The Top 8 Professional Video Editing Apps for Android

[contentsdisabled] Video editing is one of the most extensive tasks a device can perform. On computers, it requires decent specs, lots of RAM, lots of disk space, and some knowledge of how it works. Phones has no specs or performance to replicate experiments. Although some apps are pretty good at the basics. It’s even good enough for some professional vlogs with a little patience. every new phone update that hits the market, improves the quality and usability of smartphone cameras. While video editing apps are best used on a larger screen than a Laptop or PC, there are many applications that put video editing tools on your phone to keep your videos looking professional, especially when demand for content increases. Modern smartphone cameras have turned ordinary people into professional photographers and videographers. Today, phone cameras can capture photos and videos that match the work of thousand dollar cameras. While there are a number of free PC video editing software available, some of them are complicated to use and of course, you need a PC first. On the other hand, video editors for Android are easy to use and have a collection of amazing features.

Check out the list of the best professional video editing apps for Android

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is another best free video editing app for Android without watermark that lets you edit any video directly from your Android device quickly. It’s fast and fun to use. One of the best in this app features is your built-in professional camera functionality. You can shoot your videos right in the app, making it easy to edit multiple clips together. O camera interface on mobile is excellent, with a welcome choice between automatic and manually controlled shooting. For example, you can have automatic or manual lighting and focus. You can also choose the resolution and frame rate as you can see in the screenshots. As with most specialized camera In applications, Rush lets you tap the screen to indicate which parts of the frame should determine focus and exposure.


PowerDirector features a variety of easy-to-use editing tools such as speed adjustment, keyframe controls for transparency and positioning, animated text and titles, and video stabilization. Filters, overlays, and blending modes let you create amazing effects, and the app’s green screen chroma-key editor makes changing the background a breeze. The interface is a little darker and has fewer colors in its buttons, so you can focus on your project media and visualization. The previous version saw a new Photoshop-like video selection tool, access to royalty-free videos and images from Shutterstock, better color matching and keyframing, and a streamlined interface.

Filmora Go

FilmoraGo is a video editing application by Wondershare. It is easily one of the best video editing apps. This video editor packs a punch. You can do the basics like trim and crop, render and that sort of thing. It also includes the ability to play in reverse, make square videos for Instagram and 16:9 videos for YouTube specifically. It also supports things like slow motion, transitions, music, overlays, and more. Filmora is used for video editing, joining multiple videos together and taking advantage of effects like overlays and other video editing tools and features. Filmora has an ever-growing effects pack and subscription service that gives you access to more transitions, effects and overlays than most other services and its editing tool has one of the fastest cut/merge editing options in compared to other tools.


KineMaster is a popular choice among professional YouTubers and social media gurus who want to add more advanced editing. features to your videos. This app includes all the basics you’d find in other apps, as well as a wide range of professional editing tools and effects. KineMaster gives you remarkable levels of control over the editing process to create professional videos quickly. You can add different types of transitions between video fragments or insert text blocks or subtitles. KineMaster allows you to adjust the color and improve the image quality of your videos with the touch of a button.


InShot is a great video editing app for social media gurus who want to create clean videos for their profiles. Just like the Intro Maker app, the program features dozens of easy-to-use effects, filters, overlays, and cropping options in a no-fuss interface that beginners can choose from up in no time. InShot Video Editor is really a very good app. It is pleasant to use and the interface is suitable to let you edit simple videos or edit images. You can get 4K exports and even choose between different frame rates. If you are a TikToker or want to upload videos on Instagram, InShot is a great video editing app for you.


Quik automatically imports your footage and makes it easy to do things like sync your clips to music, add photos, titles and time-lapse sequences, and include graphs based on your stats. Quik can pull any media you have stored on your phone or tablet, and also see everything you’ve stored on your GoPro cloud storage. It stores your media on one main screen, the Wall. It’s easy to add content if it’s already on your device – you can even filter by media type, to search just photos or just videos, and everything is grouped by date.

Video show

It can be used by both beginners and some advanced level professionals as it comes with a lot of editing features like filters, themes, effects and more. You can even add subtitles to your videos. VideoShow is reliable and easy to use. In addition to the essential functions, you can also beautify your video by adding text, effects, music and sound effects or perform live dubbing. At the top of the screen are Materials, Collage and Template, three menus designed to get visual and audio effects for your projects. This includes themes, subtitle effects, transitions, stickers, etc. Some are installed by default, but you’ll no doubt need more, so you’ll need to browse the library to choose the ones that interest you.


Funimate is a popular video editing app for casual video editors who need a decent selection of features. TikTok users often use this app to edit their one-minute videos because it offers better functionality than TikTok’s editing platform. As its name suggests, Funimate is perfect for fun, low-key videos. While it doesn’t have the functionality to create Hollywood level movies by any means, for amateurs or beginners it will have all the features you need to create your video.

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