The Top 5 Carbon Fiber Running Shoes

[contentsdisabled] We’ve tested a lot of shoes here at Believe in the Run. It’s not meant to be a favorite, but we should be lying if we say that getting the carbon-clad racers up to speed isn’t among the most fun things on our to-do list. Since the beginning of carbon boom, the running world has seen some impressive innovations in terms of how a shoe performs and, more importantly, what a shoe can do for you. On the other hand, this is the most expensive class of running shoe on the market. While no shoe can replace rigorous training and good nutrition, in recent years shoe brands have equipped their running shoes with carbon fiber inserts designed to increase energy return while running. The carbon fiber plate is combined with soft, responsive foam and molded into the arch with a curve that flexes under the toes. This is intended to give runners a boost when taking off, effectively making them run faster. Nike was one of the first brands to add carbon fiber plates to their running shoes, but nowadays almost every best running brand on the market has experimented with carbon. But what are the best carbon fiber running shoes for you? Carbon-coated running shoes sell for over $200, and the best of the best are approaching the $300 mark. Running shoes are an investment in results, so it’s important to be confident not just when you buy them, but when do you start.

Here is the list of the best carbon fiber running shoes

Saucony Endorphin Pro 2

The Saucony Endorphin Pro 2 is built to give you that edge you need on race day. It’s made for speed and gives your foot an incredible locked-down feel. It features ultra-lightweight pwrrun PB Sauconys and a carbon fiber midsole plate that allows you to reach the finish line in record time. From others features include speedroll technology, FORMFIT, a single-layer mesh upper and XT-900 outsole with reinforced high-abrasion zones. One of the few upgrades I liked would be the mooring system. The new system gives your foot an overall tight fit. You can thank the extra nook that’s placed in the middle of the lace system, which keeps the top of your foot nice and comfortable when you’re running those miles. Other updates have been made to this model to the upper and heel, which we’ll get into. The Endorphin Pro 2 weighs 6.3 oz (179 g) and has an offset of 8 mm (35.5 mm/27.5). They’ll cost you $199, which is a little pricey, but once you realize how much tech this shoe offers, you’ll be on board. Buy

New Balance FuelCell RC Elite v2

The New Balance FuelCell RC Elite 2 is the Boston-based brand’s newest running shoe and has taken autoclaved FuelCell foam to new heights. The original RC Elite used the same foam compound but had less stack height. It felt light and responsive, but didn’t maximize the cushion or plate curvature due to the lesser thickness of the midsole. Version 2 has more than done up for that – coming just below the legal threshold for stack height and adding a full upper and sole upgrade as well. It was practically love at first sight. The New Balance RC Elite 2 not only glows in the sunlight (literally), but is built on 39mm of that bouncy, delicious delight known as the FuelCell. This is just a taste of what’s to come. New Balance is releasing all sorts of goodies this year, so here’s a peek at marshmallow just in time for Easter. Buy

Brooks Hyperion Elite 2

Most experts find this shoe to be “a great running plan” and a “brilliant road running option”. Generally, many of them find this runner “light”, “fast”, with the “right mix of stiffness and jumping” for long runs and pace workouts. Many of the experts agree that running shoes are “too expensive” with “durability in question”. And when compared to other super shoes, it’s simply “not mind-blowing” because it “doesn’t have the most dynamic and energetic ride” in its category. Buy

Adidas Additional Adis Pro 2

It’s a Saturday morning in August and we just woke up up at 5am to see Peres Jepchirchir win the gold medal in the Olympic marathon, wearing a pair of Adidas Adizero Adios Pro 2. For a long, long time, the Nike Vaporfly was the king of super shoes and nothing came close to matching its speed . Now, we’re at the point where other brands have finally closed the gap. Adidas is a brand that has the R&D budget, the shoe developers and the resources to come. up with a true Vaporfly competitor. It took a while, but now they finally have something that gives their elite athletes a shot at a podium spot. The Adios Pro 2 is such a unique carbon fiber racer because it uses rigid carbon struts in its midsole instead of a rigid carbon plate like other racers. This innovative design approach has paid off for Adidas because the Adios Pro 2 is one of the deadliest weapons in the super shoe war. Buy

Asics Metaracer

An amazing speed machine is upon us and it’s not in the shape of a shoe with a swoosh! Instead, it’s Asics that brings a lightweight pilot to the show. The MetaRacer isn’t trying to replicate the perfection of the Nike Vaporfly/Alphafly line, it’s bringing its own speed and it feels really good! The Asics MetaRacer has excellent midsole design and engineering that focuses on high-speed performance. There’s no excessive spongy-type pad like you might see on a Nike coated shoe like the Vaporfly Next%. Instead, Asics was fine with following its own design. It brought a moderately firm midsole that is stiff and curved, leading to excellent performance for sprint-type efforts. However, it doesn’t really give the feeling of dampened propulsion until efforts below 8:00/mile. Anything less, you just achieve a rigid and uncomfortable experience. Buy

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