The deck offers an amazing amount of macro customization. The on-the-fly recording of macros and the extensive personalization options of the SteelSeries Swarm software make it a great setup for those looking for faster shortcuts on a budget. There are also dedicated media controls, albeit in the form of a small (but still clicky and satisfying) scroll wheel and a single, unmarked media button. There are very few gaming keyboards on the market for under $50, and even fewer that actually offer anything above some fancy LED and awkward corner designs.The SteelSeries Apex 3 offers many macro features, 11-zone RGB lighting, satisfying media controls and a strong sense of durability and solid design, it manages to lift itself out of that bargain bin. Rubber dome (or membrane) switches don’t have a great reputation, but for good reason, and many cheap keyboards use them. As mentioned earlier, many people have used membrane boards in the office or on laptops. They have a shallow, chunky feel that cannot be matched by the mechanical switches on gaming keyboards. I am a big fan of mechanical switches, but the Apex 3’s are a great example of what a gaming keyboard should be without mechanical switches. Competitive gaming requires quick input, so players will want keys that are easy to hit, dependable, and non-damaging, and the Apex 3 TKL keys are not only easy to use and reliable, they are also durable enough to last 20 million keystrokes. Therefore, at a price point of $44.99, it is a wise investment and money well spent. Besides, the Apex 3 TKL keys are described as “whisper quiet” and deliver on that promise.

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