up. So if you want to get started writing down your thoughts online for people to see and want to go with a free blogging platform, here’s an overview of the two services. We’ll compare the writing and publishing environment that both services provide and discuss things to consider before making your choice.

Publish with medium

If you love the writing process and are a sucker for all things beautiful, go for Medium. But of course it is more than that. It’s about the community, platform, algorithms and editors that compose and post the best content on the website up on the front page, regardless of who the writer was, a novice or a guru. Medium is also new and exciting. The response system is contextual and comes up only when you need it. Medium has several user-curated collections. This is another great way to discover new content. Do you see a collection you like? To follow it and the updates are displayed up on your homescreen. Publishing on a medium is just as unusual as the site itself. You won’t find the handy toolbar as we’ve all become used to. If you want to format some text, select everything and choose your options from the popup bubble. In order not to get you lost, Medium has built up a collection especially for beginners. Head over to this post to learn how to format and publish your first story on Medium.

If you’re looking for a thriving community of insightful readers, Medium is the way to go. But Medium has its own problems. Despite all its simplicity, you don’t get many options. Yes, all of the content on the site looks great, but it also looks the same. There are no themes or customizations to make your content stand out, other than images and some basic formatting options. So if you are thinking of starting a blog for your business or are looking to tap into a specific niche, Medium may not be for you.

Publish with WordPress

Medium’s weaknesses translate into the power of WordPress. While Medium is new and still experimenting with features and layout, WordPress has a strong grip on the basics. If stability is what you are looking for then WordPress is the way to go. Plus, there are tons of other reasons why WordPress is a great platform for bloggers, and it’s nearly impossible to list them all here. So here are just two really good ones.

Flexibility: WordPress has tons of themes and plugins available to improve your website. Of course, the selection isn’t nearly as wild as what’s available for the self-hosted WordPress platform –, but it’s still quite sizable. Profiles and pages: With WordPress you get your own unique profile, you can add your own domain and your blog can also support different pages. None of this is available on Medium.

Last word

I hope this short article has given you an overview of the distinction features from Medium and WordPress. Thanks to the wonderful world of free internet, both services can coexist peacefully. But maybe only one is right for you. If you want a focus on content, an readily available and growing community of readers, and a beautiful blog with a minimal set up, is the way to go. On the other hand, if you would like to have a little more control over your content and are looking for more features, it doesn’t get any better than

Your experience?

If you’re running your blog on one of these platforms, why not tell us how it has worked out for you so far. The comments section welcomes your thoughts with wide open arms.

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