For FPS gaming, the ROCCAT Burst Core is a fantastic mouse. It feels well-built, is lightweight, and has a very minimal click latency. It is suitable for all grip styles, albeit if you have small hands, a claw or fingertip grip might not allow you to reach both side buttons. Unfortunately, the rubber cable’s flexibility is only fair, and it often curls. In order to prevent the sensor from tracking, you might need to raise your mouse higher than usual if you frequently reposition by lifting it. This is because this mouse has a high lift-off distance.


The Roccat Burst Core can best be described as “plain” in terms of gaming mice. The mouse lacks practically all flourishes and novel touches, which is to be expected from this type of accessory. The Burst Core has two polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) feet on the bottom and a simple black or white chassis with a palm rest that is slightly curved. Little hexagonal patterns may be seen on both sides of the mouse, although neither side is textured. This error causes a decrease in comfort and grip. A clickable scroll wheel, a right button, a left button, and a dots-per-inch (DPI) sensitivity adjuster are all available as buttons. On the side, there are two more tiny thumb buttons. Everything is accessible and provides a satisfying click in the layout, which is good. A clickable scroll wheel, a right button, a left button, and a dots-per-inch (DPI) sensitivity adjuster are all available as buttons. On the side, there are two more tiny thumb buttons. Everything is accessible and provides a satisfying click in the layout, which is good. The mouse’s “solid honeycomb shell,” on the other hand, is an intriguing concept. The SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless, for instance, is a traditional “honeycomb” mouse, whereas the Burst Core has a solid shell over a lightweight honeycomb design on the inside. This lessens the mouse’s weight while preventing the discomfort and sanitary problems that honeycomb mice may experience.

Roccat Burst Core review: Comfort

However, it has retained the symmetrical ergonomic design that is incredibly cozy to use. Players that use the palm grip will appreciate the comfort it provides, but larger-handed players might have preferred a slightly more prominent hump on the palm rest. In any case, the lightweight construction makes it nice and comfortable to use. The top panel, which includes the right and left buttons, has a soft, velvety feel thanks to its matte finish, and the side panels, which are textured to give you a nice solid grip, are pleasant (and premium) to the touch. There is a drawback, of course—the top panel tracks fingerprints far too easily. With this mouse, we advise using a high-quality mouse pad. Roccat describes its PTFE mouse feet as “a top-tier feature that enables outstanding glide,” yet without one, they won’t really provide much resistance, making the mouse itself more difficult to handle. On top of that, sliding it around your naked desk doesn’t exactly seem luxury. The cable is strong as well. Sometimes we have to stop the game in the middle of it to move the cable out of the way. Additionally, the cable is made of rubber, which increases the likelihood that it will fray. However, some concessions had to be made for a mouse this inexpensive.

RGB lighting

On the Roccat Burst Core, only the mouse wheel has RGB lighting. Fortunately, you can still change the illumination using the Swarm application. The six effects are AIMO intelligent lighting, wave, heartbeat, breathing, blinking, fully lit, and colour customization. They all look great, but the limited number of RGB lighting zones will limit their potential in comparison to more expensive mouse. You may read our Roccat Burst Core review article.

Roccat Burst Core review: Features

To its credit, once the Roccat Swarm software is installed, you can accomplish a lot with the Roccat Burst Core. You may download firmware, alter DPI, reassign buttons, and experiment with RGB lighting using this suite. However, the Swarm programme itself is a bit of a mixed bag because updates sometimes don’t download correctly and because you can only have five separate software profiles open at once. Another problem is how unnecessary the RGB lighting seems. A little strip on the outside of the scroll wheel is the sole place that has LEDs. At least when you’re playing, you can see this, but it’s so subtle it hardly registers. We ponder whether eliminating it might have made the mouse a little less expensive. Buttons can also be reprogrammed, DPI levels can be set, and a dedicated button can be used to change DPI instantly. The Burst Core will work if you don’t require your gaming mouse to perform any particularly complex tasks.


The Roccat Swarm companion app opens the Burst Core for modification. The software is reasonably feature-rich, though not overtly gamer-like, but all that matters is that it gets the job done. You can adjust a variety of settings on the Swarm, including button assignment, illumination, as well as more common choices like polling rate, angle snapping, and RGB sleep settings. The sensor offers 100CPI increments, allowing for individual customization of the five-step CPI settings. also you can check our article on Roccat Burst Core review. The software also gives you the option to turn on audible feedback for each time you adjust the DPI, loudness, or profile, which would have been a good feature if it weren’t for the male voice that announces the setting change. We wish it was just a distinct click or something similar because hearing “1600 DPI” blared in your ear while trying to concentrate on your foes is just too distracting. With the Swarm, you can keep up to five profiles that automatically switch based on the game being played. You don’t necessarily need the app installed on the PC to use these profiles because the mouse stores them in its internal memory.

Roccat Burst Core review: Performance

The Roccat Burst Core has decent performance. It tracks effectively on the mouse mats and hard surfaces we tried it on thanks to its PixArt PMW3331 sensor, which has an 8500 DPI maximum. The 8500 DPI maximum is quite low in comparison to the abundance of gaming mice available today. Some thin mice, such as the Asus TUF Gaming M4 Air, have a 16,000-dpi ceiling to produce a far more responsive performance. Although a higher DPI doesn’t always equate to better gameplay, a high-resolution display may necessitate one since it prolongs the time it takes to move the mouse cursor across the screen. It is helped in this by its PTFE feet, which, while not as good as the heat-treated pure PTFE in the Burst Core Pro, are nevertheless excellent at this price point. The Burst Core’s glide is still pleasant and smooth, so comparing it to the Pro is a little unfair given that the latter is practically twice as expensive. The Titan Switch Optical from Roccat, some of the best switches available and capable of withstanding 100 million clicks, are used in the Core as switches. They have a pleasing clack and feel snappy. The Roccat Burst Core is suitable for both everyday usage and gaming. It suits all grip styles although may be better suited for small to medium hands. The DPI button cycles through five levels, by default 400, 800, 1200, 1800, and 3200, but you may alter each using Roccat’s Windows-only Swarm software. We tested it on a few different games of different genres, including FPS, RTS, and MOBA, and it performed extremely well with all of them. However, because to the placement of the side buttons, it is not appropriate for left-handers. If you have a display with an absurdly high resolution, you might prefer a higher maximum DPI, but the average casual gamer should be fine here.


The Roccat Burst Core is a wired mouse that is both powerful and affordable. You can’t go wrong with it, either, given the price. It does require a few modifications, which must be taken into account. The first one will be the most obvious; the Roccat Burst Core is not a wireless mouse to look at if you are looking and have your heart set on one. The Swarm software, on the other hand, presents a challenge for a very corded mouse. However, if you intend to use the Roccat Burst Core alone for the killing, you are not required to use it.

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