The dimensions of the PD1161 are 14.217.850.51 inches, with a diagonal size of 11.61 inches. This design allows you to easily move around with the tablets without sacrificing the working area. The PD1161’s lightweight build of only 880g makes portability even easier, and because it doesn’t come with a stand, it can simply be slipped into your backpack. The dark colour scheme then gives the tablet a premium appearance and a smooth feel. Furthermore, having express buttons on one side of the tablet is advantageous because it allows for more working space. As previously stated, the 11.6-inch tablets provide a large working area for greater comfort and accessibility when drawing and taking notes. When it comes to screen resolution, you get 1920 by 1080 pixels for a high-definition display that is enhanced by a 16:9 aspect ratio. Colors are then magnified by a 72% NTSC and 100% RGB colour gamut, making them richer and crisper. Furthermore, a 178-degree viewing angle keeps the tablet’s colour saturation intact even when viewed from the side. Different drawing tablet manufacturers have developed various technologies to improve the quality and efficiency of your screen. The GAOMON PD1161 includes an anti-glare film, which helps to reduce glare on the screen for a more transparent visual. Although the tablet is not a standalone tablet, which means it cannot be used outside, the film is useful in bright room conditions. The comfortable AP50 stylus achieves a high quality and effective work rate, as well as long fatigue-free working hours. The ergonomic design is responsible for the comfortable feel, similar to that of an office pen. The stylus has an impressive 8192 levels of pen pressure sensitivity, giving you precise control over your designs. You are also given a market-leading pen resolution level of 5080 LPI, which, when combined with a 266 PPI response rate, ensures that the stylus is detected by the tablet quickly. This reduces line jitters for a better pen-paper-like experience. The ability to support the 60-degree tilt function gives you more brush options for a more efficient workflow. This feature is only available in some drawing tablets, but it can make a significant difference in terms of saving time and producing a lovely shading effect. It is quite stressful to have to plug in or use your pen while it is still charging. That is where GAOMON comes in, creating a battery-free AP50 that uses electromagnetic resonance technology to auto-charge the stylus.

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