What is Apple Fitness Plus and How much does it cost – Guide

Apple Fitness Plus is a subscription-based training service that offers a wide range of exercise classes for you to try home, including high-intensity interval training (HIIT), indoor cycling, treadmill, yoga, strength and Pilates. The main aspect of Fitness Plus is being able to choose the workout you want – each pre-recorded video has a specific workout type, music, timing and trainer so you can choose what you want to emulate class schedules for physical education classes and give you a choice of on-the-go exercises. Heart Apple Watch rate data appears on the screen during your workout, showing you how hard you are pushing and encouraging you to push a little harder. When you’re on the go, you also have access to a tool called Time to Walk, which lets you take a walk while listening to inspiring stories from a celebrity or athlete. They are similar to podcasts and can be loaded onto your Apple Watch before you leave so you can listen to them without yours. phone.

What is Apple Fitness+

Apple Fitness Plus is a subscription-based training service and offers a comprehensive content catalog and two notable features. The first is the inclusion of personalized recommendations. Workouts are selected for users based on data provided by Apple services and a variety of Apple Watch integrations. The second notable feature of the service is the integration of users’ personal metrics, such as heart rate and calories burned. During each workout, users can view these metrics on the screen. This means you need an Apple Watch to use Apple Fitness Plus. Specifically, you need an Apple Watch Series 3 or later running watchOS 7.2 or later. Sorry Apple Watch 2 owners! And Android users. You’ll also need an iPhone 6s or later updated to iOS 14.3, an iPad Air 2 or later updated to iPadOS 14.3, or an Apple TV 4K or HD with at least tvOS 14.3. The service’s “audio walking experiences” also require a set of Bluetooth headphones or AirPods. Eventually, no matter what device you have, you’ll also need to install Apple’s fitness app. Apple Fitness Plus includes all features you expect from other premium fitness apps. Users can filter workouts by trainer, workout type, duration, featured artist and much more. You’ll also get advance notice about the equipment you need (and there are plenty of videos for all the options). For each user, the service suggests exercises based on the history of previous exercises. For example, if you tend to do a lot of HIIT (and are subscribed to Apple Health), HIIT workouts are likely to be your top priority. Apple also suggests exercises that break the norm to keep your routine fresh.

How much does it cost

The subscription service price is $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year. There is a 30-day free trial that will allow anyone to try the service at no cost. You can also share with five other family members at no extra cost!

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