Guide: Unknown Baseband Version Error – Samsung Galaxy Fix

Unknown baseband version errors on Samsung Galaxy phones fortunately do not occur that often, but they do occur. It’s not just Samsung phones one of both. Other manufacturers phones can also produce the error because it has to do with Android instead of the phone. If you see the error, this is tutorial will help. The unknown baseband version error is a serious error. It usually occurs after you take your phone or custom firmware installed on it. Something went wrong with the writing process and there is a conflict or corruption with the operating system. While serious, it isn’t terminal and there are ways to fix it.

Unknown baseband version errors

The error Unknown baseband version means that Android cannot read or open the radio driver or the communication between Android and the radio is corrupted. The driver allows Android to talk to the phones radio and therefore cannot use it to connect to your cellular network. Usually the baseband firmware resides on a secure partition next to Android. Like most software drivers, it contains the instructions the operating system needs to communicate with the hardware and make it perform its function. Without the baseband driver, Android doesn’t know how to communicate with the radio, making your phone useless. Alternatively, there may be corruption between Android and the radio causing your phone’s IMEI number. This results in no connection. Both causes are usually caused by corruption within Android, usually the EFS folder.

Fix errors with unknown baseband version

Fixing unknown baseband version errors is a bit complicated but if you follow this guide closely, you should be okay. Before making any changes, back upup of all the data that you do not want to lose on your phone. The only reliable way I know of to get everything working again is a full factory image reset. This results in a total swipe of your phone. Now make that back-up. Then read the whole tutorial before you start so you know what to expect. Make sure you phone also has enough battery before you start! This can be done in a number of ways. I find the easiest way to use a Samsung factory image. If you can’t find one on Samsung’s website, try the XDA Developers Forum here.

It is vital that you follow each step exactly as you are essentially replacing your entire operating system. If you follow the instructions and select the correct firmware from Samsung, you should be fine. When you extract the file from Samsung, you should see some files. You only need one, the AP_ TAR.MD5 file. It should be the largest file. When you load it into Odin, it may take a few minutes for the program to load and save to memory. Wait for it to finish before proceeding. When the firmware has loaded, you should see Start button Ready to go. If not, pair it phone from USB and reconnect it. Odin should say “Added!” and you are ready to go. If you can’t get Odin to get your phone, restart your computer to check if the Samsung Smart Switch driver is properly installed. Please reinstall if you have any problems. Once you start loading the firmware with Odin, you are allowed to use your phone until it reboots. The process may take a few minutes and it may seem like nothing is happening. Be patient and wait for that reboot. Since it’s a setup reboot, that also takes longer. Firmware replacement is not something that is lighthearted. If you are seeing unknown baseband version errors, this is the only way I know of how to fix it. Hope it goes well!

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