Portable Bluetooth speaker for home or travel, the Tribit StormBox Micro. The speaker is shower-friendly because it is IP67 dust and water-resistant, which means it can completely withstand dust and sustain immersion in one metre of water for up to 30 minutes. Additionally, it features a tear-resistant strap so you can securely transport it on your bike, on a hike, or to the beach. It is offered in orange, blue, and black. you can read our article on Tribit Stormbox Micro 2 review. The speaker has a passive bass radiator on the bottom and a mono driver looking upward. For parties and gatherings, stereo sound may be created by pairing two of these speakers together. You can use it as a speakerphone if you get a call while using it because it also contains a microphone. If you don’t want to stand up and use your phone, you can manage calls using the multifunction button on the speaker.

Tribit Stormbox Micro 2 review: Design

With only a few minor changes and improvements to the original design, the StormBox Micro 2 resembles the original in terms of appearance. It has the same shape as its sister, the same flexible tear-resistant strap affixed to its belly, and the same IP67-rated fabric cover that is both water- and dust-proof. This strap increases the versatility of how the Micro 2 can be transported and used by enabling it to be fastened to your pants, your backpack, or the handlebars of a bicycle. Its proportions are slightly larger than those of the first-generation model, and the added depth gives it a slight height advantage. It can still fit in a jacket or trouser pocket, provided that the latter is not a slim-fit style. The Micro 2’s feet have been altered, most likely to raise the device so that more air can circulate beneath it and sound can escape. The playback and volume controls have also been modified; they now have a grey finish to contrast with the black cloth for improved visibility. The unit’s increased depth also gives the front-facing region more room, making it simpler to see how much battery life is left. The USB-C port on the right can now be used as a power bank to charge another device, like a phone or tablet. The speaker is available in black, but the website shows a blue version that doesn’t seem to be for sale (yet). The improvements Tribit has made to the speaker are wise, enhancing its utility while not completely overhauling it.


Tribit StormBox Micro 2 has a connection range of up to 120 feet with Bluetooth 5.3 compatibility. Depending on usage, it provides up to 12 hours of playback. When compared to its predecessor, the Tribit StormBox Micro, which offers eight, this is a significant boost. It has a Party Mode where a second Tribit StormBox 2 speaker can be connected for larger sound and more powerful bass. Additionally, it has a stereo mode that creates a surround sound effect by having one speaker sound left and the other right. It enables pairing with two devices at once and can remember up to eight associated Bluetooth devices. also you can learn our article on Tribit Stormbox Micro 2 review.

Tribit Stormbox Micro 2 review: Features

Plus, minus, and multi-function buttons have been changed to white so they can be seen better in low light. The blue Bluetooth light on the front edge has also been made larger and easier to see, but the helpful five-strong LED volume indicators are still present. The great rubberized and slightly stretchy strap is still there on the underside, but the rubber feet are now significantly thicker. The inbuilt microphone for speakerphone functions is located on the front corner, near to the power button, and if you keep your distance from the speaker during calls, it will function just well. So, if you assumed there were no microphones for speakerphone responsibilities here, you’d be mistaken. If you start moving around the room while dictating an email, your caller could ask you to get a little closer and speak up. It’s crucial to keep in mind that the JBL Flip 6 costs substantially more and lacks any of those speakerphone/power bank functions, thus Tribit is already performing admirably. Additionally, there is no decline in the situation; nonetheless, we’ll talk about the sound later. Our one complaint might be that there is no backward compatibility. It would be excellent if you could improve the sound by pairing old and new-gen Micros in mono because the first and second-gen models look so close, but this is not achievable. To create an affordable wireless desktop speaker setup, two Micro 2s are well worth the price for Tribit newcomers. We listened to Carrie Underwood’s Ghost Story on Apple Music Sessions on our MacBook Pro and were pleased with the level of separation and lack of lag between the music video and its aural accompaniment.

Sound Quality

Tribit’s XBass is returning to give more potent low-frequency assistance, but the StormBox Micro 2’s sound is improved in practically every way over the original in addition to the bass. It may produce a louder sound than the original due to an increase in power from 9W to 10W. In comparison to the original, the presentation sounds larger, is projected farther from the speaker’s body, has a larger soundstage, and has audible, greater information registered in the tracks. Vocals are the one aspect where you might claim it isn’t as significant an improvement. The sequel strikes a much better balance than the earlier version, which prioritizes voices above detail. Due to the wider soundstage and better detail recovery, Tinie Tempah’s Simply Unstoppable allows us to hear the backing singer more clearly than in the original version. The Micro 2 can play louder with Disturbed’s Down with the Sickness without going into distortion, keeping detail in the track’s most intense sections. Additionally, the speaker can project more energy thanks to the additional wattage it has access to. It is a performer who is more exciting and active. Omarion’s Ice Box appears when the Spotify playlist is put on shuffle. When comparing the two speaker models, the original is good, but the StormBox Micro 2’s presentation of detail, depth, and clarity is less muddled and makes the sound of the older model sound thin and less defined. The StormBox Micro 2 surpasses its predecessor with Manu Katché’s Keep on Trippin’ by giving the track additional clarity to better distinguish instruments with greater sharpness and precision. A more realistic performance is aided by the top end of the frequency spectrum being crisper, brighter, and more expressive.


When pressed, the buttons offer a satisfying degree of clickiness and travel. It is undeniable that the speaker is responding to the buttons, whether pairing with a phone or changing volume settings. Because of its IP67 water resistance rating, the Tribit Stormbox Micro 2 can tolerate rain and splashes with no problems. Since the charging port has no rubber protection boot over cover, we would exercise caution near lakes and swimming pools simply to be safe. Even so, if we got caught in a spring downpour, we wouldn’t rush home. also you can check our article on Tribit Stormbox Micro 2 review. The Tribit Stormbox Micro 2 is a loud speaker on its own, and even at maximum volume, the sound barely starts to distort. The Micro 2’s volume is likely to catch you off guard. When we were outside, the volume could be turned up to an uncomfortable level while we were seated at our workstation. Additionally, at greater volumes, there is no audible distortion of the audio. Overall, we’ve never heard a small monophonic speaker sound better. The previous version was decent, but this one is far superior. One side note: Tribit might have installed two drivers for a hint of stereo separation because the speaker has a 1.75-inch diameter.

Tribit Stormbox Micro 2 review: Battery life

However, if you want full stereo sound, you can buy a second one and couple it if that isn’t sufficient. 12 hours is the estimated battery life, which is nearly 50% longer than the previous model. That is sufficient time for a pleasant trek or a day at the beach. The battery can also be used as a charger, so that’s not all it can do. In fact, you can connect your phone or accessory to the speaker and recharge it using the device’s battery. To put it in perspective, it is two hours longer than the Sonos Roam and a few hours shorter than the Wonderboom 3.



We’ve already evaluated the Tribit Stormbox Micro 2’s predecessor. It was one of the better Bluetooth speakers because it was small enough to fit into any handbag. Additionally, it developed a reputation for being the sole flat micro speaker capable of creating any type of believable bass. For only a few dollars more, the up-and-coming brand released a second generation. Hardware-wise, not much has changed either. That ain’t no mistake, given the overall positive impression the Gen 1 has left. They guarantee a 12-hour battery life boost, an additional smartphone charging port, and somewhat more power from the amplifier.

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