The Top 7 Budget TVs

[contentsdisabled] A new TV is a better technology upgrade for your home but they can be seriously expensive, potentially worth more than your car. If you’re on a budget, there’s good news as 4K smart TVs are available for under $500 and we’ve tested a wide range of cheap options. The technology in this market can be confusing – there’s a lot more to TV specs than resolution and screen size. What you’ll get here is a 4K (Ultra HD) resolution and probably HDR support in one form or another. There will inevitably be sacrifices to make, but often only the things that tech-savvy users will notice.

Here is the list of the best budget TVs

Samsung UE43AU7100

Look up “modest” in the dictionary and you will likely find an image of the Samsung UE43AU7100. This 43-inch LCD TV isn’t particularly extravagant in design, isn’t particularly exorbitantly priced – neither high nor low – and its feature list is certainly not a Lord of the Rings-style epic. However, you don’t have to be around the UE43AU7100 for long to realize that a TV doesn’t have to be extroverted to stand out from the crowd. A solid build and a carefully balanced image that really seems to have wasted some care and attention can be more than enough. Especially in the relatively low end of the TV market, where pressure from increasingly aggressive pricing has resulted in increasingly homogeneous standards in recent years. Buy now

Toshiba 50UK3163DB

There’s hardly a TV brand that fits Forrest Gump’s mantra “Life is like a box of chocolates” better than Toshiba. With the Toshiba name now being used for TVs made primarily in Turkey rather than Japan, we’ve seen a pretty dizzying mix of the decent, the bad, and the ugly in Toshiba’s recent TV ventures. With that in mind, it was virtually impossible to predict what we’d get from the new 50-inch 50UK3163DB when it landed on our dyno. We certainly could never have predicted in our wildest dreams that this would actually dazzle us with the most aggressive ‘next-gen’ images we’ve seen on a sub-£500 TV to date. Buy now

Hisense U6G

The Hisense U6G has a very simple, almost forgotten design; There’s nothing special about it. They have an all-gray back panel that uses plastic and metal in the construction. But the design is pretty average. Regardless of whether you place it on a table (like I do) or mount it to the wall, the back panel will remain hidden, so it doesn’t matter. The TV has very small bezels and is also thin. If you want to place the TV on a table, the metal brackets are quite stable and can hold the TV firmly. There is very little oscillation. As for ports, you get three HDMI 2.1 ports, one of which has eARC enabled. Similar to most budget TVs with an HDMI 2.1 specification, this one doesn’t offer the full range of features. Buy now

LG UP8000

The LG UP8000 is an affordable, entry-level 4K TV. It replaces the 2020 LG UN7300 and UN8500 and, like its predecessors, also uses an ADS panel that behaves similarly to an IPS panel. This type of panel has wide viewing angles, making it a great choice for a wide seating arrangement, but it is not a good choice for a dark room as it has low contrast and lacks local dimming capability to improve performance. dark room. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get very bright, so it struggles with glare and it’s certainly not bright enough to deliver a satisfying HDR experience. It also cannot display a wide color gamut, so vivid colors will appear dull and muted in some HDR content. It has a good response time, so movements in sports or games look clear; however, the 120 Hz backlight flicker causes some image duplication. Buy now

Roku TV Series 6 TCL (R635)

The TCL 6 Series/R635 2020 QLED is a flagship 4k LED TV. It is part of the TCL 6-Series, which includes the TCL 6-Series/R646 2021 QLED and the TCL 6-Series/R648 2021 8k QLED, and this model comes with Roku TV as an integrated smart interface. It’s easy to use and offers a ton of downloadable apps. It has a mini-LED backlight that allows the screen to stay bright, but while it should give you better control over local dimming zones, local dimming across the array is so-so. has the most advanced features people are looking for a high-end TV like a 120Hz panel and variable refresh rate (VRR) support, but it doesn’t have HDMI 2.1 inputs, so it’s not future-proof for console gaming. Buy now

Smart TV Samsung NU6900 4K 65 inch

It’s a good entry-level 4k TV. It comes in a range of affordable sizes and offers good overall performance. This features a VA panel with excellent contrast ratio and black uniformity, making it an ideal choice for watching movies in a darkened room. However, it is limited to additional functionality as there is no local dimming and judder cannot be removed from any source. The HDR content doesn’t look as good either, as it doesn’t display a wide color space and isn’t bright enough to bring out highlights. It’s a good choice for casual gamers as it has low input lag, but its slow response time results in some motion blur. Buy now

Onn Smart TV 4K Roku 50 inch

Many TV manufacturers have discovered how to make budget TVs better than their prices suggest, but not everyone has mastered the art. This is the case with Walmart’s Onn televisions (stylized “onn.”). The 50-inch Onn 4K UHD LED Roku Smart TV (1000125850) is the perfect example. The price is $218, making it one of the cheapest models on our list of the best TVs under $500. It falls short of its equally affordable competitors on our list of the best TVs. Shop at Walmart and choose up this private label set and you’ve got Roku’s easy-to-use smart TV platform on a big screen for a ridiculously low price. But it will come with certain setbacks – this review of Onn’s 50-inch Roku 4K smart TV explains what they will look like and whether they should matter to you. Buy now

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