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Do more with less effort, automating as many daily tasks as you can, rather than manually performing each one. Learn how to do it with this class. There’s not much that beats being able to set many of our work tasks to run automatically, rather than having to manually complete each one. System administrators and IT professionals who may be just starting to use Microsoft Powershell Scripting can now rejoice that the inexpensive Microsoft PowerShell Certification Bundle explains exactly how to use automation to work more efficiently. “Learning About Task Automation Using Windows PowerShell” was created specifically to teach IT professionals who are just starting to become familiar with PowerShell scripts how to automate small daily tasks in a way that can improve the efficiency of your workflows. The course covers Powershell fundamentals, such as how best to handle files and use the task scheduler for file cleanup, service restarts, and more. The class “Managing Active Directory (AD) using Windows PowerShell” can teach system administrators how PowerShell scripts can be used to automate daily tasks related to Active Directory. It covers PowerShell and Active Directory fundamentals such as handling bulk requests, managing groups and users, and much more. The package final The course, “Creating Advanced Scripts and Tools Using Windows PowerShell,” provides more practice for system administrators using real-world situations. There’s even information about using PowerShell to automate tasks that interact with products from companies other than Microsoft. The alumni of these courses are very happy with them. Verified buyer, Alex R., rated the package as a perfect five stars, and nice sums up Why: “Well organized training on PowerShell and its uses/functions. Advanced user training at a reasonable price. ” Increasing your productivity should be more than enough reason to start looking forward to a promotion or even an entirely new position. Maybe you should start taking a look at all these best resumes and interviews. tips. Take this opportunity to discover how to do more with less effort by automating your work. Purchase the Microsoft PowerShell certification package while it’s available for just $19 (typically $600). From the news

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