The ROCCAT Burst Pro Air is the first wireless gaming mouse in the Burst series from ROCCAT, and it shares the same symmetrical form as the other mice in the lineup. The presence of four distinct RGB zones as opposed to just one, however, is a noticeable change. The companion software allows for independent customization of each. With a USB receiver or Bluetooth, this mouse can connect wirelessly, and it can also be charged using the USB-C cable that comes with it. you will read our article on Roccat Burst Pro Air review.

Roccat Burst Pro Air review: Design

The Roccat Burst Pro Air’s aesthetic distinguishes it from the majority of other wireless gaming mouse. Wireless gaming mouse often fall into one of two categories: large and heavy (like the Logitech G502 Lightspeed) or small and light (such as the SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless). The Burst Pro Air is on the smaller end of the spectrum but not drastically so at 4.9 x 2.2 x 1.5 inches and 2.9 ounces. Gamers who are not interested in ostentatious ergonomics may find its low profile and largely symmetrical design to be selling points. The Burst Pro Air is easy to carry and use for lengthy gaming sessions because to its streamlined chassis and light weight. The Burst Pro Air is advertised by Roccat as having a “symmetrical shape for comfort and performance,” which is our sole quibble with that claim. Almost all of this is true. The mouse only has two thumb buttons on the left side, preventing it from being truly symmetrical. Left-handed players, who may have hoped for a truly ambidextrous design, won’t benefit much from this. However, right-handed players will undoubtedly appreciate the Burst Pro Air’s simple button arrangement. A left button, a right button, a clickable scroll wheel, and a button to change the sensitivity in dots per inch (DPI) are all located on the mouse’s face. There are two thumb buttons on the mouse’s left side. It’s a straightforward layout, but it works nicely, and everything feels adequately spaced out.


According to the Roccat Burst Pro Air’s marketing, its symmetrical design makes it suitable for both left- and right-handed players. However, the side buttons are on the left, so take that for what it is worth. It’s not the biggest mouse we’ve ever encountered, but it’s also not the smallest either. It will be enjoyable to use for claw grippers, and even if you have little hands, you’ll enjoy it. However, for players with large hands, we might suggest looking elsewhere. We still have a lot of positive things to say about the design, despite the fact that it can’t accommodate all hand types. We appreciate the nice, big size of the side buttons. Since the Titan Switch Optical setup is utilized by the Burst Pro Air as well, you can count on precise actuation for up to 100 million clicks. If you’re concerned that double-click issues will arise in the future, you can also modify the software’s de-bounce settings. Two heat-treated pure PTFE slides are located on the underside. These delightfully silky skates make sure that the mouse can go about on your mouse mat with ease. Additionally, those skates are silent and scratch-free, which is wonderful. Under there is also a storage compartment for the USB dongle to keep it when not in use and a button to switch between mouse profiles. You can customize and save up to five onboard memory profiles, and you can then quickly switch between them by pressing this button. In order to quickly identify which profile you are using, doing so also temporarily alters the colour of the RGB lighting. There is a DPI button on top of the mouse that you can use to switch between five different DPI levels that you can customize in the software up to 19,000 DPI. We like the flexibility of changing this so you can also choose to only have two or three levels.

Roccat Burst Pro Air review: Connectivity

A pairing button, a toggle to select Bluetooth, Off, or Wireless connectivity, a compartment to store the USB dongle for security, and heat-treated PTFE gliding pads are all located on the mouse’s underside. We have no problems using the mouse while it is plugged in thanks to the paracord braided USB-C cable, which connects to the charging port on the front of the mouse.

Battery life

Roccat claims that the Burst Pro Air can run for up to 100 hours without Bluetooth and lighting. Practically, however, you should still be able to go a few dozen hours between charges, and you can use the mouse while it recharges thanks to a USB-C cable that is included. you will check our article on Roccat Burst Pro Air review.

Roccat Burst Pro Air review: Performance

The Roccat Burst Pro Air meets the challenge no matter how intense the action gets. With a lifetime of up to 100 million clicks, Titan optical switches operate at the speed of light, Roccat’s in-house Owl-Eye sensor provides up to 19,000 DPI and 400 IPS tracking speeds, and Bluetooth 5.2 and 2.4GHz wireless connectivity is also incredibly low latency. In short, pushing and moving is precise and almost instantaneous. But the Roccat Burst Pro Air is not simply a quick mouse. It’s also generally enjoyable to use. The optical switches provide a satisfying mechanical feel when pressed and can have any amount of debounce that you choose. Even though those PTFE feet don’t perform nearly as well as expected on other surfaces, the mouse glides across smooth surfaces like a mouse pad with ease. Its battery life falls short of expectations as well. While Roccat claims a battery life of up to 100 hours, we found that it only lasted three days before needing to be recharged, even though we were using it for at least eight hours a day and had the RGB illumination on. Thankfully, five hours of playing can be obtained after just 10 minutes of quick USB-C charging. You have access to a tone of customizing options via the Swarm app as well. The DPI switch’s five settings can be customized to your preferences, and the four RGB zones have a tonne of customization options. The buttons are all programmable. Additionally, a nice feature you won’t find in most mice is the ability to modify the amount of debounce you feel when pressing. Additionally, there is onboard storage for up to five user profiles in case you need different settings for various games. There isn’t much more you can ask from a gaming mouse unless you require more programmable buttons or a greater number of RGB zones for more precisely calibrated brilliance. As long as you’re willing to shell out the cash, the Roccat Burst Pro Air is a fantastic mouse.

Price and availability

The Roccat Burst Pro Air will cost you $99, £89, or AU$169 when it is available at the end of April 2022. Even though it has a pricey price tag, we believe it is more than worth it given its wireless connectivity, quick performance, and light weight. Yes, there are a few gaming mice that are significantly less expensive, but they either bind you to your desk or make sacrifices in order to be less expensive. For instance, the Logitech G305 is only $59 (£51, AU$99), but it lacks the ability to be recharged, is only capable of 19,000 DPI, and is only powered by disposable batteries. Additionally, RGB is not a choice. Let’s not forget that there are a number of well-liked alternatives that are considerably more expensive than the Roccat Burst Pro Air. The price of the Razer Basilisk Ultimate is $149 (£149, AU$279). In comparison to the Burst Pro Air’s four RGB zones and five buttons, the 14 programmable RGB zones and 11 remappable buttons allow for more customization. However, other specifications, such as the 20,000 DPI and 100 hours of battery life offered by the Razer, are very comparable.


For FPS gaming, the ROCCAT Burst Pro Air is a fantastic mouse. It seems well-built, is quite lightweight, and is cosy to use. The companion software allows for a high degree of customization, allowing you to precisely set your CPI in steps of 50 over a very broad range. Additionally, the cable and feet don’t drag on desks and mousepads. Although very good, its click latency is not as low as that of other FPS-oriented options. also you will learn our article on Roccat Burst Pro Air review.

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