The modifications solidify its position as the go-to mouse for MMOs and MOBAs and bring it an Editors’ Choice honor. In its many years on the market, the company has remained committed to honing and enhancing some of its most well-liked options rather than launching completely new lines. For players who spend endless hours in the most well-liked MMORPGs available, the Razer Naga V2 Pro appears to be exactly the same experience as the Razer Viper V2 Pro, which was a revelation for FPS gamers in particular. you can read our article on Razer Naga V2 Pro Review.


The Razer Naga V2 Pro appears to have undergone very little change from the outside. The Razer Naga Pro mouse immediately felt cosy and familiar in our hands as an avid user. Instead, the Razer Naga V2 Pro’s primary differences are a little more subtle. But the Hyperscroll Pro Wheel that Razer has incorporated into this new mouse is one of the major design changes. The wheel’s scroll stages can be changed between five different modes, each of which has a different feel. here is also a smooth scroll option that resembles a free-spinning wheel in this. Additionally, you can assign the wheel to a single custom slot and alter the resistance and step values of the wheel through Razer Synapse. We were able to strike a happy medium between the “Ultra-Fine” preset and letting loose on a smoother scroll in this pretty wild situation. Additionally, the Naga V2 Pro has an extra button that enables quick switching between these profiles.

Razer Naga V2 Pro Review: Comfort

The Naga V2 Pro was a very comfortable mouse overall, though we weren’t blown away by how comfortable it was. This mouse, which measures 4.7 x 2.97 x 1.72 inches, is on the larger side of medium (though it’s not as long as the DeathAdder V3 Pro or the Basilisk V3 Pro). We have medium-sized hands and relatively long fingers. Even for an MMO/MOBA mouse, the Redragon M913 Impact Elite weighs 4.55 ounces (130g), the Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite weighs 4.3 ounces (122g), and Razer’s own Naga Pro weighs 4.12 ounces. Its weight of 4.72 ounces is quite heavy. Although we prefer heavier mice because we palm-grip, the extra weight didn’t bother me. Three interchangeable side plates with 12, 6, and 2 buttons each are included with the Naga V2 Pro. The side plates are very simple to replace because they attach magnetically. Numbered RGB buttons on the 12-button plate can be customised using Razer’s Synapse 3 software. The six- and two-button plates have textured panels for grip but no RGB.


Even though your primary healer is effective, it would be preferable to simply leave the fire. The available 2.4Ghz wireless connection and Bluetooth are a gracious help in getting around the hellscapes of our desktop and out of the way of an approaching wipe. Deskside roaming is powered by HyperSpeed technology, which is not just powerful. From a different room, we completed the most recent Battle for Lion’s Arch. also you can check our article on Razer Naga V2 Pro Review. After testing, we found that this falls within a range where monitor latency is likely to significantly outweigh the time it takes to pull the trigger and begin an action in the game. By the time we were finished with a weekend of action, wireless headshots appeared to be equivalent to wired support. Real-world play still made this viable for anyone looking for a little laid-back open world or some casual dungeon runs, even though Bluetooth does inevitably introduce additional latency.

Razer Naga V2 Pro Review: Performance

The Razer Naga V3 Pro mouse weighs a lot. This mouse is not appropriate for fast-moving FPS games because it weighs 134g, which is heavier than the previous-generation Naga Pro. Instead, this mouse excels at MOBA games like DOTA 2 with its six-button panel, and it also uses the 12-button layout for MMO games like the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion, Dragonflight, and Final Fantasy XIV. The two-button panel ended up being hardly used, which makes sense given that the Naga V3 Pro’s magnetic panels give you access to a lot more functionality. Despite all of its flaws, we have found that replacing the side panels is simple. Additionally, the 12-button is partially keyed, making it simple to identify which button is which. It’s a far cry from the Steelseries Aerox 9 experience we had. In almost every game we played, we were able to play high-end raids, alter our wheel to our liking, and more. With the exception of FPS games, the Razer Naga V2 Pro excels at almost everything.

Battery life

Three types of connectivity are provided by the Naga V2 Pro: wired, 2.4GHz wireless, and Bluetooth (USB-C). Along with a six-foot USB-C to USB-A Razer Speedflex cable, it includes a 2.4GHz wireless USB-A dongle. According to Razer, the Naga V2 Pro’s battery life with a 2.4-GHz wireless connection is up to 150 hours, and with a Bluetooth connection, it is up to 300 hours. We used the mouse at first with the lighting on, and after a day of moderate use, we were hitting 50%, so it is obvious that these numbers were calculated with RGB lighting off. However, the mouse decreased from 100% to just 96% in the same amount of time after we turned the lights off. also you will learn our article on Razer Naga V2 Pro Review.

Razer Naga V2 Pro Review: Price and availability

The Razer Mouse Dock Pro, which offers wireless chargers support and can serve as a base station in place of the USB dongle, is also compatible with the Naga V2 Pro. The Mouse Dock Pro integrates Razer’s HyperPolling technology and Chroma RGB and costs $69.99.


For MMO gaming, the Razer Naga Pro V2 is fantastic. It has a side panel with 12 buttons and numerous programmable inputs. With a palm or claw grip, it is well-made and comfortable to use for the majority of hand sizes. It has a very wide CPI range and a very low click latency. The Naga V2 Pro offers a number of improvements that make it worthwhile to upgrade even though it doesn’t look all that different from the original Naga Pro. The new wheel, the superior Focus Pro sensor, and the optical switches are unquestionably features that significantly improve the gaming experience.

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