Design-wise, the TourBox NEO is a sleek, black plastic case covered with knobs and buttons. The arrangement may seem arbitrary, but it’s clearly designed so that each control is identifiable by touch. The idea is that you operate the device with your left hand while holding a mouse or graphics tablet with your right. The device feels solid and is unexpectedly heavy, which, along with the rubber feet, keeps it from sliding around on your desk. I would have liked the controls not to be made of the same black plastic as the case, though; they are sometimes hard to see, especially in artificial light. To make the layout easier to understand, TourBox divides it into different sections. There are three rotary controls (called the Rotating Section), all of which have a different design and can also be clicked down like buttons. Then there are four large buttons (the Prime Four Section) located on the left side, top center, and bottom right. Finally, there are seven small buttons that make up the Kit Section – a small button next to the center dial, a four-way D-pad below it, and circular C1 and C2 buttons on the right side. The way these buttons operate your image editing software is determined by the TourBox Console software for Windows and macOS computers via presets for each program. This works on the basis that each control is assigned to a keyboard shortcut. So, for example, if you want to use a wheel to zoom in and out of your image, it will work as “Ctrl+” when rotated one way, and “Ctrl-” the other.

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