The Top 7 Computers

[contentsdisabled] Smartphones are ubiquitous and incredibly powerful. elegant, innovative laptop projects are constantly evolving. Where is the venerable desktop PC? Of course, there are plenty of them to buy, and the desktop market is constantly innovating. But more people than ever think of desktops as an anachronism and are heading straight for a laptop next time they buy a computer. It’s not always the right decision. Rumors of the end of the desktop PC have been greatly exaggerated year after year for at least a decade. Desktops are not in danger of extinction and are anything but immobile. Consumers and businesses alike should consider purchasing a desktop computer because the advantages of the past are still valid today: forty years after they started the computing revolution and the internet age, they are still the most affordable, customizable, and easy computers. of upgrade that you may own. Despite these benefits, a desktop computer is not necessarily better than a laptop or tablet for everyone, especially if your main computing activity consists of simple typing and browsing on the living room sofa. For many others – particularly small businesses, families, creative professionals, gamers and tech enthusiasts – desktops are often the best choice and the best value. Although desktops don’t come in as many different formats as laptops, there are big differences in processing power and space for updates between them. This guide Buying a desktop takes these and many other important factors into consideration.

Here is the list of the best computers

Dell XPS 8930

The Dell XPS 8930 is a good general purpose computer. It has a powerful 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8700K processor which is capable of sufficiently performing all the tasks you perform. Additionally, the Dell XPS 8930 supports up to 64GB of RAM for heavy multitasking. There is also a generous amount of storage space to store your files, photos and videos. Finally, there are different graphics settings you can choose from based on your graphics needs. The Dell XPS 8930 is a good general purpose computer for productivity, gaming and editing tasks. It may not provide exceptional results in these areas as well, but it offers satisfactory overall performance. Plus, you can easily customize your Dell XPS 8930 with just the right amount of specs you need, even before you buy it. There’s also plenty of room to polish up your specs on the way. Buy now

Microsoft Surface Studio 2

Two years ago, Microsoft released its first desktop computer, the impressive Surface Studio. The Studio was an all-in-one PC with a massive 28-inch touchscreen that could rotate like an easel to be almost flat for drawing and art. It’s no exaggeration to say that the Studio is one of the most attractive PC designs ever released. But despite its gorgeous, futuristic design, the Studio was far from perfect. Although it was a desktop computer, it was powered by first-class laptop processors and graphics cards, which were already a generation behind in its release. Instead of a fast modern SSD, it used a hybrid drive that was slower and more prone to failure. So for the new, $3,499 and upSurface Studio 2 Microsoft did the obvious things: kept the design and features exactly the same, but greatly improved the internal specs. The Studio 2 has a more powerful processor, significantly better GPU options and, perhaps most importantly, a proper SSD. It’s still expensive – in fact, it’s $500 more than the previous model – and it still depends on laptop components, but this time, it feels like a more rational computer than just a nice piece of desktop eye candy. Buy now

Acer Aspire TC

Budget desktop buyers are always looking to get the best value, and we’ve chosen one of the best on the market. The Acer Aspire TC-1660-UA92 builds on the popularity of its predecessor from last year – the Acer Aspire TC-885-UA92, but boasts the best combination of price, build and performance of any budget desktop PC we’ve tested, including a number of competitors from HP and Lenovo. Well, if you look around carefully, you’ll find some alternatives that cost a little less, but the Aspire TC-1660-UA92 outperforms those and some more expensive systems while still hitting the ideal price point. There’s absolutely nothing to complain about the price, as its lively Intel Core i5-10400 CPU, 12GB RAM and 512GB solid state drive will have you going through your diary. home- Much faster office tasks. Buy now

Corsair One Pro i200

Is the Corsair One Pro i200 a gaming PC that can handle graphic design apps too, or is it a creative powerhouse that can run games too? After using the machine for a few days, we’re not sure — but I know it handles both scenarios pretty well. This expensive PC combines a beautiful design with pretty powerful hardware, even if potential buyers might (and should) wonder if it’s worth spending $4,500 on a machine with some parts that are already outdated. The fact is, while the Corsair One Pro i200 hits a lot, it was also released just before Nvidia’s big push for RTX 30 series GPUs. As such, the system comes with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti card, which still it’s quite powerful. Buy now

HP Envy All-in-One

The HP Envy 32-inch All-in-One PC is a multimedia workhorse, a vibrant television, a home theater system and a gaming platform, all in the guise of a family-friendly desktop computer. From a huge, color-accurate 4K display to its dedicated graphics card, this intuitive desktop is an impressive all-rounder. All of its strengths dance together to create a Windows experience that can truly satisfy even the most hardcore iMac fan. There’s nothing quite like the HP Envy 32-inch All-in-One PC on the market. Its huge 4K screen, amazing speakers and best-in-class performance make it a clear winner for those in need of an all-rounder. Beating its already better performance requires diving into the world of tower PCs, and choosing a different all-in-one PC means compromising on performance, screen quality, or convenience. At $2,299 it’s a little pricey, but the HP Envy’s ease of use, aesthetics, and top-notch hardware make it worth the money. Buy now

Lenovo Idea Center 310S

The Lenovo IdeaCentre 310S is an affordable, compact desktop computer designed for family, school or work use. It includes almost everything you need to get started – you just need to bring your own monitor. The Lenovo IdeaCentre 300s ($329.99) is an entry-level budget desktop that accomplishes simple tasks with little talent. The small tower is handy for saving little space on your desk, there’s a good selection of ports, and it’s affordable. Buy now

iMac 27 inch

With significant changes taking place beneath its familiar exterior, the revamped 27-inch version of the Apple iMac reinforces its claim to be the best large-screen all-in-one (AIO) computer you can buy. Improvements include the option of a 10-core Intel Core i9 processor, updated AMD Radeon Pro graphics and a much better 1080p camera just in time for the videoconferencing era. While it starts at a reasonable $1,799, the 27-inch iMac can get expensive once it’s set up with sensible extras, like the $4,499 version reviewed here. But with so few competitors in this desktop category, the iMac stands out as the obvious choice for anyone willing to pay for a lot of computing power and other exclusive features. features in a stylish all-in-one package. Buy now

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