There is a useful option in the desktop software that can significantly speed up up your workflow. You can quickly add tasks with this functionality even if the app is not focused. the best part of it tip is that it lets you add tasks, choose due dates, change workspaces, folders and projects, choose blocks and set locations. The ability to quickly add tasks to your project, even when the application is minimized to the taskbar, is what makes it so simple. Taskade is one of the most effective tools thanks to this feature🇧🇷 What is needed to add taskbar tasks to Taskade All you need is a Taskade account and a desktop computer running the Taskade program. on the web or mobile versions, this function is inoperative. Since there’s some clutter that isn’t present in macOS or Windows, I’ll demonstrate it in Pop! OS Linux. Let me clarify. How to install the Taskade app On both macOS and Windows, Taskade can be found in their respective app stores. On Linux, Taskade is available as an AppImage or Snap Package. I’ll show you how to install via Snap, because using AppImage can be troublesome when creating a panel launcher for the app. The steps for configuration up Taskade using Snap are as follows: Open the Linux desktop and log in. Activate the terminal window. Run the command sudo snap install taskade. Allow time for the installation to finish. Use the exit command to close the terminal window. From now on, you will be able to launch Taskade from the desktop menu and login using your account. You can add the application to your desktop favorites or any panel your operating system uses while it is open.

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