The JBL Flip 6’s design hasn’t changed much aesthetically. However, the enhancements go a long way toward making it appear to be more than just a light rehash. The JBL logo is much larger, and the company’s upside-down triangle and dot insignia appears on the side radiators. The power and Bluetooth buttons, as well as the USB-C charging port and battery indicator LED, really advance the design, fitting in a smaller oval wrap, and the mesh wraps around the entire speaker on the sides. A small bar that serves as a stand when the Flip 6 is laid down horizontally is a nice touch. Although the Flip allows users to listen to the speaker vertically, it does not provide the best audio quality; however, it is a cool trick. The Flip 6 is available in six colorways for those who like to colour coordinate their audio experience. The Flip 5 already had a solid build and IXP7 waterproofing. The Flip 6 now has IP67 dust resistance, which means that the audio quality should not degrade after multiple trips to the beach. The sturdy portable speaker can withstand bumps and drops on its own. The portable speaker retains the JBL PartyBoost feature, which allows users to connect multiple Flip 6s to create a louder party experience or stereo sound. Users can connect via the JBL app or by pressing the PartyBoost button next to the pause/play and volume up/down buttons. Aside from displaying battery life and pushing out firmware updates, the app also includes a handy equaliser for personalising the Flip 6’s audio experience. Nothing too complicated or robust, but the JBL app contributes to a better user experience. It’s just a shame that the speaker can’t be used for phone calls, which seems odd given that many users will most likely connect to the Flip 6 via their phones. The main reason is that it lacks a microphone. Including a microphone in addition to water and dust resistance would have likely raised the price above the reasonable $129 mark, so it’s understandable.

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