Guide: Opera vs Opera GX: Comparison and Review

Opera is one of the better Chromium-based browsers out there. With a large number of unique features Ranging from integrated social media capabilities, built-in content blocking, to free VPN support, it really stands out from the rest of the package. And then there is Opera GX, a so-called ‘gaming’ browser released by the same developers. But what does Opera GX do? Does it improve the gaming performance of your PC? Is it fundamentally different from regular Opera what justifies a switch? Let’s cover all of these questions, and more, below.

What Opera GX is and what is not

Before we proceed, it is better to clear up some common misconceptions. First, Opera GX is not a brand new web browser built from the ground up up – instead, it uses regular Opera as the basis to deliver a lot features aimed at gamers (more on that shortly). That means you can access everything Opera has to offer with Opera GX. Second, calling Opera GX a ‘gaming’ browser can be a bit tricky. It doesn’t improve video game performance on your PC, nor does it help you run web-based games faster. Like Opera, it is a different browser. However, it gives you the option to control how many resources it can access at any given time. Basically, the goal is to stop being performance-oriented if you prefer to have your browser open in the background while gaming.


Opera GX looks drastically different in aesthetics, although it is based on Opera. A dark theme interspersed with delicate red-colored icons and border lines between elements, combined with a matching background, make it look more like a gaming peripheral than a web browser.

Open the Easy Setup menu (same as in Opera) and you can immediately start changing the default color to another color in the RGB spectrum. There are also several additional backgrounds specific to Opera GX, and you can also choose to import your own images. If you have Razer Chroma devices connected to your gaming rig, they will also reflect any color change, which makes for a nice touch.

By default, Opera GX will take you to a special tab called ‘GX Corner’, that features a curated list of upcoming games, game deals and news feed for any platform of your choice (Windows, PlayStation, Xbox, etc). Aside from that, you get your normal speed dial tabs (with the news feed turned off by default), which are similar to those in Opera, except for certain hover effects that you can tweak from the Easy Setup screen.

The extremely useful Opera sidebar also returns in Opera GX. By default, it has fewer options this time, but with some interesting additions (GX Control and Twitch), which we’ll cover next. However, right-clicking the sidebar reveals all the missing options in Opera (My Flow, Personal News, Facebook Messenger, etc.), which you can then easily activate.

Gaming Features

Opera GX’s primary purpose is to give you the ability to control how much RAM and processing power is available for it. For example, if you want to use your browser when playing video games (for example, go to Alt-Tab to watch a walk-through) then the integrated system resources will make a difference. Clicking on the GX Control option in the sidebar will bring up a panel with two separate options: RAM Limiter and CPU Limiter. The former allows you to limit the amount of RAM that Opera GX can use.

For example, if your PC has 8 GB of system memory, you can limit Opera GX to 2 GB, 4 GB, or 6 GB, and leave the rest for use by the operating system and video game you want to run on it afterward. The CPU limiter, on the other hand, helps you impose limits on how much processing power the browser can use at any given time. Using the included slider, you can limit 25%, 50% and 75% of the total CPU usage.

While Windows is quite adept at allocating resources normally, switching to Opera GX and using these controls should work fine if your PC is experiencing unfavorable gaming performance while regular Opera (or any other browser) continues to run in the background . Another game-oriented inclusion in Opera GX is Twitch integration. Simply activate it from the sidebar, log into your Twitch account and you will receive notifications when a streamer starts going live. Then all you have to do is click on the steamer’s profile to see the action in a new tab.

That’s about it

Other than the RGB aesthetic, Game Center, GX Control, and Twitch integration, Opera GX is basically the same as Opera. A quick dive into the Settings panel reveals that it contains all the options present in regular Opera. Whether it’s free VPN, private browsing, or extension support, you can access it right away.

Opera GX also supports data synchronization. Simply sign in with your Opera account and you can easily sync your browsing history, bookmarks and passwords between devices.

That means migrating from Opera to Opera GX is super easy as you can transfer all your data without breaking a sweat.

Need to transfer?

So, is Opera GX worth switching to? If you are serious about gaming then yes – only the unique aesthetic can tickle any gamer’s imagination. Whether it can improve your video game experience compared to Opera running in the background depends on the circumstances. If you only have a few browser tabs open at a time, Opera GX’s system limitations will hardly matter. But when it comes to dozens of tabs running in the background, allocating fewer resources to the browser affects game performance. On the other hand, if you have a lot of RAM and a high-end CPU, you won’t notice any difference to begin with. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to give Opera GX a try. And when you consider that you can still access all regular Opera features, you probably won’t finish up to miss something. The next up Opera Touch is another exciting release to use on Android and iOS. Here are 11 great tips to get you started.

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