The Logitech C270 HD webcam is more than adequate for weekly conference calls with the team. The Logitech C270 HD streams and records at 720p/30fps. The lens is plastic rather than glass, and it still delivers a relatively clear image. However, it doesn’t come close to the quality of a 1080p webcam. You need to have realistic expectations of the kind of image a 720p webcam can produce. For typical Zoom meetings, checking in with family or friends, and making sure your child can participate in distance learning, the camera is fine. However, the lower resolution means that there are quality differences in terms of the clarity and sharpness of the images compared to a higher resolution webcam. Also, the Logitech C270 HD does not reproduce the color palette found in your environment. Instead, colors are muted and even bold colors tend to be washed out. So if you’re going for a polished, professional look, you might want to spend more money on a 1080p webcam. The photos below were taken at night, and my open floor plan includes a mix of overhead and hanging lights, as well as table and desk lamps. The webcam is equipped with RightLight 2, which provides automatic light correction. Given the clutter of lights it has to deal with in my apartment, it did a pretty good job producing natural colors. The webcam has a fixed focus rather than autofocus. It also doesn’t have many of the features found in other Logitech webcams, such as pan, tilt, and zoom. It also doesn’t rotate from landscape to portrait mode, and the field of view is fixed at 60 degrees. But for many people, these features aren’t necessary. The Logitech C270 webcam has a fairly traditional webcam design. It measures 2.9 inches tall, 2.6 inches deep, and 1.3 inches wide. Weighing in at 2.65 ounces, the webcam is very light and doesn’t look or feel bulky. Since the webcam uses a universal clip, it should fit laptops and monitors of various sizes. Technically, it doesn’t tilt, but there is enough wiggle room to tilt the camera slightly up and down. Included with the webcam is a 5-foot USB-A cable. A tripod or viewing screen is not included. Depending on the make and model of your laptop, the software may not load automatically when you plug in the USB-A cable. If it does not load, you must download the software from the Logitech website.

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