What are the Amazing Tricks Every YouTube Addicts Should Know – Guide

YouTube is a video sharing service. You can upload your own videos, watch other people’s videos and interact with them by liking, sharing and commenting. YouTube has been around since 2005, so it’s firmly rooted in the lives of most people who spend time online, especially young people. YouTube also offers YouTubeTV, a streaming service similar to Hulu or Netflix. YouTube is the most popular video streaming site. Users can watch the latest music videos, TV series, cartoons, songs, new movie trailers, recipes and more depending on what they want. People watch the videos without paying anything for them. If you have a good internet connection on your system, then you can watch the videos without buffering. There are several YouTubes tricks that every YouTube junkie should know and are described below.

what are the amazing tricks every YouTube junkie should know

Access Youtube video offline

With the following steps, you can save the stream to your device and watch the already streamed videos offline if you don’t have internet access. Next trick it is for smartphone users only.

Share a part of the video

YouTube offers videos that vary drastically in length and you can easily share the video on your social networks. Did you know that you can also share a selected part of the video instead of sharing the entire content of an hour?

Autoplay any video

If you want to play a video clip while you are at work and until now you always had to go back to the YouTube tab to play the video, you need this trick in your life. Follow the steps below to play the video until the cows arrive home.

Create GIF with Youtube videos

Operate Youtube with Keyboard

Permanently disable annotations

Annoying YouTube annotations can now be removed in two simple steps.

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