The Ultimate Holiday Tech Gift Guide for Parents – Guide

Buying the tech expert in your life doesn’t have to be difficult. Even if tech and gadgets aren’t your thing, we know the techie in your life will appreciate these exciting 59 tech gifts. we rounded up everything from smart watches and vacuum cleaners to cocktail machines and smart alarm clocks, so there must be something that piques their interest and brings a lot of holiday joy to the tech-obsessed recipient. Here are some of our favorite gifts for the technician on your list. The list below contains offers by category. To jump to the category you are looking for right away, click on the link below.

The best end-of-the-year gift Guide for parents

Aura digital picture frame

Aura is a brand of digital picture frames that not only store digital images that you upload yourself, but also allow others to upload photos to your device, wherever they are. And considering the social distancing almost everyone is experiencing today, we think digital picture frames are a wonderful addition to anyone’s life, especially parents. However, this year, in addition to the images being beautifully lit, the Aura picture frames will support both video and sound. Your new Mason Luxe smart frame comes with the company’s highest resolution display. It supports video/sound, has a craftsman-inspired frame design, and free unlimited storage for photos and videos, making sharing memories effortless. Mason Luxe frames are $249, but you can still get other Aura frames like Aura by Carver which are also clean and well designed. All Aura Frames are worth considering as a holiday gift, if for no other reason than to help people feel a little closer to each other today.

Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor

Yale smart delivery box

For parents who get a lot home deliveries, we have the perfect Christmas gift. It’s the Yale Smart Delivery Box, a locked cabinet where your deliveries can be placed and locked while you’re away from your home. This smart connected drop box comes with a Yale lock, Yale Smart Keypad and Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge that you use with the Yale Access App (iOS and Android) for remote access. It’s easy to assemble and can be stored on your porch or wherever your home deliveries are made. The Yale Smart Delivery Box is available in Manor Gray or Carbon Brown and costs $229.99 ($279.99 with Wi-Fi and Smart Keyboard). (See our full review here.)

MamaRoo4 Infant Seat

For those expecting parents, a great gift idea is a smart infant car seat that can keep a child busy while mom and dad have some quality time to themselves. A good smart infant seat that we recommend is the MamaRoo4 Infant Seat, a Bluetooth-connected infant seat that swivels to replicate a parent’s arm movements. It has built-in sounds and an MP3 plug-in that you can play soothing sounds or your favorite music to soothe your newborn. The seat is adjustable and can fully recline. What makes this infant seat unique is the seat rotation. The MamaRoo4’s rotation is designed to simulate a parent rocking their baby, but you can adjust the rotation speed via an app or controls on the base. The MamaRoo4 Infant Seat is $239.99 but this holiday season it will be 30% off from November 24-29. It’s the biggest discount they’ve ever offered and will only be available on You will need to use BFCM21 at checkout to save.

Smart Wi-Fi LED Lighting for Cafe

What makes these smart coffee lights unique is that you can select colors and layer different effects like flickering at the same time. It’s the perfect smart outdoor lighting system for your parents to have while on vacation. Enbrighten LED Wi-Fi Smart Cafe Lights are $149.98 for 24 feet long and $249.99 for 48 feet long. They are available from Jasco, Lowes and Target.

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