We didn’t anticipate to enjoy the new Roccat Kone XP. In particular, not as much as we do. We don’t think the world really needs to hear about yet another over-the-top RGB gaming mouse from Roccat right now, especially with growing worries about environmental change, pandemics, and rising inflation. Roccat has nonetheless created one of the best gaming mice money can buy, and with a few clever design choices, it also doubles as a fantastic productivity tool. First, let’s talk about the cost. At $75 (£80, AU$150), the Kone XP is considered a mid-range mouse, but we can tell you that it offers much more than just ridiculously gorgeous 3D RGB illumination. One of the most practical rodents we’ve ever utilized was created by Roccat. For us, at least, nothing has felt this good in the hand in a very long time. Granted, a lot depends on the size of your mitts and your grip style. also you can check our article on Roccat Kone XP Air review.


The Roccat Kone XP Air, which is its wireless counterpart, has a similar appearance to the Roccat Kone XP with its 10-button layout, “4D” scroll wheel, and nearly identical size. The same heat-treated PTFE slides or feet that make for easy motion and make it feel lighter when in use are also included. also you will learn our article on Roccat Kone XP Air review. To be fair, it weighs 99g less than both its wired counterpart and its competitors, which is a good thing since this gaming mouse lacks the better-grip rubberized side grips. In particular, the area around the palm rest, where it provides more support for players using both the palm and claw grips, is a little wider than the Kone XP. The Kone XP’s programmable “3D” RGB lighting is another point of contention. This time, it’s significantly better, slightly more elegantly executed, and still maintains a bright, vibrant aesthetic. Fans of RGB lighting will appreciate the bright RGB lighting that surrounds the charging dock’s base. As we mentioned earlier, there are ten dedicated buttons. Four of them are above the thumb rest, one is below it (also the Easy-Shift button), two are next to the left button, and one is beneath the scroll wheel, which has a left and right tilt. We value how easily accessible all of these buttons are without requiring you to extend your fingers, especially if you hold things with your palm. With the exception of the DPI button, which is too far down in our opinion. There are two available connectivity options: Bluetooth and 2.4GHz wireless. However, the mouse comes with a thin, flexible PhantomFlex USB-C to USB-A charging cable that you can use if you prefer wired connectivity. This port is situated on the front of the mouse, directly below the left and right buttons. Use the Roccat Swarm software to customize your buttons and RGB. You can create a second set of button functions that you can access using the Easy-Shift button, establish five DPI settings to cycle through using the DPI button, personalize each of the five RGB zones, and remap the buttons. Additionally, it will enable you choose a polling rate, change the Windows pointer speed, and alter the pace of the vertical scroll and double-click. The programme is simple to use and navigate. Once you get it operating, that is, as it can be glitchy and inconvenient to use. We discovered that keeping it current is necessary to reduce problems.

Roccat Kone XP Air review: Comfort

We anticipated the Kone XP Air to be pleasant because it is an ergonomic mouse. The Easy-Shift button on the thumb rest is incredibly uncomfortable to operate because it is so sensitive, even though the mouse performed well with our huge hands. Thankfully, Roccat’s Swarm software allows for the button to be disabled or remapped. The placement of the mouse’s additional buttons is ideal; by default, the two buttons on its top left side adjust RGB, while the button below the scroll wheel changes DPI. A power switch, a pairing button, and storage for the mouse’s 2.4GHz wireless dongle are located on its bottom. We have always liked the skates on Roccat mice because they always feel broken-in and ready to go. The mouse has heat-treated PTFE feet, which make for smooth operation. A brilliant six-foot Phantom Flex USB-C to USB-A cable is included with the Kone XP Air; it feels sturdy in construction but is flexible enough to prevent ripping. Additionally, Roccat offers a charging station with RGB lighting (also diffused gorgeously). The mouse offers quick charging, and five hours of battery life can be obtained after just 10 minutes of cable or dock charging.


