Fortunately, thanks to the invention of Bluetooth and lithium-ion batteries, it’s now possible to find truly impressive wireless, rechargeable, and fully portable speakers. Whether you want to play music in your backyard, head to the beach, or prepare for a presentation, there are plenty of options to consider. But not all speakers make the leap to portable design without suffering at the drawing board. The DOSS SoundBox Pro is one of the most successful attempts to combine portability, versatility and high quality sound. Whether you need a speaker for a few hours or for the better part of a day, the SoundBox Pro is suitable for both wired and wireless connections. Inside the SoundBox Pro, you’ll find audio equipment that is very powerful relative to its price. You’ll also find an incredibly energy-efficient design that allows the SoundBox Pro to fill a large room with rich sound without weighing down the batteries excessively. The design of the SoundBox Pro is minimalist and unobtrusive, allowing it to blend in anywhere. The matte black color scheme looks sleek and modern, and won’t cause glare problems in sunlight if you place your speakers outdoors. The minimalist design also adds to the intuitiveness of the device. On the front of the speaker, there is a protective aluminum grille that protects the internal drivers. The case itself is made of a scratch-resistant polymer, which is plastic. But even though it is made of plastic, it is quite sturdy and durable. The SoundBox Pro is packed with larger components that are best suited for filling larger rooms with sound. The primary sound system consists of a small subwoofer and a 20-watt main driver. The driver has particularly powerful midrange tones that make it optimal for both listening to music and watching movies. Although the subwoofer is relatively small, the SoundBox Pro’s relatively large enclosure helps it produce strong bass response. Larger enclosures are a boon for bass, and the SoundBox Pro is as big as you’d want in a portable speaker. There are also two radiator speakers, which ensure that the subwoofer is much louder than you might expect based on its wattage. Radiator speakers are a type of secondary amplification device. They work by responding to the air pressure generated by the electrically powered speakers. By mimicking the movement of their drivers and subwoofer, radiator speakers can produce sound frequencies like a loudspeaker. However, since it is technically not an ordinary speaker, there is no need to run additional drivers, and the device has no additional weight. In other words, it’s a design that makes the most of battery power to create a louder speaker system without having to power the sound.

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