The Top 10 Documentaries on Netflix

[contentsdisabled] Documentaries connect us all. The component that most viewers tend to move towards when it comes to documentaries is the real-life essence that one gets from the collections of historical footage, photographs, talking heads, pre-recorded audio, and physical tour order or common tasks. easy. there’s an indisputable sense of originality even when you’re watching something clearly biased. Even in cases where the film’s overall focus is reduced to suit a predetermined narrative, there is an unmistakable sense of intimacy, of being left in a filmmaker’s brain for a quick flash. Using a bit of the real world, in a variety of ways, excellent documentaries use photos of universal and familiar existence to convey something largely personal, even intimate. And with the latest explosion of the “documentaries” format, we have the ability to step into a bigger story than ever before. Netflix likes a documentary. In fact, it has become one of the most productive producers of newer documentaries, so there are a lot of options. And if that’s not enough for you, the best of Netflix’s list of documentaries offers crucial perspectives on our global stranger. Although, if we’re being honest, it can be difficult to sift through the annals of Netlfix’s notorious algorithm to research which movies are worth your time.

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the spark brothers

The movie has to be so long because Wright basically wants to take us through his career on an uncompromising, record-by-record basis, and they’ve released 25 studio albums. the Mael brothers ask anything about their personal, emotional or romantic lives. In fact, they’re probably closer than a couple; each is the emotional life of the other, though that too is ultimately opaque. Wright asks how they can be so adored, so influential in so many ways, and yet still unknown – and his film also has to be content with not knowing the answer to that.

Sad Unearthed Hill

The Spanish army built a cemetery in the middle of nowhere, with 5,000 graves spread out in a central courtyard. There were no bodies buried at Sad Hill Cemetery: the site served as the setting for Sergio Leone’s “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly,” a film whose masculine brutality has enchanted generations of viewers, even those with little appetite for Western spaghetti. The restoration of Sad Hill Cemetery is interspersed with unbelievable stories about the production of “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly,” including one where a bridge was accidentally blown up. up before the cameras started rolling. Anyone who loves Leone’s movie will enjoy “Sad Hill Unearthed.”

The Tinder con artist

Of course there is no threat, because there is no Simon Leviev. The false heir uses the money he borrowed from a woman to sponsor his lavish lifestyle and flaunts the same in front of his next potential victim, spreading lies in various cities across Europe. Where most true-crime documentaries have struggled to tread the line between entertainment and telling a harrowing story, The Tinder Swindler gets it right by ensuring that sensitivity takes center stage. Stylistically too, it’s a delight to watch. The three women were interviewed at different restaurants, and the documentary begins with Cecilie’s interview.

The Raincoat Killer

Chasing a Predator in Korea, a three-episode series about a brutal murder spree that mystified police and horrified audiences in early 2000s Seoul. While the serial killer was eventually arrested, the investigation illuminated the flaws and limitations inherent in establishing Korean law. The raincoat killer also relates to the shaky state of Korean society at the turn of the century, when the economy plummeted before recovering with loans that largely benefited the wealthy but removed the safety net for the general public. And it was from this “deep abyss” that a serial killer emerged.

This is a robbery

“This is a Robbery” begins with a snappy introduction by some of the most relevant people, leading them into a discussion not just about what happened that fateful night, but the impact the disappearance had on the immediate and long-term psyches of those who died. who were left to sift through the consequences. Starting with Anne Hawley, the museum’s director at the time, extending to include reporters from local newspapers and federal police, and eventually landing on the home from an infamous figure in fine art wash circles, all the pieces are in place for a series that can go beyond the facts of the case.

Murder among Mormons

Murder among Mormons is somehow too long and too short. It definitely could have been a 100-minute documentary, but with just three episodes a 45-minute one at least isn’t overly filled. Then again, in three episodes, it leaves so many questions unanswered that it certainly could have been four or five episodes. The victims were an artifact collector with ties to the LDS Church and the wife of one of that collector’s close associates. The next day, a third member of the bustling Mormon antique collector scene, this one the near-legendary acquirer of the controversial White Salamander Charter, was seriously injured in a car bomb.

A life on our planet

Most disturbing is the story of the destruction of Borneo’s rainforests, which have been replaced by rows of oil palms. This destroyed the orangutans’ habitat. “Mother orangutans have to spend 10 years with their young, teaching them which fruits are worth eating. A gratifying full circle is made as the directors step away from the destroyed building near the Chernobyl factory to show us that nature has begun to reclaim the city where over 50,000 people once lived. There will be no silver bullet to solve this crisis, but there is hope that nature will surely heal and restore if we give it the urgent attention it needs.

Rolling Thunder Revue

The venues wouldn’t be sold-out arenas, like the ones Dylan had played, along with the band, to rapturous crowds the year before. These would be concert halls (typical crowd: 3,000) in places like Plymouth, Massachusetts, and Rochester, NY, and Bangor, Maine. It was, but the movie was never made. The only film that came off the tour was “Renaldo e Clara,” a four-hour epic of staged piecemeal whimsy (Dylan is credited with directing it, but a more accurate credit would be “Not Really Directed”) which is, save for its tempting, unwatchable show scenes.

Made you look

There is a spectacular contradiction in the heart of art forgery. Fakes, pretending to be paintings by timeless artists, hang in museums around the world; there are more of them than anyone knows, all hidden in plain sight. When a case of forgery comes to light, it tends to be met with moral outrage. What really seemed plausible, however, was the painting itself. It was a vintage Rothko, with two diffused rectangles (one black, one red) on a soft yellow background, and it was a stunning piece. Freedman passed out at this. However, the painting didn’t have much “provenance” (the paper trail of its history and ownership), and Freedman was unwilling to believe its authenticity. She showed it to a number of experts, including David Anfam, who at the time was Rothko’s renowned scholar-guru.

the bleeding margin

Medical sociology educators often turn to a wide variety of documentaries about the pharmaceutical industry. Comparatively fewer films have historically focused on the medical device industry, which in some ways overlaps with the pharmaceutical world and in others brings its own distinct opportunities for sociological analysis. Bleeding Edge encompasses a variety of devices including Essure coils for sterilization, cobalt/chrome hip replacement units, surgical mesh for bladder support, DaVinci surgical robot and CT scanners. It centers on patients’ experiences with each of these devices, while incorporating the perspectives of family members, doctors, lawyers, business people and advocates.

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