The Top 10 Strategy Games for PC

[contentsdisabled] Sometimes the unstable video game category like fighting games and shmups doesn’t offer the kind of challenge you want. Fast-paced, action-focused titles have their place, no doubt, but every now and then you need the joy that comes from crushing enemies with your brains. that’s when strategy and tactics games prove to be attractive. there’s a big line between the strategy and tactics genres. Strategy games often task you with managing all aspects of battle, such as collecting energy sources and building bases or troops. it’s an imposing campaign, though the narrative elements and Chaos Realm tours make it a little more linear than most. StarCraft games are great examples. Tactics games, on the other hand, often focus on maneuvering troops and other elements of combat. Gears Tactics represents the groups well. Games in both groups can operate in turns or in real time. Whether it’s the newest installment of Paradox’s long-running strategy RPG, or any of the excellent strategy ventures. featured on this list, there is something for every type of gamer to tinker with. On earth, in space; from the past to the present to light years into the future, the best strategy games can cater to gamers on PC, consoles and any other platform in between.

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Crusader Kings III

Crusader Kings has always been a series about how individual characters and their interactions shape the story, and this third installation finds new and intriguing ways to portray that. Like its predecessors, Crusader Kings 3 allows court dramas, dynastic disputes and marriage alliances to support the more familiar grand strategy games tasks of building castles, researching technology and waging war. Paradox Development Studio has fleshed out and expanded on most of the key elements that made Crusader Kings 2 work. The stress system, which led our merry matriarch Hamam to find solace at the bottom of a bottle, is emblematic of this. Paradox Development Studio has fleshed out and expanded on most of the key elements that made Crusader Kings 2 work. The stress system, which led our merry matriarch Hamam to find solace at the bottom of a bottle, is emblematic of this. Buy now


The original XCOM 2 was something of a race against the clock to keep the Advent project from taking off. But truth be told, it never felt like much of a threat. Sure, the Avatar project’s progress meter moved every now and then, but it didn’t feel like anything was actually happening when it did. Individual XCOM soldiers gain in-game skill points for doing things by the rules, like flanking an enemy or killing them from higher ground. XCOM itself also earns points. These points are then spent on the middle and final of the game for new and unusual skills that go beyond the game’s traditional skill trees. Buy now

Gear Tactics

Gears Tactics deftly twists the formula of the modern strategy RPG, creating scenarios that fit the Gears mold. All the XCOM-inspired mechanics are there: action points that can be used to move or attack, half and full coverage, “OverWatch” defensive positioning. If you’ve ever thought of the word “tactics game”, the flow will be comfortable. It will also feel incredibly familiar to Gears fans. Nearly all of the main series’ mechanics and systems appear in a turn-based fashion, and most of them fit together remarkably well. Taking down enemies (and then executing them) becomes vital as it grants your squads extra actions. Buy now

Halo Wars 2

The story of Halo Wars 2 unfolds through beautiful CG cutscenes that complement the game’s mission structure. A briefing before each combat situation further exposes the scenario you are about to play. Unfortunately, the plot is quite shallow. There are no major reveals aside from some backstory elements. In some story missions, you’ve defended your base from an onslaught of enemy hordes, while others ask you to capture a base, and still others require you to escort key units across the map to your objective. In all scenarios, however, you want to start accumulating resources and building your army. Buy now


There are fourteen robust missions in Company of Heroes 2’s campaign mode. They follow Lieutenant Lev Abramovich Isakovich, a Soviet officer who now resides in a Siberian gulag. They are presented as flashbacks, as Isakovich and his superior discuss the war and the lieutenant’s distaste for the atrocities committed by his comrades. The sniping and infiltration scenario, for example, shows a group of Polish guerrillas sneaking across a dark, heavily forested map at night, eliminating German officers and evading enemy patrols. Eventually, this leads to an all-out assault on a sizable base, the liberation of a Nazi prison camp, and then a desperate, explosive escape to the extraction point, complete with clashes and explosive vehicles. Buy now


The original StarCraft hit the real-time strategy gaming scene like an asteroid, and its impact changed the genre forever. When the sequel was announced a decade later, countless fans were filled with anticipation for a sequel.up for perfect PC game and full sport in some parts of the world. The story is a lovely space fantasy, and as a longtime Protoss player, we enjoyed delving deeper into the lore and interpersonal relationships of my favorite playable faction. Even the relaxation of Kerrigan, the series’ Darth Vader, seems deserved. It also helps that Blizzard’s beautiful CGI scenes are unparalleled. Buy now

endless legend

Endless Legend’s fantasy roots go deeper than just the story, as there is also a bit of RPG in the game. You can use hero units, which can rule cities or lead armies, and these units become the stars of the game. You can level them up through exploration and combat (assigning new abilities and perks to them), as well as equipping them with gear (which can be leveled up). Your heroes aren’t just walking buffs either, they’re needed for game quests, little challenges that pop up up throughout the game (or exploration), and that keep things interesting during quieter moments. These challenges typically involve traveling the map exploring ruins, fighting monsters, and helping villages. Buy now

Age of Wonders: Planetfall

The far-future scenario has layers of complexity without looking overly complicated. Hundreds of years ago, the galaxy’s Star Union collapsed, and each of Planetfall’s interesting and distinctive facts represents some splinter group of survivors who went their own way in the aftermath. On the positive side, getting to the final it has a great flow, whether in the story or on random maps. Developer Triumph Studios triumphed by finding a balance of tricky pacing, with battles typically lasting around three to five turns. This is long enough to build up some excitement and allow for fun, tactical decision making, but quick enough that each turn doesn’t get bogged down with the combat value of multiple XCOM missions. Buy now

Total War: Three Kingdoms

Total War is a mix of turn-based strategy and real-time battles where you take full control of squads of warriors and watch them fight their enemies on a picturesque patch of bloodstained grass. When you’re not wielding military might on everyone else, entries in the series have historically focused on strategy elements similar to what you’d see in traditional 4X games like Civilzation. Detailed mechanics from past titles return, which means a lot of information for newer Total War fans. This is particularly noticeable when sparring with your allies, which is now essentially a full-time job. Managing relationships within your own circle is no longer as easy as paying them to turn a blind eye, nor are the effects nearly instantaneous. Buy now

Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2

Red Alert 2’s interface has been improved. unit queue is a transfer from Tiberian Sun, but now you can switch between modest queue buildings or units. There’s also a new menu at the bottom of the screen that lets you perform grouping and guarding functions, something that used to be done (and still can be done) via key commands. Red Alert 2 succeeds in offering some basic innovations and a much faster pace than previous games. In fact, it’s a return to the game’s original concept. command and conquer features some tongue-in-cheek pre-mission scenes and 3D rendered action sequences. The Alert 2 editor offers even better intros to each mission, thanks to well-acted scenes of some faces you’re likely to recognize from TV and movies. Buy now

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