Additionally, it is targeting the smartwatch market with cost in mind, similar to the majority of the company’s currently available products. The POCO Watch is a fantastic substitute for more expensive brands because it was created with simplicity and practicality in mind. The POCO Watch has all you need, whether you want a straightforward timepiece or something with extra functionality. also you can check our article on Poco Watch review.

Poco Watch review: Design

The Poco Watch’s weight is what you notice right away. Poco Watch weighs 31 grammes, which is only 18 grammes more than a Mi Band 5, but it still feels quite light on the wrist. After a few minutes of use, we personally lost awareness of the strap, which is a plus in our book. The watch is one of the thinnest smartwatches on the market and even thinner than other smart bands at little under 10mm thick. The optical sensor and chagrin port are located on the back of the polycarbonate case, which has a matte surface. The Poco Watch has a body and two interchangeable bands, just like the vast majority of smartwatches. Well, at least theoretically, as pressing the button to remove them is exceedingly difficult. The smartwatch is available in beige, blue, or black; as the photographs demonstrate, we tested the last option. The chosen colour is used for both the watch’s strap and case. The fit is generally rather comfortable, especially considering that the Watch weighs only 31g when the straps are included. The thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) used to make these straps is a synthetic substance that is a little less irritating than rubber. It doesn’t irritate those with skin issues as much as silicon and doesn’t rub as much. Additionally, the band has several holes, making it simple to alter the fit to accommodate wrists of all different sizes. A non-standard 125-205 mm soft silicone watch strap with a buckle and clasp for a tight fit is offered by Poco. Although the proprietary attachment points prevent you from quickly switching bands while you’re out and about, the strap material is quite nice to the touch. Poco Watch can easily track your swims because it is 50m (5ATM) water resistant.

Interface and controls

Being overly accustomed to the Poco Watch software is not a problem because it makes navigating simpler for fans of smartwatches. Additionally, the color combination and art style are pretty appealing. Because of how quick and simple the software is, using the watch is a breeze. The watch’s processor, which Poco hasn’t specifically described, is capable of powering the gadget. you can read our article on Poco Watch review. Breathing exercises, music controls, notification management, and a remote shutter for your smartphone camera are just a few of the additional options available here. The software contained a few problems. Our smartphone refused to recognise the remote shutter function, and alerts frequently appeared multiple times on the watch. The watch’s music functions typically worked as intended, although occasionally they failed to detect when our phone was playing music.

Poco Watch review: Display

The visual elements of smart watches can be highly significant. These gadgets can do a variety of tasks, just like smartphones, and their screens must be readable by the user. Smart watches typically have somewhat modest screens, unlike smartphones. In light of this, you might be interested in learning more about POCO Watch’s display features. In essence, this product has an AMOLED display. As a result, its screen may have advantages in terms of energy usage, display quality, and viewing angle. The screen’s dimension is 1.6 inches. It is not awful for a smartwatch, and we can say that it is quite big. The product’s screen has a density of 301 ppi and a resolution of 360 × 320 pixels. Overall, this product’s display quality is quite good.


With a focus on giving primarily well-known functions rather than anything novel, Poco seeks to provide a generally well-rounded smartwatch experience. This includes acting as a sports watch, a rather rudimentary smartwatch, and a fitness tracker. It doesn’t perform poorly in terms of what it delivers on those fronts, but there is space for improvement – and places where it does make concessions. First, let’s clarify that Poco utilises its own watch software, which is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. We had paired the Poco Watch with a Samsung Android phone during the testing time, and overall the interaction was positive. Although we ran into the odd syncing issue, everything else about setting up and using the watch was really simple. Starting with the positive, the Poco Watch does a fantastic job as a fitness tracker. We discovered that step counts generally matched those obtained with the Oura Ring 3 and Garmin’s Epix watch. A great activity monitoring screen and watch face are also included to monitor progress. The Poco Watch was especially comfortable to wear during the night for tracking sleep. Regarding the information, you may enable heart rate and blood oxygen measurements via the companion app and obtain a breakdown of the various stages of sleep. We discovered that the Poco Watch captured comparable sleep duration data and sleep stage breakdowns with the Oura Ring 3 and Garmin Epix when used alongside those two dependable sleep trackers. It performs admirably for sports monitoring as well, with many of the more than 100 fitness modes providing information beyond the bare minimum heart rate and workout time. Additionally, the device can be linked to Strava.

Poco Watch review: Battery life

The Poco Watch’s battery life is totally dependent on whether you use all of its capabilities or just a few of them. According to Poco, the 225mAh battery can operate in “normal usage mode” for up to 14 days. This usual usage entails activities like checking blood oxygen twice daily, monitoring heart rate at 30-minute intervals, and utilizing GPS just 35 minutes a week. If you do that, you can easily reach the 14-day mark. It’s not quite the same story when we changed from ordinary usage mode to heart rate tracking every minute, turning on advanced sleep monitoring, and utilizing GPS more frequently. Half of Poco’s estimate, or around seven days, is what we’d estimate. But at this price, that’s still a respectable return. Battery life decreased by 15% after 1.5 hours of jogging with GPS, which isn’t terrible for a cheap watch. This translates to around 10 hours of GPS tracking, which is sufficient for the majority of people.

Price and configurations options

In the UK, the Poco Watch will be offered. Don’t get your hopes up about Poco’s smartphones becoming available outside of Europe because it typically doesn’t sell its products in the US or Australia. As far as smartwatches go, the Watch is rather reasonable at £79.99 (approximately $100 or AU$140), far less expensive than competing models from Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, and Oppo. also you can learn our article on Poco Watch review. Amazfit does have a few cheaper smartwatch competitors with additional capabilities, though, if you’re looking for one. The Honor Watch ES, which debuted for £99.99 (approximately $130, AU$175), is one competitor we want to call out. Although it is slightly more expensive than the Poco Watch, it offers some distinctive features, such as its Fitness Course settings, which show that less expensive smartwatches may still be distinctive.


Now that we’ve used the POCO Watch extensively, we can confidently say that it is a good option in the budget smartwatch category. It offers a lot of functionality, everything works almost without a hitch, and we don’t have many usability problems either. The Redmi Watch 2 that was released last year contains exactly the same specifications as the POCO Watch, which is just another Xiaomi-POCO rebranding effort.

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