SteelSeries has made a name for itself with premium design and materials for a very long time. It now seeks to remind competitive players that straightforward, high-performance gear is its bread and butter with a new line of SteelSeries Prime esports mice. The SteelSeries Prime Wireless is a quick and slickly designed gaming keyboard made for players who are speed obsessives, much like the Logitech Pro X Superlight and the Razer Viper Ultimate. It satisfies the high standards of competitive players with a few very minor distinguishing features. you can read our article on SteelSeries Prime Wireless review.

SteelSeries Prime Wireless review: Design

The SteelSeries Prime Wireless has a professional design, much like the Prime and Prime+ at lower price points. It is currently one of the best-looking mice in the industry thanks to the sleek black shell. A minimalist look isn’t for everyone, though. It isn’t a unit you can customize to match the rest of your setup because it is only available in black and has minimal RGB lighting. It won’t reveal you as someone who spends a sizeable portion of their salary on a mouse that, to an outsider, is identical to one they could buy at a supermarket, but it will perform significantly better. In fact, it’s a lot better. It is obvious that the Prime Wireless is attempting to mimic the grip of the Logitech G Pro X Superlight. Although the Prime Wireless has a similar appearance, SteelSeries has chosen to offer subtle texturing that is almost invisible to the unaided eye. While it has a nice appearance, not every gamer who encloses it in their paws will find its attractive curves useful. Your performance will be significantly impacted by how it fits in your hand. And even though we used this mouse to win the first Fortnite Victory Royale we genuinely believe we deserved; it wasn’t a completely satisfying experience. The SteelSeries Prime Wireless is a bit too thin in the front for someone who has always preferred a palm grip when popping heads. On its slightly larger backside, our palm feels fine, but things quickly curve inward, creating a sharp corner that is just not comfortable for our pinky. It is accustomed to being cradled by the finger couch on our Razer Naga Pro, which we can say with certainty isn’t as reliable in combat.

SteelSeries Prime Wireless review: Comfort

Due to the long shell of the SteelSeries Prime Wireless, it is ideal for users with large hands, and because of its light weight, it is portable. However, because the mouse is thin, you might not find it as comfortable if your hand is wide. The mouse’s clickers may not always be precise, but they are nonetheless satisfying and deep. The mouse was comfortable to rest our palm on, and it fit our hand better than most mice did. Instead of a rounded end to protect our palm, it dips downward and toward the ground. You might not like the ergonomics of the SteelSeries Prime Wireless unless you enjoy having the end of your palm in contact with the surface you are using your mouse on. As we previously mentioned, the curve of the thumb rest appears subtle, but it is actually quite deep, and there is more than enough room for thumbs that are larger than mine to occupy the space. The matte surface is also smooth and comfortable enough to get used to even though there isn’t a lot of grip per se. However, there were some problems with the clickers directly above the thumb rest. The clickers are a little stiff and require a little more force than we anticipated, which is a problem in games that require quick button presses in order to survive. The right side of the mouse is comparatively comfortable, but since the ring and pinkie fingers are not specifically shaped to fit, it can be a little difficult to lift the mouse off the desk when moving it. Although the mouse wheel isn’t anything special, it is cozy and strategically positioned, which is disappointing for a mouse priced this high.


Despite having a USB-C cable, it’s difficult to plug it in, which is a drawback. It’s a little awkward for some reason due to a design quirk, but since you don’t need to do it frequently, it’s not really that bad. The Prime Wireless is pre-configured with a USB-C wireless dongle and comes with an adapter so you can quickly connect it to a USB-A port. Additionally, if you’re concerned about signal issues, this makes sure the dongle is close to your mouse and puts the cable within reach in case you do need a battery boost. also, you can learn our article on SteelSeries Prime Wireless review.

SteelSeries Prime Wireless review: Battery life

In relation to that, the Prime Wireless has a built-in rechargeable battery with a 100-hour capacity. That is more than a week of typical use. To be clear, those figures are only possible when the mouse is operating in High-efficiency mode, which reduces some settings like the RGB to conserve power. You should keep it in performance mode while gaming because it will consume the battery much more quickly—about 40 hours in testing. A convenient quick charge feature makes charging the Prime Wireless a breeze and allows for an impressive 40 hours of playtime in just 15 minutes. Although USB Type-C is used to deliver power, it is a little inconvenient that any old cable won’t fit into the mouse’s port.


Despite there not being many additional buttons to use beyond the standard setup, gaming with the SteelSeries Prime Wireless felt incredibly smooth and simple. We turned the corner in Resident Evil Village to find a werewolf charging toward us, but we quickly fired a shotgun at him to take out his head. We expertly dodged and weaved our way through the village as a pack of werewolves pursued us because of how fast the mouse was. also, you can check our article on SteelSeries Prime Wireless review. We put the mouse to the test using a more laid-back game, like the tactical-RPG board game Gloomhaven. Even selecting our cards and the kinds of abilities we would employ during a round by moving the mouse around felt satisfying. Since the SteelSeries Prime Wireless mouse is so light, playing more casual games like this felt good, at least in terms of how the mouse is used. We ran up behind one of the evil Elites in Halo: The Master Chief Collection with the intention of killing him, but we were unable to press down on the side button quickly enough to engage in melee combat, so we were fatally axe kicked. The side button could use a tiny bit of enlargement and extra protrusion. With the SteelSeries Prime Wireless, we were able to control the DMR much more easily, and we were able to hit all of the Elites across the room with our headshots.


The SteelSeries Prime Wireless, which retails for $129.99 on its official website, is a respectable gaming mouse that is lightweight, precise, and uncluttered by extra features. Anyone who wants something fancier can certainly look elsewhere, but it is what any gamer would need. Even though the large dongle and complicated software can be a minor inconvenience, the Prime Wireless more than makes up for these drawbacks with outstanding gaming performance. One excellent FPS gaming mouse is the SteelSeries Prime Wireless. It has a solid plastic body that feels very sturdy but is lightweight and slightly textured. With a palm or claw grip for smaller hands and a fingertip grip for larger hands, its right-handed shape is suitable for almost all hand sizes.

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