The Top 8 Running Shoes

[contentsdisabled] If you’ve purchased running shoes in the last decade, chances are you walked on a treadmill while a salesperson was checking for signs of overpronation, an excessive inward movement of the foot that’s often associated with a low or flat arch. Based on your gait, you were probably recommended a stability shoe (with a thick piece of foam called a medial post under the arch to keep your foot from collapsing inward) if you overpronate, or a neutral shoe (without a post). medial) ) If not. The method was based on the assumption that uncorrected excessive pronation would lead to injury, but two large-scale studies failed to support this hypothesis. Among the thousands of participants in these studies, there was no association between injury risk and wearing the “right” type of shoe. So how should you choose your running shoes? Benno Nigg, professor emeritus of kinesiology at the University of Calgary, says it all boils down to one word: comfort. One study showed that participants who walked in shoes they found most comfortable suffered far fewer injuries than those who walked in a control shoe. “Everyone has their own preferred movement pattern and shoes should support that,” says Ben Langley, professor of movement and movement biomechanics at Edge Hill University in the UK. “Something you find most comfortable should allow you to move like this.

Here is the list of the best running shoes

Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit

If you buy the white version which is the most common on the market, you will not fail to notice the luminescent design. The shoes are incredibly shiny and reflective. For a night run, this is a small plus point. Not only because of the white design on the surface of the upper, but the logo, the same as the green ankle collar, is very reflective. So even when the shoes wear out a little and start to get dusty and the white is no longer true white, you stay visible on the road because of those reflective parts! That was really cool. Buy now

Fresh Foam Tempo V1

A fast, low-profile shoe that doesn’t sacrifice comfort (hello, bootie construction around the ankle!) and is better for everyday runs. It’s sleek and light enough to get you moving quickly, but the foam in the midsole still offers plenty of cushioning when you hit the ground. “I needed a new shoe for all the hikes I did during the pandemic. These shoes are lightweight, stretchy and cushioned in all the right places. There was no break-in period, they were great right off the bat. I use them with arch support gel insoles and they fit well but not too tight. The colors are also a great combination – very versatile. Definitely happy with my purchase!” Buy now

Adidas EdgeBounce

The Edgebounce is at once a statement shoe, a running shoe and a bargain. It’s designed exclusively for women with a wide forefoot and heel platform. A wider platform increases stability as women tend to pronate due to having wider hips. Runners interested in Edgebounce, however, should note that many of our testers have experienced heel slips; a disconcerting feature in a women’s specific shoe as women tend to have a narrower heel. This was easily remedied by examining the extra eyelet. Another confusing aspect was the sizing. “I downloaded a whole number of shoes!” said a tester. Buy now

EvoRide 2

The previous EvoRide received mixed reviews on its debut, inspiring ASICS to make several updates to improve the version 2. The biggest change is to the shoe’s midsole with the introduction of a new FLYTEFOAM blend that is softer and more protective without losing its characteristically feel. of the EvoRide . The EvoRide 2’s upper is also updated, now offering a roomier overall fit that better accommodates runners with different foot shapes. ASICS has greatly improved the EvoRide in version 2. The new FLYTEFOAM midsole is now lighter and softer, providing increased levels of protection without losing the EvoRide’s signature faster feel. The forefoot rocker design offers a highly efficient ride that transitions runners smoothly from heel to toe, although the shoe’s unique design can be intrusive for runners who prefer a less aggressive midsole rocker. The EvoRide 2 excels during pace races, when the paces are faster, but it also has the versatility to tackle long-distance races with ease. Buy now

Brooks Bedlam 2

The Brooks Bedlam 2 is a stability show for everyday running, with Brooks’ most responsive midsole cushioning yet. This new DNA AMP Midsole technology, also found in Brooks’ Levitate, offers stability, comfort and a bouncy run. Brooks’ “DNA AMP” midsole foam is a super-elastic foam that works by overlaying existing foam to restrict horizontal movement in the sole and increase energy return, which means a more powerful take-off. Furthermore, the “Guiderails” technology aims to work to guide your hips, knees and joints through a natural running motion path. These guide rails are intended to replace the medial post in Brooks running shoes and relieve stress on joints while running. On the outsole, the thick arrowhead grip is sturdy enough to stand on end. up for rough terrain but contains grooves to remain flexible and natural underfoot. Buy now

Nike Zoom Fly 3

The Zoom Fly has always had big shoes to fill, its existence hinges on the racing world’s interest in a more affordable Vaporfly that works for every day of your training calendar, race included. So the emergence of the Next%, a total overhaul of the Vaporfly, also gave us the new Zoom Fly 3. In some ways, it mimics the $250 running shoe: there’s a carbon fiber plate inside the midsole, a similarly high stack height, and a Vaporweave upper – a more robust and water-resistant material than the Flyknit used in the Zoom Fly Flyknit (and the corresponding Vaporfly 4% Flyknit). Buy now

Asics Gel Nimbus Lite

There are two sides to Asics’ recent standard of innovation. The first is the rapid rate of bringing new models to market, and shoes like the Metaracer, Novablast, Glideride and their lower-priced derivatives are noteworthy examples. This also includes shoes like the Kayano Lite and Nimbus Lite. The second part concerns how Asics handles their year-to-year updates. For a long time, Asics’ annual updates were a boring event that often involved minor tweaks with nothing of real value. That too has changed in recent times. Both Nimbus versions – the 23 and Lite V2 – are all-new models redesigned from the ground up. up. There are no shared parts and there is a concerted effort to make real improvements as opposed to cosmetic eye drops. Buy now

Saucony Liberty ISO 2

After what seems like an eternity, Saucony returns with Liberty ISO 2. This is a fast, lightweight trainer with a hint of support. It is essentially a stability version of the Freedom ISO. Why did it take so long for the release of the second year of Liberty? We tested the first version of this shoe! We were getting scared that it was going to get in the way of my last Cinderella Saucony shoe, the Mirage. Updates are primarily on the upper with a new mesh material and a reworked heel counter. The medial post is longer and offers more support as well. In terms of Saucony’s stability line, this is the lightest and fastest. The competition includes the New Balance Vongo and ASCIS DS Trainer. There aren’t many shoes that are like that. As someone who likes to run hard and fast but needs support, my hat goes out to the few who still make these types of shoes. Buy now

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