After getting through the facility and avoiding the Sentinels protecting it, you must solve the Stray Atomic Battery problem to get the priceless treasure. Finishing this side mission is essential to moving the plot forward, unlike other optional side quests like collecting all music sheets in Stray or obtaining the Stray Badges. We have mentioned below to Unlock The Atomic Battery

Stray: How to Unlock The Atomic Battery

Once you’ve made your way through the factory without being seen by the guards, you’ll come to an area with a door covered by lasers. Fortunately, there is a barrel nearby that you can enter and roll through the door into the next room. There is a robot there that you can interact with and it will either follow you or stand still. There are three pressure plates on the floor. To get the atomic battery, two of the plates need to be weighted down. If you look to the left, you will see another robot behind a safe wall, so use the first robot to jump onto the platform above the wall. Interact with the second robot and pull the lever to open the door and re-enter the room with the battery. Stand in front of the atomic battery so that there is a pressure plate to your left, one in front of you and one to your right. You want to put the robots on the left and right pressure plates, so make sure they follow you and then command them to stop. For the last plate, get back into the barrel and roll on it. Now you can take the atomic battery out of the barrel.

Final Words

We hope like or article on Stray: How to Unlock The Atomic Battery. You’ll need to devise a plan to obtain the Stray Atomic Battery because it is essential to Clementine’s scheme to restore the Old Subway network and the Neco Corporation has secured it inside of their factory.

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