The Top 10 Sci-Fi Movies on Hulu

[contentsdisabled] Hulu’s library happens to be something of a assorted bag for most movie categories, sci-fi movies come and go quickly, making lists like this much more valuable. science fiction has become seriously mainstream. And that’s great! famous category get bigger budgets, bigger stars and high investments in captivating storytelling augmented by the coolest special effects. Furthermore, as we currently live “in the future”, science fiction films are more diligent and allegorical than ever, examining our world through an absorbing and provocative lens. Streaming platforms like Hulu make it easy for fans of the sci-fi category to rewatch old favorites or discover newer masterpieces. The titles below (all streaming on Netflix) showed us utopias, dystopias, distant planets and our own destroyed Earth. Some of these depictions are humorous, haunting others. Some rely on special effects involved, others don’t use any. But they are unified by their fearlessness in pushing boundaries and pushing us into worlds beyond our own. When done well, few categories can make movies as fascinating as science fiction. These films often glimpse an impressive (or terrifying) future that at the same time comments on the audience and the very real state of the world. They reflect the fears, struggles and hopes of society at large; while some films seem very much from their time, others prove to be timeless sources of entertainment and conservation.

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Despite all that, “Arrival” says a little in the middle, a point where it could lose some viewers for good. The act of “first contact” is undeniably confident and the final Thematically purposeful scenes in the film are incredibly ambitious, but the pacing of “Arrival” softens a little too much in the middle and the sterility of the play is noticeable in general. Without spoiling anything, maintaining the shock value of the twists of the final act forces some narrative decisions in the middle section that keep us observers of the film’s action when we are ready to be participants. Villeneuve is a talented director, but this film lacks a degree of warmth that would help it hit the film’s emotional and philosophical beats. final scenes.

another land

Another Earth is not a film about science, but Cahill makes the larger-than-life issues of grief and reconciliation seem accessible because he places them as tangible within a universe that cannot be understood with certainty. There’s a palpable intimacy between Rhoda and John that feels downright haunting within the framework of the film’s universal themes. Brit Marling, a relative newcomer, gives a silent and deeply inner performance as the pained and guilty Rhoda, who manages to connect with John while still yearning for the possibility of escaping to the unknown world of Earth 2. As John, William Mapother ( Lost) ruder and antisocial, but just as endearing.

Starship Troopers

Historians can’t decide whether to call this “The Third Space War” (or the fourth), or if “The First Interstellar War” fits better. We just call it “The Bug War”. Everything up until then and still later were “incidents”, “patrols” or “police actions”. However, you are just as dead if you buy the farm in an “incident” as you are if you buy it in an open war… In terms of the story, the audience doesn’t have anything too complicated to worry about. Earth is at war with the suspiciously Celtic-sounding planet Klendathu, and the youth of the world, contrary to romance, both male and female, are being urged to join in. up and kick the insect’s abdomen.

the host

It would have to be a terribly large aquarium, as it happens, because this fish creature, this mystery of the deep with the petal-swallowing mouth and prehensile tail is the size of a school bus and restless to boot. It runs underwater and runs over the ground, its sturdy little legs churning the grass. Every now and then, he turns into a back flip as gracefully as a pre-teen Romanian gymnast or drops into the water like a knife, scoring a perfect 10 dive. It’s as ugly as sin, that thing, but it’s got style for burn. So is this film, a wacky and feverishly imaginative genre hybrid by South Korean filmmaker Bong Joon-ho, about the demons that haunt us from without and from within.


Those movies were still in development when the calamitous events of 9/11 took place, but The Core really doesn’t have that excuse. There’s something almost joyful about the way he recounts various disasters, like Rome and the San Francisco Bridge being roasted by cosmic rays. Not to mention the opening scene where the space shuttle is in danger of crashing and right after the shuttle disaster in real life too! OK, so The Core isn’t exactly in tune with current American social sentiment. In some ways, one has to admire a movie like The Core for the way it not only ignores false sensibilities, but also brazenly gloats in all the movie clichés of, er, under the sun.


The story begins in the present day, nine years after Courtney (Ellen Page) accidentally killed her younger sister in a car accident. Now an exhausted medical student at a prestigious teaching hospital who seems to accept people based on their attractiveness (to the point where a lawsuit seems imminent), Courtney has devoted herself to saving lives rather than ending them. She’s a good doctor by training, but maybe a little too interested in talking to patients about their near-death experiences. This interest soon gets the better of her, and she decides to visit the secret underground laboratory beneath the campus (presumably donated by Dr. Frankenstein, who was known to be a very generous alumnus).


Moon is a very deliberate film; some would say slow, and at 97 minutes it feels longer than it is. But the movie feels long in a good way, the slow pace helping the audience better understand Sam Bell’s plight and the brutal monotony of his solo mission. When the story takes a very unexpected turn at first, the director could have amplified up the pacing of the movie, but he doesn’t. The methodical pace continues and will leave the viewer scratching their heads as to why the main characters aren’t so disturbed by the strange turn the story takes. Special effects must be mentioned; it was so refreshing to see a sci-fi movie using practical effects again.

The Shape of Water

This consideration covers every aspect of the film’s design, from the character’s uniforms to the materials used to artistically resist expensive wallpaper. It makes sense that the book would be divided into three sections to cover the characters, the creature, and the making of the film. The underwater creature gets the most coverage. This makes sense given that he is the main attraction of the film, and there are many fascinating design and problem-solving insights to enjoy in this chapter. Such design solutions range from how to build a prosthesis for extensive use in the water, until how to sculpt what lead actress Sally Hawkins describes as “a handsome fishman with a big ass.”

District B13

“District B13” director Pierre Morel moved on to films like “Taken” and “From Paris with Love.” He is replaced by Patrick Alessandrin, best known in France for domestic comedies like “Mauvais esprit”. Alessandrin handles the action tasks deftly, but the credit for “District 13: Ultimatum” really belongs to Luc Besson, perhaps the hardest-working man in the French film industry. Raffaelli, a memorable thug on “Live Free or Die Hard,” has improved tremendously from the original. His acting is far more persuasive, while his fight and action choreography is world class. Beautiful figure in an extraordinary chase outside a tall building, but is in the background for much of the film.

Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek Beyond immediately elicits a huge sigh of relief. Following the cynical and ridiculous fan service and truly paranoid politics of the abysmal Star Trek Into Darkness, the franchise underwent an overhaul and came out better for it. A distress signal, a mysterious nebula, ancient alien technology, and a long-lost pre-Federation starship, these are the elements that come into play in this story, and if they look like they’re straight out of an original episode of the series, probably no coincidence.

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