Fast forward to the launch of the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Plus, and we met the company’s new SmartTag line – a pair of bluetooth trackers that let you leverage the full might of the ever-growing SmartThings Find network, with both general and precise finding abilities, as well as richer interaction with other elements of the SmartThings ecosystem. For those of us who are prone to forgetfulness, the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Plus works its magic by tracking where the tag and your belongings end up. The tag’s app uses a combination of Bluetooth and Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) technologies to locate the lost item, display it on your phone’s screen, and, when you’re close enough to touch it, add an augmented reality view.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Plus review: Design

The dimensions of the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Plus are 40.9 x 40.9 x 9.9mm. It has sleek rounded edges that feel good in your hand and eliminates the risk of sharp edges damaging anything. Weighing about 14g, it’s slightly heavier than some Tile units but we’re quibbling here. You will not be bothered by any extra bulk. It’s comfortable to wear and looks great on your keychain or even your dog’s collar if that’s where you need it to be. The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Plus has a button on one side that you can interact with, while the other side is entirely dedicated to the Samsung logo, which is suitably hidden away. The tracker uses a CR2032 battery which should last about a year before it needs replacing. With a hole, you can attach it to a key chain or whatever else you need to stick it on. In terms of toughness, the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Plus has an IP53 water resistance rating, which means it should be fine if it gets dripped on, but it isn’t completely waterproof.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Plus review: Features

The SmartThings app can display the tracker’s most recent location on a map, where it was last connected to a smartphone. Because there is no real-time tracking, it will not be like the movies, where the blue dot moves with extreme precision. Samsung is leveraging its vast galaxy of smartphone users to help you find your misplaced tracker. SmartTag sends out a Bluetooth Low Energy signal that can be detected by other Galaxy devices running the SmartThings app nearby. So, if you leave your backpack with the tracker attached on a park bench, its location will be updated on your SmartThings app even if someone else passes by. Samsung says that all SmartThings Find user data is encrypted and protected securely. Another feature that distinguishes the SmartTag from other trackers is its ability to function as a remote control for Internet of Things routines. The SmartTag’s button has a single-press programmable function that can be linked to a variety of IoT and home automation devices such as smart lights and thermostats.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Plus review: Battery Life

The CR2032 battery in the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Plus is expected to last users for about a year before needing to be replaced. We obviously don’t have a year to put that theory to the test, but it seems plausible. The SmartThings app has a battery life notification that uses an admittedly ambiguous “Sufficient” banner to inform users that everything is fine in the interim. When it’s time to change the battery, all you have to do is pry the case off with a coin or screwdriver before popping the battery out. It is extremely simple and only takes a few minutes. That ought to be adequate for everyone.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Plus review: Performance

To play lost and found with tagged items, use the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra phone and the SmartTags+. We’d look for it after hiding it somewhere in my house, yard, or car. There was no need to simulate losing things because the SmartTag Plus ecosystem assisted in retrieving my misplaced keys from a parallel universe twice. The tags were dependable and reduced my level of frustration. The SmartTag Plus, like the original SmartTag, has an exceptional range. It stayed in contact with my Note 20 Ultra phone for 105 feet in my 100-year-old house, five feet short of the original SmartTag’s 110-foot range but more than three times farther than the AirTag’s 29-foot range. This means that the SmartTag Plus can start looking for tags from almost anywhere in my house. Because of the AirTag’s limited range, we needed to know where to begin my search.

Price and Availability

We haven’t yet seen any bundle offers for multiple SmartTag+ devices, unlike the older SmartTag, as of this writing. While the SmartTag+ costs £39/ $39.99/ €39.90 for a single tracker and £69 for a two-pack. It is not available in all markets where the standard tracker is, including Spain. Both alternatives are offered in multi-packs, with the £29.99 Tile Pro most similar to the standard SmartTag and the £29 AirTag more similar to the SmartTag+.

Bottom line

Having a SmartTag around your home is a great way to keep track of your keys, phone, and other easily misplaced valuables if you use a Samsung Galaxy phone and find that your train of thought is constantly leaving the station. The Galaxy SmartTag plus has a lot of things going for it. It has a nice design, a replaceable battery, can be used as an IoT remote, and is quite loud. The range isn’t as good as Tile’s competitors, and there’s a much smaller network of existing users.

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