Guide: Milan­ote vs Ever­note: Comparison and Review

Evernote has been the go-to digital filing cabinet for the majority out there since its introduction in 2008. Times have changed, however. Newcomers such as Notion, Coda, Milanote and Airtable have taken a modular approach and are racing towards becoming the default productive tool for the next generation. Due to the modular approach, the user has full control over how he wants to organize the various elements in the software. Often referred to as blocks – a perfect replica of the digital filing cabinet concept.

Cross platform availability

Unsurprisingly, Evernote wins this round. The app is available on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Web and even Apple Watch. Milanote can only be accessed on Mac, iOS and the web.

User interface and organization of notes

Log into Evernote Web and the interface will treat you with a design similar to desktop apps. From the left pane, you can access your notebooks, tags, trash can, starred notes, and even search written notes. The user interface is quite simple and easy to navigate. In an effort to provide a consistent experience across all platforms, Evernote has been working on a brand new web editor (more on that later). The banknote organization has not changed much. Users can create a notebook, add notes to it and even imply relevant tags for better structuring. Milanote’s user interface is completely different from a traditional note-taking app. It looks and feels like design apps such as Figma and Adobe XD. On the right there is a giant canvas, and the left panel contains all the editing and formatting options. The search, share and settings are in the top right corner. The user can create a board and pages on the canvas. It’s straightforward and you won’t have any trouble getting everything within it home screen.


Evernote is marching forward in terms of featuresBut Milanote also has some cool tricks up its sleeve to attract users. Starting with Evernote, you have one feature-rich editor with the ability to change fonts, colors and more. One can also integrate tables, web links and write code in Evernote. One of the best features from Evernote is the quest. It is powerful, works accurately and the user can even search documents and uploaded images. Evernote has extension support for all major browsers, which allows you to bookmark the website and cut web content directly to the software. One can use a built-in scanner to store documents and business cards (only works on mobile apps). Evernote also offers the basic task management reminder feature. Milanote’s main selling point is the way it lets the user design the space. The user has full control over how he wants to map the entire project, idea and thoughts. You can drag and drop elements such as images, text, web links, videos, to-do lists and more. Milanote also allows you to use arrows for better viewing. The search isn’t as effective as Evernote, but it does well with basic questions.


A blank white canvas can be boring for newbies. And that’s why Milanote offers built-in templates during creation. They are divided into categories of design, students, startups, project management and more. You can drag and drop the ready-made designs and start editing. Evernote also offers templates such as a calendar, habit tracker, project planner, and more. However, the overall experience is not as good as Milanote.


Milanote’s sharing options are limited. You can invite others to edit, or you can give comment-only or read-only permission. The board can be exported as PDF, PNG image, Word file or plain text. Evernote allows you to send the noted link or email the current note in PDF form. There is no way to send the note in plain text.


Evernote Basic is free and allows data to be synchronized between two devices. To get more storage space and advanced features, you need to buy Evernote Premium for $ 70 / year. Visit the Evernote pricing page for more details. Milanote is free for one project and up up to 100 blocks. After that, you have to pay $ 10 / month.

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