The Tribit Flybuds 3 are our top pick for everyone else because of its strong audio performance, fully waterproof construction, long battery life, and free carrying case that can also charge other mobile devices. The world cannot be expected from earbuds. We’ve been testing out the new OnePlus Nord Buds for the past few days after examining a number of far more expensive goods. you can read our article on Oneplus Nord Buds review. The term “Nord Buds” strikes us as being unfavorable; it seems like a prop that would have appeared on Mork & Mindy in the late 1970s. It makes sense for the business to extend the brand to inexpensive earbuds nonetheless, as it complements the branding of OnePlus’ remarkable budget phone selection. However, the functionality and features of these budget-friendly headphones are more important than their name.

Oneplus Nord Buds review: Design

The Nord Buds stand out from any of OnePlus’ prior TWS headphones thanks to their distinctive pill-shaped charging case, which is finished in a lovely matt “Black Slate” (or “Marble White” in some countries) finish. Beyond the brand logo on the outside, there is an LED power indication. On the rear, there is a USB-C port for charging and a discreet setup button. Aside from the nicely-sprung hinge and sturdy case lid, which flips up to reveal the buds themselves, the case’s precise lines, flat sides, and close tolerances give it a premium appearance. The buds are held in place by magnets that only fail when subjected to a vigorous shake or an especially egregious drop to the ground. Similar to the case, the Nord Buds earbuds’ design is unlike any of OnePlus’ current TWS earphones. They are shorter and stubbier than the TWS earphones, matching the cover’s pill-shaped pattern, and this creates a good contrast with the polished concave touch-sensitive regions on the outside of each one. Although the Nord Buds case is a pleasure to hold, its overall size prevents it from being very pocket-friendly; its nearly square cross-section makes it bulky no matter which way it is positioned. Even the clean plastic bodywork is vulnerable to micro-abrasions, and after just a few weeks of use, wear begins to show.


At least for brief and mid-length listening sessions, comfort is decent. It seems to take a little longer than most of the buds we’ve tried in the past—between 30-45 minutes—before we experience perceptible weariness. In contrast to the 3–4 hours, we can get with some other buds, they also seem to reach a point of annoyance more quickly, making us want to take a break after just a little over 2 hours. These are incredibly light and difficult to shake loose if you take them on a run or to the gym because of how effectively the silicon tips seal into the ear. We are rather certain that they won’t come out easily, at least not from our ears. also you can check our article on Oneplus Nord Buds review.

Oneplus Nord Buds review: Connectivity

Given that the OnePlus Nord Buds are a rather straightforward pair of cheap wireless earbuds, it makes reasonable that the connecting options would also be straightforward. Apple devices don’t support Google Fast Pair or H2-enabled quick pairing, therefore pairing is done the traditional way whether you’re using iOS or Android. The SBC and AAC audio codecs are supported, and the earphones connect through Bluetooth 5.2. It’s unfortunate that earbuds from a business that manufactures Android phones don’t include a codec with greater bitrate audio on Android devices like aptX—even though AAC has undoubtedly evolved over time, it can still be a touch unpredictable outside of Apple’s ecosystem. In essence, this is the bare minimum of connectivity you need to avoid feeling woefully out of date.

Noise cancelling

There is no active noise cancellation with the Nord Buds. However, the ear tips passively block a significant amount of background noise, making it possible to concentrate on the audio being played all but in extremely noisy circumstances.

Audio performance

The upper mid-range and treble response are reduced, and the OnePlus Nord Buds offer a powerfully bass-boosted sound. The mid-bass and upper-bass are overemphasized in the bass, which tends to obfuscate the entire sound spectrum. There is a lot of bass, but it’s basically sloppy and muddy and of no particular quality. Although the lower mid-range has a lovely and smooth tone, the bass response frequently dominates it. The earphones’ lacklustre high-end response also cuts off the upper mids. The treble performance is muffled and dialed back, giving both the singers and the instruments a foggy presentation. The sound is gloomy and one-dimensional as a result of the overall tonality’s strong bass emphasis. On other recent OnePlus audio devices, we have noticed this overemphasized bass response, but the Nord Buds suffer from a double-whammy of an underemphasized treble as well. Thankfully, the Sound Master EQ presets are beneficial. The featured “Bold” preset significantly improves the tuning. The fact that it accomplishes the crucial task of bringing the bass down to nominal levels makes it sound substantially better overall despite having a slightly spicy top-end and a slightly recessed mid-range. Most users will find that selecting this preset is a simple approach to improve the general tonality of these earbuds.

Oneplus Nord Buds review: Call performance

We didn’t hear any complaints about the microphone quality during phone calls, and it was reported that sound was transmitted clearly, if a little louder than usual. Although it doesn’t seem to have much of an impact, the Nord Buds’ AI noise reduction feature is supposed to help in noisy surroundings. At the very least, it doesn’t appear to be harmful.

Battery and charging

OnePlus claims that the Buds can be worn for seven hours on a single charge, which increases to a total of 30 hours when you consider the case. These are figures we typically see on more expensive TWS headphones, which implies that OnePlus has a lot of faith in its newest product. OnePlus claims that the Buds can be worn for seven hours on a single charge, which increases to a total of 30 hours when you consider the case. These are figures we typically see on more expensive TWS headphones, which implies that OnePlus has a lot of faith in its newest product. also you will learn our article on Oneplus Nord Buds review.


Beginning in June 2022, OnePlus Nord Buds were made available. They are reasonably priced and adhere to the Nord logo. They cost merely $39 in the US but £49 in the UK. This kind of price is increasingly turning out to be the sweet spot for many affordable true wireless earbud models; we’re seeing a number of them arrive around this level, and occasionally the cost of earbuds like the Sony WF-C500 drops to this level as well. But because most of the devices coming out at this price are from lesser-known manufacturers, it’s comforting to know that OnePlus is standing behind them.


Anyone wishing to get a dependable set of TWS earbuds under $3000 may choose the OnePlus Nord Buds. The battery life is sufficient to last during lengthy talks, and the sound quality is passable—the finest available for bass aficionados. They have less features, but they are still beautifully done. Touch controls are simple to use and precise, and the IP55 rating of the buds ensures that they won’t be damaged by sweaty exercise. While a bashed will love these earphones, if you want a well-balanced sound, you should explore elsewhere.

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