However, the latency is high for a gaming keyboard, so if you play mainly fast-paced games, you may want to choose a more responsive option. Otherwise, all keys are macro-programmable and remappable, and have customizable RGB backlighting. The RGB backlighting can also be customized. The Redragon K582 gaming keyboard features pluggable OUTEMU red switches, which are linear from top to bottom. These switches require less force to depress, making the keys feel smoother and easier to use. There is no tactile “bump” and they are more responsive. The perfect choice for work and play! 104 keys with 100% anti-ghosting guarantee the most accurate simultaneous key presses. The Redragon gaming keyboard features red switches and is one of the best choices when it comes to gaming due to its quietness and speed. You can also customize the color of the keyboard and the function of the keys. I use a Mac so some of the features aren’t available to me and I can’t download the software. However, that does not affect my ability to use it.

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