These Apps Helps You Add Insta­gram Fil­ters on Mac – Guide

Instagram is more popular than ever and editing photos to perfection has become critical to making your profile stand out. While every photographer will undoubtedly spend hours researching the best camera model and Fuji lenses, it is also good to know what high quality mobile apps are available to edit your photos on the go. Here are the top five photo editing apps we’ve found to boost your Instagram feed.

1. Photo filters

Photo filters is a new application for Mac and has already become one of the best to add filters to your photos. Out of the box, it comes with 15 absolutely beautiful filters. All you have to do is import the photo you want to apply a filter to and select your favorite. You can also adjust the intensity of the filter among some other settings such as contrast, depending on which one you choose. Tip: Unlock 12 additional filters completely free just by subscribing to the newsletter. Photo filters prompts you to do this when opening the app for the first time. It’s a good deal: just enter your name and email address to survive a few emails from time to time in exchange for a total of 27 filters. When you’re done, go to File and choose Export to photo … to save your updated image and prepare it for Instagram. Better yet, take advantage of your support for OS X photo extension. Edit your photos using filters directly in the Photos app and save them immediately.

2. Snapshot

Instant is one of the most fun apps I’ve installed on my Mac so far. That’s because it acts as a virtual Polaroid camera. You import the photo you want to edit and Instant applies a random filter and even includes a tacky vintage Polaroid frame and a lengthy development process. (You can edit this in Preferences, however.) As fascinating as it is to see your images come to life with Instant, the app also buries a lot of power in its settings. Click on the Settings icon in your “developed” image to expand a sidebar with a total of 32 filters. Some mimic the effects of various Polaroid models, while others just create beautiful vintage moments. In addition, on the top tab, you can adjust the intensity, vignette, grain, and more, and even customize the frame.

3. Fotor Photo Editor

Before filters were called “filters”, most applications called them effects. This is still the case with Fotor Photo Editor, but don’t worry, they still look and work like filters. Fotor has so many filters that it separates them into categories: classic, lomo, retro, cinematographic, mono, disposable, serenity, light leakage and B / W (black and white). Each filter also comes with an intensity adjustment. Fotor includes a convenient batch feature to apply a filter, effect to several photos imported at once as well. And when you’re done applying them, you can check out the plethora of other photo editing options in Fotor to crop, adjust, add borders, tilt, text and more.

4. Composure

Main composure feature it actually serves to create and sew photo collages, but a section of the app includes an extremely wide selection of filters. You don’t even need to create a photo collage to use them. Just drag and drop a photo into the app, click on Filters in the sidebar and choose from dozens of selections. In addition, composure features a bulk applicator so that, with a click on the add icon in any filter, you can apply that filter to all the photos you imported. It is true that these photos are not as cool as the ones you will find in Photo filters or Snapshots, but they are a great way to decorate up a boring image for your Instagram followers. They fit perfectly into Instagram’s own filters as well.

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