The Kone XP Air is wireless, comes with a 2.4GHz USB dongle, and supports Bluetooth, so the main distinction between it and the Roccat Kone XP is that it does so. A toggle located on the mouse’s belly controls the switching between the signals. The device can be charged two different ways: either by using the rapid-charge docking station that comes with it or by using a flex cable plugged into the USB-C port at its tip. Its official name, the AIMO Rapid Charge Station, refers to a compact dock featuring USB-A and USB-C connectors. Put the mouse on top or simply plug in either end of the cord. An indicator light on top of the mouse, above the centre dpi button, lets you know when the battery is full. The base has its own ring of RGB illumination. Although it is a little sensitive and prone to being unintentionally moved out of position, the charging dock functions perfectly. Roccat advertises a battery life of roughly 100 hours, which is sufficient but surpassed by other wireless gaming mice like the 420-hour Alienware Tri-Mode.

Roccat Kone XP Air review: Battery life

The Kone XP Air has a 100-hour battery life, which is excellent considering the mouse features 29 configurable button functions and five RGB zones. Due to the Kone XP Air’s rapid charging capabilities, an additional five hours of gameplay may be obtained in just 10 minutes. The mouse’s battery life when connected to a 2.4GHz wireless network is rated at 100 hours, but Roccat makes no mention of the battery life when using Bluetooth. In addition to a Rapid Charging Dock that is heavier than other docks we’ve used and has more built-in RGB than most ergonomic gaming mice currently on the market, Roccat also includes a USB-C charging cable. When the Kone XP Air is sleeping on the charging dock, it looks especially cool.

Roccat Kone XP Air review: Performance

Our previous desk mat was one of the items we tossed out while updating our desk at home, so we are currently using a mouse pad while we wait for our new desk mat to arrive. Fortunately, the Kone XP Air tracked perfectly on our desk’s particle-board surface, and the heat-treated PTFE feet weren’t overly slippery. We’ve been using this mouse while traveling, and it even tracked well on a glass desk in our hotel room. Overall, the mouse is rather comfortable and tracks and glides across various surfaces with ease. However, it took us some time to get used to not inadvertently pressing the Easy-Shift button while using the device regularly. Our right thumb ended up hugging the side of the mouse because the Easy-Shift button is located on the thumb rest. We prefer the gestures button on the Logitech MX Master 3S because it is easier to use and less likely to be accidentally clicked. It is located at the bottom of the thumb rest. We were eager to test the Kone XP Air’s 4D scroll wheel because horizontal scroll movement in scroll wheels is somewhat uncommon. This 4D scroll wheel, nevertheless, doesn’t seem to have been made to go left and right. Although the horizontal scrolling functioned, it wasn’t the best because we frequently found ourselves accidentally pressing the mouse button straight down rather than side to side to scroll. Online first-person shooters at the time allowed players to bind even the most esoteric in-game actions. We launched the original Call of Duty: Modern Warfare because this mouse has so many buttons. The lower two side buttons on the XP Air were first configured to page up and down, and then those keys were configured in-game so that our player would spin, enabling us to attempt some trick shots. We had no input problems after turning off the Easy-Shift button, and the Kone XP Air worked smoothly and felt comfortable to use. Funnily enough, our gaming experience shows that we are only beginning to tap into this mouse’s potential. With its numerous programmable functions spread across buttons, the majority of which are strategically placed and simple to use, we can see this being the ideal MMORPG mouse.

Price and availability

The Roccat Kone XP Air costs $169 (£149, AU$269), which is comparably expensive to the Razer Basilisk V3 Pro ($159, £159, AU$289) and the Logitech G502 X Plus ($159, £149, AU$279). However, when everything is taken into account, it offers the best value of the three and might be the better option if you want to get the most for your money. Instead of charging extra for wireless charging like Razer and Logitech do, Roccat includes a rapid charging dock with the Roccat Kone XP Air for free. Logitech charges an eye-watering $119 (£109, AU$199) for its Powerplay charging system. This makes the mouse a more cost-effective way to take advantage of wireless charging even if it still uses an older wireless charging technology. The Roccat Kone XP Air is offered in most countries, including Australia, and comes in two color options, allowing users to choose the white model for a cleaner, more contemporary-looking setup.


For MMO or MOBA gameplay, the ROCCAT Kone XP Air is a fantastic mouse. It boasts a solid build and a right-handed form that is cosy with a small thumb rest. It has an impressive number of buttons, which you can all customize along with other settings using the companion software, and it has excellent click latency, a very accurate and consistent sensor, and it is very accurate and consistent in terms of performance. It doesn’t have quite as many buttons as mice that are more traditionally geared toward MMOs and have 12-button side panels, though. you read our article on Roccat Kone XP Air review.

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