Useful Custom Bixby Key Commands to Check Out – Guide

With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Duo, Samsung introduced the Bixby Key. a physique button just releasing the company’s voice assistant, which was unrelated to Google Assistant at the time, was ridiculous. However, with some updates over the years, Bixby button can now be very useful thanks to custom Bixby button controls. Well technically these custom commands don’t require you to press Bixby button, you can simply trigger these commands with your voice. However, these commands can work fine with Bixby button as you can use the dedicated button to launch an application or run a command of your choice. Our smartphones can be very annoying when trying to work on something important. Most of us tend to use our smartphone every time we get a notification. This greatly reduces our productivity as we reach our phones often to check the notification. It was first introduced on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and later integrated into the Galaxy S10, S10+, S20, S20+, Note9, S9 to name a few, as well as other devices like Samsung’s TV and Samsung’s Family Hub fridge. To activate Bixby, use the “side button” or “Bixby button” located below the volume buttons on your device.

Bixby voice

Bixby Voice adapts to the way you speak. When holding Bixby button to activate the voice feature, you can invoke the voice assistant by starting your conversations with a simple “Hi Bixby”. Most of your interactions with Bixby start this way, and you can ask the voice assistant, “Show me the live scores from today’s football game” or “Open my Gmail account and show me all the and unread emails”. . Or ask questions like “What’s the weather forecast for today?”. Bixby can also open things for you and read them aloud or clear your messages and notifications. It can send a text to the people you command. You can use commands like “Read all Instagram notifications in the notifications panel in the last 48 hours”. Another popular command asks Bixby to set reminders for you about important events. Since Bixby can browse your calendar and contacts, the virtual assistant can set reminders for any appointment you assign to it. Bixby Voice can also open or close apps, enable split screen with specific apps, and open apps as a pop-up.up. Commands like “Open the Uber app and book me a ride to the museum” can successfully book rides with your voice and perform other tasks like “Take a screenshot and share it with Mike on Facebook” or “Open Facebook and readme see my latest post.” Also, you have the option to have an assistant of your choice, do you prefer a male or female virtual assistant? You can customize all of this in Bixby Voice.

Bixby view

The Bixby Vision icon in the upper left corner of the camera interface can recognize locations, images, grocery shopping, text and QR codes. By default, it automatically opens in text mode and can translate something written in a foreign language into your native language. For example, translate from German to English. point the camera in alien wordstouch text, drag fingers over alien words, click Translate and Bixby will translate them for you. Bixby Vision is also capable of identifying images intended for camera, identify landmarks and any interesting places and restaurants around you. Food tool shows calorie information for most foods you point to camera em, and this information can be added to your Samsung Health app.

bixby Home

You can integrate many apps and services like Twitter, Spotify, Uber, Instagram, Foursquare and Facebook into Bixby Home. When you press the Bixby button you will see small cards popping up up. To see the latest social media activity updates, add these cards to the lock screen by going to the settings tab and clicking “Show on lock screen”, and the apps will appear on the screen with relevant highlights. You will be notified about your latest sports news or social media activity. Bixby works with Samsung’s SmartThings app to control smart locks or smart light bulbs.

Final note

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