What are the Advantages of Using a Gaming Router – Guide

From graphics cards to keyboards, there seems to be an alternative gamer model for almost every component of a modern computer. These variants should improve the gaming experience. And in most cases, they also do an excellent job. A gaming mouse has greater sensitivity and offers buttons within reach of the thumb. A gaming graphics card can display state-of-the-art graphics at the highest quality without losing FPS. But what about a gaming router? As the name suggests, a gaming router is a router designed to solve some of the problems faced by online gamers. Many people assume this means more bandwidth. In reality, the bandwidth resources of the average router are enough to handle online gaming. What really sets the gaming router apart from a standard router is the unique features offers. Are you having a hard time deciding whether a gaming router is a worthwhile investment? Will this really improve your online games? It is a worthwhile investment and the answer is “yes”. Let’s take a look at some of the features of gaming routers that will improve your online gaming experience.

What are the advantages of using a gaming router

Superior connection speeds and responsiveness

Gaming routers process more data at higher speeds. This means they provide the best picture and sound quality, especially over shared connections. They are designed to handle a greater volume of data, so a gaming router minimizes interruptions when your roommates or family members are streaming at the same time. Want to learn more about connection speeds and how they affect your gaming experience? Read our Lag article! Top 5 reasons for high ping for a more detailed explanation of why your game might be lagging. If speed is an issue, consider a wired Ethernet connection as it guarantees better speeds than wireless.

Prioritize Internet Traffic with “Quality of Service” features.

Quality of Service (QoS) features help users manage their connection and assess the effectiveness of their hardware in reducing interference. Those features allow users to avoid errors when performing high-priority tasks that require a certain amount of bandwidth for stability. Properly managed, they can help identify bottlenecks in your home’s Internet traffic – such as when multiple demanding tasks exceed your bandwidth limit. At the heart of most QoS features is traffic prioritization. It allows you to monitor how your router manages traffic by prioritizing certain activities and devices. You can change the traffic priority based on a number of different inputs, such as network and IP address selection. You can also prioritize based on a specific activity or service (such as games or streaming services) across the different “bands” available (5GHz and 2.4GHz). For example, if you know you will only use one job laptop to email, write documents, and chat via Slack, you can connect it (and other similar devices) to your 2.4GHz band. Then you connect devices that need more wireless speed, like Netflix , video games or Zoom, to its 5 GHz band. Note that some devices come with “smartband” technology that automatically selects the best band for your use.

Better graphics and audio compatibility.

The most important benefit of the above features fidelity is better. A cleaner streaming connection means less audio or visual distortion of any kind. You’ll notice fewer dropped lines of dialogue and less dropped content during high traffic. You won’t have to deal with stuttered games or frozen images, and there’s less risk of audio and visual artifacts. QoS features and a more holistic approach to traffic management means gaming routers offer the best possible guarantee of performance accuracy. Gaming is an expensive hobby, so it’s important to know that we’re seeing and hearing a game at the best possible quality.

Minimized data loss

Because gaming routers can sort internet traffic quickly, they ensure that traffic flows smoothly along the fastest paths available. This allows them to significantly reduce data loss, which is often responsible for latency issues. Traffic from slower, less sophisticated routers is messier and more power-hungry, putting your data at greater risk of loss or degradation. What should you look for when buying? However, if you’re not sure, check out user reviews and get feedback from players with similar gaming habits and technical equipment.

Added support for multiple concurrent users

Support for multiple users is another big benefit of gaming routers. Whether you spend most of your time gaming, streaming or working online, the benefits of a device designed for multiple users are unmistakable. First, you will benefit from excellent basic performance for all users on your network. This also means support for more and different devices. You can connect and use smart phones, technology and accessories without worrying about compatibility or greatly reduced speed.

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