The Top 10 Jailbroken Firestick Channels List for 2022


Check out the list of the best Jailbroken Firestick channels


BeeTV APK is a great streaming app to boost your binge buds. If you are a fan of watching new movies and the latest TV series, then you know that monthly OTT platform charges go down up all our money. So, to get rid of this problem, third-party developers have developed an amazing app called BeeTV. This will allow users to enjoy and enhance their streaming experience all the time. the app has a built-in player that allows you to stream smoothly. This will ensure that the quality peaks up at all moments of time. BeeTV has a wide range of collections that will surprise you at every moment. So just choose your favorite movies and TV series to watch.

sapphire secure IPTV

Sapphire Secure is a new premium IPTV provider offering over 4,000 live HD channels for just $5 a month. Sapphire Secure IPTV offers 6 different packages on a monthly payment plan, we don’t understand why you would pay for Silver, Gold or Platinum when you could pay for the Plus account at the same cost and get more disk space. Secure Sapphire offers a good range of channels and ticks all the right boxes, particularly when it comes to pricing. Competitors like Helix, Vader TV and Player’s Klub may offer more channels, some up to 8,000. But in terms of pricing, Secure Sapphire is very competitive.

FreeFlix Headquarters

The Freeflix HQ app had some issues with crashes when the app was overloaded. This issue was fixed through one of the updates the app received. Another known issue with the app was on the download screen when trying to download movies or TV shows.

titanium tv

Titanium TV’s massive repository of content is always updated with the hottest movies every week. Currently, the app has tons of free movies, TV shows, music and TV shows. If you are looking for science fiction, detective movies, fantasy, history, comedy, drama, comic book, mystery, musical or war, you can search the content through the menu provided on home screen.


Mobdro has no content of its own. Instead, it aggregates free video content from across the web. This content generally seems to fall into two categories: content from free sources like nature webcams and YouTube, and content that makes you wonder how free it is. Mobdro is free for its “freemium” version, but some perks, including an ad-free experience, are available when you upgrade to the premium version. The premium version of Mobdro costs €2.99/year (yes, the price is in Euros). Mobdro seems like a start to me-up idea in search of an audience.

HD cinema

Cinema HD evokes nostalgic memories of going to the movies with your parents over the weekend, except our team can now experience that box office feeling in the comfort of their Man Cave or Shed. Cinema HD is a reliable app that supports an extensive library of movies and TV shows that can keep your regular streamer happy for hours. When our team used Cinema HD, they found it to be ahead of the game compared to other free apps. There’s a good mix of movies and TV, though the app is geared more towards Box Office than binge. Developers ensure that new content is always available, although the quality of streams for the latest TV shows is not always the best.


Kodi is free and open source software designed with home entertainment in mind, and has been around for nearly two decades. Microsoft originally developed the software for the original Xbox and called it Xbox Media Center (XBMC). The program continued to evolve and went far beyond the Xbox platform after Microsoft abandoned it. As Kodi is a multimedia manager, you can listen to music, watch family videos, enjoy YouTube, get movie reviews and information, get sports scores, watch some national news and much more. Kodi also lets you organize your media depending on the type.

Redbox TV

This little tool has changed the lifestyles of billions around the world. In addition to its main goals, it also entertains us by providing all kinds of entertainment content. However, watching videos is still at the top due to the boon of the internet. For this, Android OS users have several premium and free platforms. The RedBox TV app offers some up-to-mark features. However, it does not pose any burden to your device. It’s like the common apps/tools you download from stores. As it keeps entertaining users 24/7, it needs funds to run the system.


Cyberflix TV is a popular Android app for watching movies and TV shows online. If you want to install Cyberflix TV on Android, just download Cyberflix and install it on any Android device. If you are switching from any other apps to Cyberflix TV and wanted to know if Cyberflix is ​​good or not, then this Cyberflix TV review is for you. The UI of any application plays an important role for its users. The app should be easy to use on all platforms and that’s what Cyberflix TV does. As you already know that Cyberflix APK can be installed on Android, Firestick, Android TV, PC, and using apps on all these platforms is super easy and intuitive.

transform TV

A duplicate of the famous Morpheus TV, Morph TV is an app that provides media content similar to other streaming apps. The Morph TV Android app is an add-on, just like Kodi add-ons, which connect you to streaming media from multiple sources. Being a multi-source application, it does not host media content but instead takes data from public sources on the internet to display to its users. Morph TV has two sections namely TV and Movies. Within each of these sections are further subcategories such as popular, trending, and more.

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