Sony has progressively risen the popularity rankings for headphones over the last few years. Even while the real number of people preferring to own a high-quality headset has been on the rise, you now notice a sizable number of people sporting Sony headphones on a trip. Sony has made significant strides in the noise-canceling market with their MDR series, which recently received a solid upgrade. you can read our article on Sony WH-CH700N review. The WH-CH700N is the least expensive set of noise-canceling wireless headphones available under the Sony name. Continue reading if you have a $200 budget and noise cancelling is a top priority. However, if sound quality rather than noise cancellation is more important to you, you should check out other Sony models to find a better deal.

Sony WH-CH700N review: Design

The Sony WH-CH700N is obviously lighter than its larger sibling. Thankfully, Sony has kept the sophisticated appearance of the product line, and even though the build quality has been slightly diminished, the finish is still very luxurious. We agree that the Sony WH-CH700N feels much lighter in the hands and on the head, which is unquestionably a good thing. The earpads are fluffy and silky, fitting the ear quite snuggly. The earpads do not, however, match the color of the headphone’s body like they did on the WH-1000x MarkIII. The review device we got was finished in black, however the earpads were a dark grey color. Any of us on the team didn’t particularly like this visual asymmetry. We are very concerned about the durability of the interior mesh cloth because it is also virtually transparent and incredibly thin. The Sony WH-earcups CH700N’s are touch-sensitive-free, in contrast to the Sony WH1000x Mark3. As a result, all the necessary controls are located at the base of the earcups’ curve. The playback control switch and volume rocker are located under the right earcup, and the power button, a button specifically for noise cancellation, the 3.5mm headphone jack, and the micro-USB charging port are located under the left earcup. Although we are not overly thrilled about that exposed micro USBB and 3.5mm headphone jack port, which does make the headphone susceptible to liquid damage, the buttons feel firm and well-assembled. Even after wearing the headphones continuously for more than 7 hours, neither the headband nor the ears became uncomfortable. The headband is undoubtedly much less cushioned than the WH-1000x MarkIII. However, after about 4 hours of wearing these, the ears did begin to warm up. The Sony WH-CH700N is reasonably nicely constructed for the price. The headphones don’t make any creaking or squeaking noises. To be honest, these are reasonably nicely made given the cost.


Few companies, if any, can provide such a desirable set of features for this kind of money as Sony can. The WH-CH700Ns have up to 35 hours of battery life, Bluetooth wireless playback with NFC pairing, active noise cancellation, and a ten-minute charge is enough to power them for an hour. For those who prefer to converse with their technology, there is compatibility with Siri and Google Assistant as well as a built-in microphone that enables hands-free calling. also you can check our article on Sony WH-CH700N review. The Sony Headphones Connect App offers access to Sony’s Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE), as well as different sound field modes and EQ settings, but for this particular use, we prefer to turn off all additional processing. The WH-CH700Ns are available in black, blue, or grey finishes and have a sleek, understated appearance and sturdy build that are typical of Sony. You probably won’t even notice they’re on your head because they only weigh 240g. The padded ear cups are a comfortable fit even though the testing slightly warms up our ears.

Sony WH-CH700N review: Connectivity

These Bluetooth 4.1 headphones consistently have a strong connection. These headphones do not support Sony’s LDAC codec, but they do support SBC and two other excellent Bluetooth codecs (AAC and aptX HD). You can let the Sony Headphones app know your preferences so it can adjust if you don’t care much about audio quality and would rather have a stable connection. Of course, if all else fails and your phone supports it, wired is a tried-and-true alternative that outperforms any codec.

Noise cancelling

The Sony WH-CH700N headphones were sent to us for review right before a trip. As a result, we were seated in the very back of the plane, which was very noisy due to the engines. Perfect. Unexpectedly, the performance of the Sony WH-CH700N falls short of that of the 1000x MarkIII. They fall far short of it. The noise cancellation was effective enough to block out the sound of the man in front of us, who occasionally felt the need to quote movie lines. We concluded that these were not the best options for frequent travelers because they hardly succeeded in reducing the humming of the jet’s engine. The office is one setting where the headphones actually function reasonably well. The Sony WH-CH700N will block out any background noise, including keyboard clatter and continuous office chitchat. Unfortunately, you’ll have to take off your headphones in order to hear someone who is trying to speak to you. The Quick Attention feature of the Sony WH-CH700N, which allowed you to turn off noise cancelling by cupping the earpiece, is not available. The noise cancelling level on the headphones cannot be changed. You must make a decision between on and off.

Audio performance

Two 40mm neodymium drivers are housed inside the WH-CH700Ns, and we’d definitely advise giving them some running time (you’re running in the amps as well as the drivers). Right out of the box, they have a very harsh upper register, but with time, that softens substantially. The balance is actually very even after that. Although the bass frequencies are given more weight, it is not distorted by nature. Additionally, Sony has avoided a lazy sound by keeping the low end relatively taut while also providing plenty of punch. Even the WH-1000XM3 at roughly three times the price aren’t perfect in absolute terms when it comes to timing, but it’s good enough here and the organization is decent enough to make for a pleasant listen. When evaluating wireless noise cancelling headphones at this price, dynamic expectations should also be moderated, but these specific Sony headphones do a respectable job of keeping the music engaging and energetic. They have pleasingly good rhythmic sense, are musical enough to convey a track’s intensity, and are enthusiastic enough to get us tapping our feet. Their entire personality isn’t particularly deep, but it’s also not fragile either. Even after being relieved of its harshness, the treble doesn’t quite soar, and the vocal lines lack the body and warmth you might anticipate higher up the food chain. The WH-CH700Ns are still simple to listen to, with just enough weight and detail throughout the frequency range to provide more than adequate sonic insight. These WH-CH700Ns come close to being exceptional, though. They would need more accurate timing and slight improvements in all areas to receive five stars.

Sony WH-CH700N review: Call performance

The microphone transmits voice well and has acceptable sound quality for most brief calls, but there is some echo. Although not widespread enough to eliminate the need for the headset microphone, it is something to be aware of. Listen to it for yourself. We tested the Sony WH-audio CH700N’s output wirelessly over Bluetooth and with the provided audio cord using a OnePlus 6T and a MacBook Air as source devices. We played audio on both devices using Apple Music and the PowerAmp app on the OnePlus smartphone with our own high-resolution tracks. Additionally, we tested the headphones with Netflix and PUBG Mobile. We even made hands-free phone calls using the headphones.

Battery and charging

The Sony WH-battery CH700N’s life is rated at 35 hours on the Sony website. For our purposes, we were able to enjoy roughly 29 hours of Bluetooth music playback. We would let the headphones charge overnight when they occasionally stopped working for us (after being used for days). In addition, although there isn’t a linear relationship, you can receive 60 minutes of playback time after just 10 minutes of charging. indicating that 20 minutes of charging won’t definitely result in two hours of playback. also you will learn our article on Sony WH-CH700N review.


The Sony WH-CH700N are a respectable choice for your daily commute or for travel. Their 34-hour battery life should comfortably endure even the longest of travel days, and they are comfortable enough to wear for lengthy amounts of time. However, despite having an ANC feature, it is ineffective and won’t effectively block background noise, particularly the low rumble of bus or aero plane engines.

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