Circular screens are more common than not in each of these divisions. The Ticwatch GTH Pro, in comparison, positions itself as the obvious pick for people who want the broader advantages of an android smartwatch but aren’t necessarily willing to fork out more money for superior materials and design. In essence, it’s a substitute for those who kind of want an Apple Watch but don’t really want to buy one. It appeals to both men and women due to its curved glass screen and svelte, low-profile metal body. The Mobvoi TicWatch GTH Pro has an interchangeable 20mm watch strap and a 1.55-inch touch screen display. You can also wear it swimming because it is water-resistant. also you can check our article on TicWatch GTH Pro review.


The original GTH, which debuted in April 2021, served as the design inspiration for the TicWatch GTH Pro. It appears strikingly similar to an Apple Watch at first glance, but if you look closer, there are many changes. The 20mm black rubber strap, which also shows signs of using less expensive materials, is another example of how Mobvoi had to make concessions in order to provide an affordable wearable with sophisticated metrics. Thankfully, waterproofing hasn’t suffered because it still has the same 5ATM water resistance as an Apple Watch, allowing you to use it in pools. This is not to mean that the TicWatch GTH Pro looks cheap; on the contrary, it is quite stylish and comfortable to wear all day and night. The primary sensors for this smartwatch, which monitor heart rate, SpO2, and skin temperature, are located on the underside of the chassis. The second phot plethysmography (PPG) sensor that is located just below the physical button is the most significant alteration. The Arty feature, which provides insight into your arterial health, is made up of five measurements produced by both PPG sensors using ATCOR’s patented SphygmoCor algorithms.

TicWatch GTH Pro review: Interface and controls

One factor contributing to the watch’s long battery life is the use of a proprietary RTOS (real-time operating system). Your chosen watch face appears when the display initially turns on. To choose from one of the five watch faces installed by default, press and hold the watch face while swiping left or right. Following a successful connection to the Mobvoi smartphone app, you may view, choose, and instal watch faces from the watch face centre, where there seem to be hundreds of choices. Quick control buttons are shown by swiping downward on the watch face. Do not disturb, power saving mode, find my phone, flashlight, brightness, and settings are some of the choices that can be turned on or off. The TicWatch GTH Pro has a small number of settings, such as brightness, restoration, power off, etc. The day, date, phone connection status, and remaining battery life are also displayed on the quick control display. You may navigate between panels that display the weather, heart rate, respiration, skin temperature, blood oxygen level, workout activity options, sleep information, and summary activity information by swiping left or right on the watch face. Pressing in on the right-side button from the watch face is another way to navigate the gadget (there seems to be too much going on here). A number of options, including Notifications, TicExercise, TicHealth, Arty, TicSleep, Timer, Stopwatch, Weather, Music Control, and Settings, may be found on the watch.


A large black bezel around the screen’s 1.5-inch 360 x 320 pixel touch-sensitive TFT display makes it appear smaller than it is. Similar to the GTH, it isn’t the most responsive, vibrant, or colourful smartwatch display you can find for the money. You can’t set the screen to always be on, and visibility is greater indoors than it is outside. The primary modification and departure from the GTH is the placement of the additional secondary optical sensor beneath the single physical button. The Arty artery health insights that this sensor provides are what we’ll explore in more detail later. As a whole, Mobvoi has continued to give the most recent GTH the same 5ATM water resistance rating, allowing you to swim with it and keeping track of your time in the pool. You won’t find the most attractive watch and hardware at this price if that’s what you’re searching for. From what Mobvoi offered on the initial GTH, it’s not a huge step. Building software capabilities and including the second sensor to make it a more helpful health tracking companion appears to be the main goal here. also you can learn our article on TicWatch GTH Pro review.

TicWatch GTH Pro review: Tracking

The health features of the GTH Pro are the main topic here. The health tech business CardieX, which focuses on hypertension and cardiovascular illness, has partnered with Mobvoi. It has developed medical equipment that has received FDA clearance and can measure arterial stiffness and central blood pressure. An additional optical PPG sensor on the GTH Pro uses a variation of that technology to provide insights about artery and overall health. Making healthier lifestyle decisions to support better heart health is the benefit of doing that. As we previously stated, the support for the GTH Pro is not FDA authorised even though CardieX’s own technology is. You can use the Arty app to measure artery health, but it first needs a trial reading to start providing insights. Your vascular health is measured by placing your index finger on the sensor on the side of the watch case for 10 seconds. To get the best results, it is advised that you take your readings first thing in the morning. When the measurement is finished, five separate insights are produced. That includes readings for Arty score, TruHR, eCAP, HSX, and ArtyAge. An Arty score, which is given a rating out of 100, is regarded as a measure of general heart health. The better, the closer to 100. Your beat-to-beat heart rate, or TruHR readout, is calculated similarly to an electrocardiogram reading, according to Mobvoi. HSX measures the additional burden placed on the heart as a result of artery hardening, while eCAP measures fitness by gauging blood flow to the heart’s inner muscle. The last option is ArtyAge, which calculates arterial age based on the stiffness of the arteries. We compared these results to the heart rate sensor on a specialized pulse oximeter and the ECG sensor on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 to determine whether they were accurate. We discovered that measurements for items like TruHR were often consistent with those of those other devices. Most readings showed a variation of 1-2 BPM.

Battery life

The GTH Pro excels in terms of battery life. A 260mAh battery with a 10-day battery life is housed inside. We used all fitness and health parameters frequently throughout our testing, and we noticed a less than 10% daily battery depletion. We believe you may easily extend the battery life a little bit more if you aren’t continually practicing guided breathing exercises or monitoring your pulse several times per day given how limited the watch interface is. you can read our article on TicWatch GTH Pro review.

TicWatch GTH Pro review: Price and configurations options

Launched in March 2022, the TicWatch GTH Pro retails for $99.99/AU$139.99. In the UK, the GTH Pro is not yet a purchasable item. That costs a little bit more than the original TicWatch GTH, which went on sale in April 2021 for $79.99 (about £60 or AU$100).


The TicWatch GTH Pro aims to be more than just another step counter in the crowded field of fitness trackers. The Fitbit Charge 5 and the Amazfit GTS 2 Mini stand out as contenders among the various options available for $100. Because it produces some of the best fitness trackers available, Fitbit has been in the fitness tracker business for a long time. The Charge 5 is one of its newest trackers; it can monitor steps, sleep, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, capture ECG and EDA readings, and last up to 7 days on a single charge. Additionally, it supports NFC for mobile payments and built-in GPS to track up to 20 different exercises.

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