Guide: Polarr vs VSCO: Comparison and Review

I love photography and can call myself an amateur photographer. My friends still think I’m good. You know why? Because I choose the right apps to edit my photos. And my friends are usually overwhelmed with the results. Over the years I have tried many apps and eventually narrowed it down to the best. This is where Polarr and VSCO come into the picture. Two photo editing tools available on the mobile platform that is not only powerful, but also user-friendly. When it comes to apps download size, Polarr weighs in at around 61MB, while VSCO seems to arrive in a 47MB package. Download Polarr Download VSCO Let’s take a look at how these two tough photo editors compete and which one you should use for your daily needs.

1. The first steps

When you open Polarr for the first time, you will be asked to choose a workspace. Express is suitable for beginners because it offers a less cluttered user interface that is easier to navigate. I chose Pro because that’s where the action is. After choosing your workspace, Polarr will begin a tour to walk you through the different options. You can skip it, but I recommend that you go through it even if you are a professional photo editor. It will help you familiarize yourself with various options and also save time later on.

Polarr allows you to navigate through icons and buttons wherever you want. Easy to adjust buttons that you use more than others. Just hold for a second and drag it around to rearrange. VSCO is a slightly more powerful photo editor with a built-in social media element. Therefore, you will be asked to create an account with an email ID /phone number first. Once you log in you can browse photos uploaded by other users or update your own profile. Even with VSCO, you can rearrange the icons.

I recommend you follow some popular accounts to get an idea of ​​what is possible with VSCO and also for inspiration.

2. Tools & Features

Polarr comes with many filters. In my experience, filters differ from app to app. While every app includes the popular filters along with the ones built exclusively for it, Polarr excels with its ability to create custom filters from scratch. You can change the temperature or play with HSL to change the hue, saturation and light. Common tools such as brush, gradient, and blur are all there. Then there are professional tools such as distortion and curves to create special effects.

Not to be outdone, VSCO lets you choose from a list of filters to apply different effects. You can change the tone or skin tone individually, control HSL and exposure, and apply the blur effect.

An interesting one feature is where you apply the many effects to a photo and save those effects as a preset. The next time you need to apply the exact same effects, in the same proportions, just choose the preset and voila, you’re done. VSCO calls the recipe.

When you are done editing your photo, you can share it on your VSCO profile, except save it in it phone and sharing on social media sites. VSCO is what Instagram used to be, but with a targeted user base.


VSCO is a very powerful photo editing tool and it becomes even more obvious when you upgrade it to VSCO X account. That will open up access more than 130 filters and presets with some movie filters. You can even edit RAW images taken straight from your DSLR to add more warmth, character and power. With VSCO X, you will learn about photography and post-editing from other pro members and experts. A plus for a beginner or an amateur.

VSCO recently launched video editing tools for VSCO X members. That is another benefit if you plan to upgrade. VSCO X will cost you $ 19.99 a year, which isn’t bad if you’re serious about improving your photo processing skills.

4. Polarr Pro

Polarr also comes with a pro account, but it is more bang for the buck. If you upgrade to the Pro account, you will get more than 100 filters. Some of them are 90s Art, Food, 70s Classic, 20s Expired and so on.

With the Selective Adjustment tool, you can choose a specific part of the image, isolate it, and then apply effects only to that part. I love the overlays that are also part of the Pro account. You can stack one image on top of another to create interesting effects. Polarr also offers some basic tools that VSCO lacks, such as the ability to add text to the image. You can add shapes such as circles and triangles and use them as a placeholder for the text.

Polarr Pro costs $ 19.99 per year, which is exactly the same as VSCO X costs. Difficult situation? Let me try to help.

Polarr vs. VSCO – The Pro Battle

I believe VSCO X is more aimed at serious photographers and users who want to improve their skills, want an audience, exchange notes and learn from each other. Hence, they have a built-in social media platform. Polarr is equally powerful, but leans more towards casual users who like to post selfies and vacation photos on social media. Features such as text, skin tone and brush, and color tone suggests this. Ultimately, it boils down to what you are looking for in your photo editor and how much would you pay to improve your skills. While both apps are equally priced, both have different tools in the free and paid version. The next up: Looking for even more photo editing tools? Now is a great time to get started with Snapseed and PicsArt. Click on the link below to see how they compete against each other.

Polarr vs VSCO: Comparison and Review: benefits

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