You have access to the same extensive customization options as Samsung’s other top models, including a 7-band graphic EQ and Q-Symphony capabilities with compatible Samsung TVs. You’ll need to buy the satellites separately if you wish to add any more. Its name is long for a device that is so little and light. Three key features of the 2022 HW-S800B S-Series soundbar are its ultra-slim design, Wireless True Dolby ATMOS, DTS Virtual:X with 3.1.2ch sound, and adaptive sound.


The HW-S800B soundbar from Samsung is different from other models. Already, it is larger than usual. It has an Ultra Slim design that is only 4 cm thick with a small subwoofer. The company’s S Series of soundbars make their debut with this device, as was previously indicated. This series aims to collaborate with Lifestyle line models, which are created and tailored for the convenience and unique requirements of the user. For instance, the glomerate owns the Smart TV brands The Sero, Serif, and The Frame. With a solid device like this, Samsung aims to provide its consumers more options. In actuality, the label’s attention to detail is evident in the sound box and subwoofer’s material. The HW-S800B has a basic design that complements the overall look rather than detracting from it. Larger Smart TVs fit better with the product since it is large, especially if they are mounted to the wall. However, smaller ones shouldn’t pose a difficulty in this regard. The bundle includes a manual and a remote control.

Samsung HW-S800B review: Setup

The Samsung HW-S800B is as simple to set up specifically for your TV as it gets: connect it into the wall, into your TV, and separately into the subwoofer. The two devices instantaneously sync wirelessly, and TV sound comes through HDMI ARC, so you can start using them right away. Using the gadget’s own remote, press the pairing button, which is conveniently positioned right there, to connect a device to it through Bluetooth. For us, that happened instantly. It then becomes somewhat of a multi-stage process since in order to connect it to the Wi-Fi, you must use the Samsung SmartThings app, which will guide you through the process. On one network, we were unable to connect to the app due to a fault that was not immediately apparent. If the app had been more transparent, we could have determined whether the soundbar, the app, or the network itself was the issue. The soundbar’s remote has a large number of buttons, and changing modes with them might be tricky. We’ve already addressed this. The fact that the soundbar lacks a screen and instead uses a series of dots that flash in various colours and patterns to represent different functions is part of the issue because we will never be able to figure this out.


The Samsung HW-S800B only features a single Mini HDMI output as part of its extremely constrained number of physical connections. Although the soundbar is certainly slim in terms of size, there does seem to be enough room for an optical digital input and a conventional HDMI connector, so Samsung’s decision here is perplexing. Because of this choice, you’ll need an HDMI-to-Mini HDMI converter or cable to connect the S800B to your TV, which is happily provided in the package. also you can check our article on Samsung HW-S800B review.

Samsung HW-S800B review: Controls

A miniature remote control that can be recharged using USB-C is included with the HW-S800. It is slim and has a rather cheap feel in the hand, but it has a tonne of features, including the ability to balance the soundbar’s level against the subwoofer’s, choose an input, cycle through sound mode selections, and much more. The soundbar reacts by changing the state of the little row of LEDs beneath its grille or by speaking in an overbearing voice to affirm what you’ve done.

Sound quality

This soundbar is absolutely what you want if you’re searching for a reasonably understated device that nonetheless offers a stunning Dolby Atmos experience. It really makes the most of object-based audio because there is width, height, and movement in the scenes. The sound is also quite well-balanced. We were concerned that the little soundbar wouldn’t be able to move enough air for a believable lower-midrange, preventing a seamless transition between it and the subwoofer. Fortunately, this wasn’t an issue because the sound feels absolutely full and seamlessly combines the two speakers. Even so, we weren’t entirely mistaken to be wary about the mid-range; nevertheless, we’ll get to that in a moment while we continue to appreciate how noticeable the Dolby Atmos effects are. The famous TIE whining sound can be heard streaking from left to right towards the top of the television during Kylo Ren’s flyby of the bridge in The Last Jedi. Thanks to the subwoofer, the metal of the ship suddenly rumbles and creaks with a realistic air of danger. The Millenium Falcon appears in the Crait combat with a shadow on the screen, but the engine howls from up high on the ceiling. This height effect outperforms the similarly priced Sonos Arc, which has difficulty placing the sound accurately on the roof. However, the S800B nailed it to the ceiling directly in front of you. you can read our article on Samsung HW-S800B review. It outperforms the Sonos Arc in terms of bass simply because it has a subwoofer while the Arc does not, and a good sub is incomparable. The subwoofer’s subtle power is best demonstrated in Into The Spider-Verse by the contraption used by Kingpin. It conveys the size of the enormous rotating machine in a way that a single-unit soundbar can’t really compete with without being overly loud or rocking the room.

Samsung HW-S800B review: Price and availability

With a competitive price of £749., the Samsung HW-S800B is in direct rivalry with other soundbar and subwoofer sets, including Samsung’s own HW-Q800B and HW-Q700B. The former is £899 and has a 5.1.2-channel system, while the latter is £699 and has the same 3.1.2-channel configuration as the S800B. The two Q Series soundbars, on the other hand, are designed for customers seeking superior HDMI connectivity, lossless audio, and complete DTS:X compliance. The HW-ultra-slim, S800B’s user-friendly design is one of its primary selling points, making soundbars from companies like Sonos speakers and Bose its main rivals.


The Samsung HW-S800B is suitable for a variety of uses. It’s a special bar with a slim design that’s perfect for people who don’t have a lot of room in their setup and supports a variety of audio formats. Your favorite music will sound crystal clear and detailed right out of the box, and the distinct Centre makes sure that TV show speech is included in the mix. The narrow bar isn’t quite as amazing when it comes to movies, though. However, if you want to enhance its performance, you can always add on satellites. You also have a lot of customizing options, which gives you complete control over the sound.

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