Guide: Notion vs Google Docs: Comparison and Review

There haven’t been many times in my career when I found a tool that felt like a productivity leap. I remember first discovering Python as a C software engineer, browsing an open source project on GitHub, and working on a movie script using Google Docs. The idea is an equally great leap forward in the skills that follow. In this post, we’re going to compare Google Docs to Notion and conclude which software suits your needs and usage.

Cross platform availability

Google Docs is a web-based software. It has native apps for iOS and Android and is available on all major browsers. However, the experience is best served in Google Chrome. Notion is fairly new to the market. And surprisingly, it is widely available. You can access the app on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and the web. Their mobile apps are web wrapper, so I don’t recommend using that for a longer period of time.

User interface and organization

Both tools are pretty easy to get started. By default, Google Docs takes you to the home page which contains all documents and allows you to create a new document or visit the template gallery. All notes are stored in Google Drive and you can organize them in the folders via the cloud software. Speaking of the user interface, it is similar to the other word processing software such as Microsoft Word. The horizontal ribbon at the top offers basic editing options and you can get more functions from the menu bar. Notion creates a new workspace for the user. You can add pages and subpages in the relevant workspace. With Notion you can add as many subpages as you want within the pages. All data is supported up in the Notion cloud. There is no way to store it in other cloud solutions. You can start a page by adding a relevant emoji and cover photo. It’s these little touches that make the overall Notion experience more personal. The page section, templates and settings are on the left and on the right you can add all the details within a selected page.


Both Notion and Google Docs have extensive templates to get you started. Google Docs includes an attractive template gallery to choose a relevant one. And since the software has been available for a long time, it also has a wide collection of templates from third-party developers on the web. It has something for everyone. I usually use it to create an invoice and send professional looking business letters. The process is simple, select and download a template, copy it into Google Docs and start making edits. Templates also play a big part in the Notion experience. Unlike Google Docs, it has templates organized in categories. You can use it for personal use to build a wiki, manage tasks, or choose templates designed for project management. You can always search the Notion community, which has templates for every possible use case. Some of them include vocabulary builder, subscription tracker, financial planning, resume builder, meeting notes and more. Due to Notion’s modular approach (I’ll talk about that in a minute), the templates are more powerful and personal than Google Docs.

Compose a note

Google Docs follows the traditional way of composing a note. It’s good word processing software. You can go through editing options such as text style, size, color, paragraph style and more. You can add tables, integrate Google Drawing and more. Notion does not offer all options in advance. They are all hidden in the shortcut ‘/’. You can type ‘/’ and the context menu will display the editing options such as headings 2, color code, background color and more. Concept refers to each sentence as a block and you can easily move it anywhere on the page. Notion also allows you to add the Google Docs file, Figma file, Invision file, YouTube videos, Tweet links and more. Notion outperforms Google Docs in terms of visualization. The way it displays the links and data is much better than the simple Google doc. Using a template, you can manage complex projects in style. You need to buy the premium version to invite members to enable the editing feature among colleagues. Overall, Google Docs focuses more on long writing, while Notion is useful for building a knowledge base and organizing the blocks just the way you want.

Share and collaborate

Google Docs nails these. You can share a read-only, comment-only, and editable document with others. Team members can also leave a comment on a particular section with their opinion. It is so popular in the education industry that many student groups use the feature as a group chat in classrooms. Notion allows you to share the entire workspace with others. It is useful for long projects where every team member is essential in detecting changes in the process. You can also tag a team member on any page and notify them of the assigned tasks.


Google Docs is completely free to use. It is one of the reasons why the software is preferred by millions in the education industry. Google Drive, which offers 15 GB of free storage space, also does not count Docs data in the quota. Notion is free for that up up to 1000 blocks (of which you will run out quickly, believe me). After that, you have to pay $ 4 / month to unlock an unlimited number of blocks. They also have separate plans for teams.

Notion vs Google Docs: Comparison and Review: benefits


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